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By Evelyn Richardson,2014-11-02 09:46
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Make the product speak for itself_19119

Make the product speak for itself




     Product will speak for itself? Yes. How the product speak for it? To speak through the sale of tools. How effective products say? Than sales staff to explain verbally.

     ... ...

     We are in the sales process, more emphasis on the role of sales staff, but more consumers to the sales staff is always a sense of distance, or even exclusive, and consumers believe their own eyes, so we can be very good advantage of this, let us explain to the customer sales content displayed by selling tools to customers so that customers can see through the eyes, so that customers feel.

     Sales tool?

     Sales tool is the hearing into a vision, the invisible into the visible, so that customers feel the value for money to buy

    products and services.

     What sales tools can play a role?

     First: to increase turnover rate, turnover,

     Sales tools will enable us to increase turnover in the sales process rates, turnover, through the tap potential, to die alone Zuohuo, the small one made of large orders, such as in the sales process, customers will often question the strength of the company, which when the sales staff no matter how you explain, customers are skeptical, if you will be able to prove that the company strength of the plant, staff, honor, service and other high-end customers had to go through the pictures in the form of a client, you can easily discourage customers concerns.

     Second: You can shorten the transaction cycle

     Image display through the sale of tools, you can touch the

    quick turnover of customers. In the sales process, customer service is most worried about is, if the sales process, we will be after-sales service system, the service process, service manuals, service personnel and other team displayed

    such as one by one, I believe that customers can be assured, because the feeling is the company to the customer management practices, orderly, and after-sales service is not a problem.

     Third: staff training cycle is short and fast.

     Good marketing tool, just training sales staff in accordance with the tool operation can be, three to one days to be a formal appointment. This kind of training, simple is not simple? Simple. Complex not complicated? Not complicated. So we do not need to train sales staff bother the effort.

     Our biggest headache is the training of sales staff need to spend a lot of manpower and resources, instead of a lot of energy spent in training, not as sales tools to focus on making up, when the corresponding sales staff encountered

    problems, as long as the sales staff sales tools and show out to customers, clients will be very easy to be convinced.

     Fourth: the staff, "Pretty Woman"

     The salesman is concerned, soldier may be able to hit the big time, with a sales tool, you can have a uniform customer's "trump card" to connect the less a lot. Seeing is believing, all let the facts speak. The general sales staff will also be Excellence is.

     Sales tool is not a substitute products speak out? And they say, enables customers to quickly dispel the doubts.

     When a customer to us a variety of problems, obstacles and even some sales experience, we should not rush to answer, first consider whether we can provide to the customer sales tools, sales tools instead of products to speak, more than

    sales Ling dental personnel teeth.

     So what, losing no time, to act together, making part of our

exclusive sales tool, so that our products speak.

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