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By Glenn Ramos,2014-11-02 09:45
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Macalline, with the home you love-_51320

Macalline, with the home you love?




     Meikailong and household consumers from getting near. Recently, Macalline started loving family at public events to encourage consumers to act now loving home, and put in their respective fields of three very accomplished and well-known

    public figures: Yuan Yue, Zeng Mexico, Zhang Yijun do endorsements public service television commercials. Size compared to last year Macalline expense to hire Meikailong S endorsement, the love of family on welfare activities,

    certainly not a small step forward. I, as a sensitive sense of smell is absolutely home marketing people remember the TV so far behavior among the size of S in ads after the words to say what brand advertising? to write this before the next in line

    to re-search advertising video, know that telling their own stories of the "model of global household brands" - blunt,

    cold , there is no effective communication with consumers.

     China's domestic market is so hot is because the Chinese

    people can not patriotic, you can not love it, do not love it, but few do not love the house. Chinese people home renovation and decoration, is fond of. Chinese Confucian culture and the fundamental is home culture. Macalline as a national home chain store, many domestic enterprises display platform, the main family culture, is undoubtedly clever and correct.

     This is public service ads Macalline, production levels are OK for basic. Invited three public opinion leaders, for their own feelings and understanding of the home. Inadequate, this

    three opinion leaders, or from the general Consumers too far, their popularity was limited to white-collar and high-know

    audience, the average consumer may not even know who these three, so their endorsement effect will be greatly reduced.

    The three are the envy of the public spokesperson for the success of business people, they say, then, can not lead to a wider audience sympathy, I am not successful people, successful people in the way of life, with me? - the case of

    ordinary consumers will want. So, the ad film While consumers

    can make a little touch, but not to struck a chord with consumers, loving family.

     Network, there is any object, why not through the three public Macalline opinion leaders, to create a "love at home

    body" mean? So as to allow consumers to interact speculation this loving family at foot rose. At present, the Red Star Meikai network to promote the idea of watching the dragon, so that consumers add a loving home to OK the love of the questionnaire at home, obviously with the Internet users, a serious shortage of common consumer interaction, such as the promotion of ideas down here, love of family day soon will flash in the pan, forgotten by consumers. Tiaozi only Macalline shaved head hot.

     In addition, love of family day, did not identify specific Macalline is the date? The charity to continue? Love of family day LOGO DESIGN LOGO obvious traces of red ribbon copy, paste and copy only a little, consumers feel a bit perfunctory and not seriously.

     Macalline love of family welfare at the advertising slogan is - the heart home, love at home, feeling a little

    interpretation, but can impress consumers?

     Macalline advertising from the earliest astronauts to the beauty of the size of the S endorsement, to this day the love

    of family welfare activities, Macalline has grown from "space camp" changes to the down to earth, a front with consumers " Life Home School "was. Obviously, Macalline is the heart, but whether the intentions of her house? The only waiting for

    consumers to judge, to test the market.

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