Low-grade classroom is the cultivation of interest in learning fun_9705

By Janice Robinson,2014-11-02 09:45
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Low-grade classroom is the cultivation of interest in learning fun_9705

    Low-grade classroom is the cultivation of interest in learning fun




     [Keywords]: Language fun wish Low-grade language class,

    the most important is to train students interested in language. <<Language Curriculum>> that: Primary language

    teaching should be based on promoting the development of students, lifelong learning for their future life and work basis. First, the classroom language should be fun. Low-

    grade teaching focus on literacy and writing. In order to reach students "love to learn Chinese characters, the desire to initiate literacy" goals, in literacy, writing, teaching, the appropriate use of interesting oral language, physical language is not only the class atmosphere, harmonious relations between teachers and students, but also to promote

    the students are actively learning, so that each student enjoy learning Chinese characters. stroke order rules are low-grade

    literacy, writing a major difficulty in teaching. teaching seize Junior students thinking characteristic of visual image,

    proper language fun to play the role of the lubricant, can play a multiplier effect. such as teaching the "national" character, many students always like to write after first sealing the inside part. class , I have the wrong order of

    strokes in accordance with the students to write these words on the blackboard, and quipped: "You are too impolite. Xiaoyu friends have not come in, put the door closed, Xiaoyu will not be happy, the students listen , and are never the word box to mouth the words wrongly. Second, the classroom situation to have fun. Lower grades are generally a short text, read fluently, teaching, I focus on the sense of language students, students in reading, while also receiving the influence of the United States, to talk training Training is closely linked with reading. For example, I teach <<three sons>>, the three mothers introduce their son to other people when a mother said: My son not only smart, but his effort than anyone. Another mother said: My son sang very nicely, no one

    like him in good voice. The third mother said: What to say

    where he was nothing special. I made the following design: experience of three carefully read carefully bit mother tone of voice, the child can say the first one mother spoke very

    proud, very proud of the second mother spoke very vigorous, the third mother is very modest and very quiet talk, I let each child with a mother Reading the right tone to speak the text, students read a very sentimental, and quickly realize the meaning of them. Students read from different angles, students with immense interest, the students develop a solid sense of the phrase. Third, the rich class of interesting jobs, to train students desire to learn. Work is a colorful design, write, to see, read, operational, can play

    around as long as the teaching objectives for each activity to commence full active participation of students and creativity, so that listening, speaking, reading, writing and acting, singing, painting, doing other forms combined, so that

    students hands-on, brains, tongue, consistent with low-grade

    children curious and moving , the dominant characteristics of thinking in images, the language skills through training and activities of the phase, so that the students work full of

    interest. So I try to work a flexible job design novel, full of children's fun and attract students. For example, many students like painting, When the spring unit of study which, I let the students grasp the characteristics of the spring to draw flowers and leaves, the joy of spring of spring, so that students remember a happy time painting the landscape characteristics of the spring. learning questions, I allow students to practice playing the same table phone games, for students who play call, listening to telephone people greet

    each other, understanding the tone of questions, such assignments to arouse the students desire to learn, more willing to learn the language., with interest, not the teacher to say, interest in his own is the best teacher, the students

    will take the initiative to learn the language, so that students develop a lifetime benefit. Links http:// Research Papers Download

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