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    Integration of SIP VoIP and Messaging Systems with AccessGrid and H.323

    Wenjun Wu, Ahmet Uyar, Hasan Bulut, Geoffrey Fox

    Community Grid Computing Laboratory, Indiana University,,,

    Indiana Univ Research Park, 501 North Morton Street, Suite 222, Bloomington, IN47404

    Abstract and functionality. Therefore it is very important to create

    a more general framework to cover the wide range of collaboration solutions and enable users from different In order to build an integrated collaboration system communities to collaborate. over heterogeneous collaboration environments, we In [2], we propose a Web-Services framework, named proposed a collaboration Web-Service framework XGSP (XML based General Session Protocol) for an XGSP and initially applied it to audio-video (A/V) audio/video collaboration system to solve the issue of conferencing. SIP is a very important collaboration heterogeneity and integration. Based on this framework, standard, which has been widely adopted by many large this paper focuses on how to integrate SIP based companies for IP telephony, Instant Messaging as well as collaboration resources, and how to make SIP clients or desktop videoconferencing. In this paper, we developed a servers communicate with AccessGrid as well as H.323 XGSP based system to integrate SIP based collaboration systems. systems with AccessGrid and H.323 based systems. This The paper is organized in the following way: In prototype can support various clients and servers from Section 2, the XGSP framework and the design issues different collaboration technologies such as SIP and about SIP Web-Services are introduced. Section 3 AccessGrid as well as H.323 in the same conference. presents the design of the SIP Web-Services prototype system in detail. The implementation and application Keywords: SIP, XGSP, Instant Messaging, examples are introduced in section 4. And we give the Videoconferencing, Web Services conclusion and future work in section 5. 1. Introduction 2. XGSP & SIP Web-Services Collaboration and videoconferencing systems have 2.1 SIP Architecture and Service become a very important application in the Internet.

     There are various solutions to such multimedia

    The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) defines how to communication applications, among which H.323 [7],

    establish, maintain and terminate Internet sessions SIP [12], and Access Grid [1] are well-known. H.323 is

    including multimedia conferences. The architecture of an umbrella standard designed by ITU for multimedia

    SIP based systems is showed in Figure 1. conferencing over IP-based networks. It is the most

    widely adpoted standard by the videoconferencing RegistrarLocationRedirectindustry. SIP is a standard of IETF, which is an ServerServerServeralternative solution to H.323, especially for Voice over IP.

    SIP has been applied in IP telephony, Instant Messageing

    (IM) and videoconferencing. AccessGrid is a derivation SIPfrom MMUSIC conference [4], which uses MBONE tools Clientto support large scale videoconferences based on high-

    SIP PROXYspeed multicast networks. SERVERIt will bring substantial benefits to Internet users if we