Look at how the high cost of the store-_24184

By Maurice Cooper,2014-11-02 09:45
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Look at how the high cost of the store-_24184

Look at how the high cost of the store?




     Said that the store charges too high, the store charges are based on the premise of limited resources store sales. Too many suppliers have to pursue this beautiful store, people naturally very pull of, say, store shelves are also limited, since is a finite resource, of course, find ways to maximize output, and thus a fee. This is a relatively low cost concept, with what is high? with fellow competitors compete against it? or with their own performance than the cost of high spending? if it is with more than peer, your high cost, and said the combat effectiveness of your weaker than peers, competitive cost of other suppliers to pass on to you, you are unfortunate enough to do the suckers, you have to catch up, or ever will

    behind the foot pad for other people. If their performance is relatively speaking, high expenses, and that you do spend more attention to performance. measure of costs should not just look at absolute numbers, depending on the relative ratio of

    costs if 10,000 10 million to do the high cost of business is called, it cost 1 million to do 50 million sales, the cost is not high, the key is to make up the performance. Fees for the performance of the final analysis, the question is, do not

    just store things results, the first thing you, if the product is supplier of the child, then the store is a nanny aunt, you can blame parenting to the aunt it? children did not grow well, are aunt problems? aunt is a manual, how to have grown

    up children's education, taught that their parents do. By the same token, do not say that stock performance is the store to store things, you should store your goods serves decent, you do not care do not work hard not bothersome effort, how could do a good job performance? poor performance, all the indicators look good, not the high high should not have high high. do not deny that performance costs money to invest, but how much can be controlled, the store is the overall margin considerations, not hard and fast rules for each supplier will have to pay how much of each denomination money (in fact the store where the two suppliers is not exactly the same

    conditions. so many suppliers, the talks will do to pay less, no professional would not do to pay more, as long as the

    overall goal is compliance, procurement completely free combination. not much is said how many stores, or want to negotiate what? problem lies in the many suppliers do not know how to control costs, how to do more with less, not even money

    to work, so This comes to the professional level of operation. (how to enhance operation of the professional degree is not a sentence or two things, this requires a long time before the accumulation can. Then we come to discuss the specific techniques and methods of cost control. Here we only discuss the first look at how key question of whether the cost, the cost was not an isolated indicator of even more than the decision by the performance, although performance is the most important indicators. Objective, the analysis of costs in

    conjunction with many other factors to consider, such as: performance, team quality, brand influence, customer relations, community resources, and store a large number of indicators of strategic relations, and so the interaction,

    affecting the cost of performance, even in the same store where performance comparable to several suppliers, because the team's operating capacity is not the same, the cost will be different, because the influence of different brands, the cost will be different because the different shades of customer relations, the cost will be different, because the social resources different, with a particular social relations, the natural cost would be low, and stores a strategic supplier relationship, the cost of the Absolute and common supplier is

    not the same. Perhaps you are not the best performance, but as long as a good grasp of the other factors is to control costs.

     We have to analyze costs, must not simply look at figures like this 1000,10000, but from all over the merits of

    comprehensive quality indicators in the performance of the real cost to find the root.

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