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Left or right channel 2011-_39015

Left or right channel 2011?




     In an inflationary environment, China's food industry in 2011 prices has been overwhelming, and gain the lead. Sales channels as a food marketing chain, the most critical aspect of a polarization, or even reverse the development trend and direction, such as office restoration of circulation rise again. online shopping and buy when the price rises, an increasingly important role. 2011, the channel towards how? How should we deal with the new changes? Together effective

    planning institutions as China top the food planning and professional planning organizations, should be "" New Food>> magazine asked, given the view for all to explore . Agent or


     Manufacturers in building a nationwide sales network,

    whether it is directly managed branches should be established (or offices, or fully rely on agents? Two methods have advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses. Totally dependent on distributors, manufacturers subject to the agents, many enterprises strategy can not be completely implemented, customers and channel resources to fully grasp the hands of the agents, the fate of the region Department to bring in someone else's trousers, always place a lot of variables. If fully self branches or offices, factory cost,

    risk too high, resources are not enough. At present, many large and medium enterprises have been a parallel development branch model and agents, branch is responsible for brand marketing team to help dealers to expand the local market. the

    agents responsible for the local channel construction, goods delivery and financial results. This model is able to find a balance game manufacturers, but also expand the local market strengths.

     Traditional or online shopping

     The cost of traditional channels, the rising costs, there have been the homogenization of traditional channels, so that

    competition in the industry even worse. With the increasing number of Internet users, settlement and logistics rapid development of sophisticated, online shopping has become a new fashion. Online shopping become a new channel for Chinese food, and is developing fast. snack foods, local products, organic foods have become the main categories of online shopping. Taobao manufacturers on the one hand and other

    professionals in the online shopping site to build their own store, on the other hand can look Professional online shopping agents.

     Retail or buy

     When the price increases when demand is increasing rapidly buy. Large house or car, small food drinks, just a few.

    Manufacturers buy should grasp opportunities to set up Dakehubu, specialized in buy business. Buy an undercurrent of the food channel , is to buy from the normal development of festivals. So, buy two Chinese New Year is no longer a Mid-

    Autumn Festival temporary work, but should become a daily sales channels. Customers are the rapid increase sales, improve profits and the most effective channel for brand promotion . buy not just one on one face to face sales, but also the network buy. spike buy such acts can not be ignored, the brand is also very clear advocacy role to promote lower cost than traditional advertising, more interactive.

     Urban or rural areas

     With the new trend of economic integration of urban and rural areas, three or four markets rapid pace of development has increasingly become the focus of Chinese food. Big brands in a second-tier cities have intensified the struggle, the rural market has become the new battleground we compete. Big brands are often from urban to rural penetration, but as most

    of the small brands, starting from the rural market will be higher probability of success. Many brands of investment has begun to weaken the role of prefecture-level agents, channels

    flat, directly looking at the county level agents. small

    difficult in urban markets based on brand, four-tier cities is

    very easy to shake the big brands market structure, the ideal share of a share of the battlefield. Therefore, the Chinese food was in rural areas who in the world.

     Store or shop

     KA supermarkets focus of competition for food sources, its importance is beyond doubt. However, the cost and KA threshold prohibitive for many brands. Many brands eventually become a KA of slavery, but ultimately hard work for the store. Small channels and flow channel, is showing signs of recovery of momentum, and its role should not be overlooked. a lot of brands to choose direct supply manufacturers KA, reduce the channel link, and select agents and strong distribution channels as a useful supplement stores KA.

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