Marketing dilemma reflects the multinational Johnson & Johnson_5250

By Travis Hudson,2014-11-02 09:46
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Marketing dilemma reflects the multinational Johnson & Johnson_5250

Marketing dilemma reflects the multinational Johnson & Johnson




     Huge multinational corporations, not only the strength of the myth is composed of business, so many admirers multinational companies, the Marketing seems sacrosanct.

    However, as market competition intensified globalization, more and more competitors to market competition, the performance of multinational companies are increasingly Marketing unreasonable. Especially transnational corporations, the expansion of self-perceived, that by virtue of their immersion in the market, Marketing experience, coupled with strong long-

    term accumulation of financial resources sufficient to respond to future market changes. So natural in the increasingly fierce competition in the market change quite fragile,

    multinational corporations respond to market competition, the lack of clear Marketing strategy. Johnson is one of the representatives of multinational companies in the exposed, "recalled the door," "bribery" and other issues after the

    events of the recent emergence of Marketing advertising has a "deceptive language" reflects the multinational Marketing difficulties.

     Marketing, advertising is not better than rival "better" but do "different"

     If we ask the multinational corporations, Marketing,

    advertising is better than rival "better" or do "different", I believe most of the multinational corporations will answer, of course, is doing "better" the. No wonder an ironic the words "I know half of the advertising is wasted, but I do not know

    which half," popular in the advertising industry Marketing. This self-confidence which transnational corporations to remove their products, that is, strategic Marketing, advertising errors.

     Root Bloomberg news agency reported that Johnson & Johnson

    subsidiary Ortho - McNeil - Yeung Sum companies in the

    Marketing of its antipsychotic risperidone (Risperdal), the

    use of deceptive language, saying that more than other similar drugs medicines more safe. This is undoubtedly better than competitors Marketing advertising "better" a typical case.

     In fact, Johnson & Johnson's products may be compared with similar products truly "better" - has a higher security. But

    the fact that the mind does not work in the customer because the customer can not find really "better" reasons, Since

    customers do not believe, then the effectiveness of Marketing, advertising not to play a role.

     We can abandon the use of deceptive language, promote their products through "different." In this way, to avoid that comparison with the opponent to play a more dominant aspect of their own, and avoid violation of relevant laws and

    regulations to achieve the established Marketing and advertising goals. In this way, can solve half of the advertising Marketing advertising wasted possible.

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