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    Telecommunication Engineering Centre

    Department of Telecommunications

No. TBS/DCC/2005-TEC Dated:29-7-2005

Subject: Amendment 1 to IR for “Interface Requirements of digital

    exchange with 2048 kbit/s Interface” (No. IR/PNI-05/01.JUL 2004)

1. Reason for the Amendment: Equipment manufacturers are now seeking

    Interface Approval from TEC for NGN based implementations consisting of

    Media Gateway, Signalling Gateway, Softswitch etc. There have been cases

    for Interface Approval of Remote Switching Equipment at Point of

    Interconnect (POI). Some of the manufacturers of these equipment do not

    support Indian R2. There are other issues arrising due to the separation of

    call control from media layer. This Amendment is intended to address these


2. Amendment:

    S.No. Clause Existing Clause New Clause


    Interface Requirements of Title of Interface Requirements of a 1. Digital Exchange with IR Switching Node with Network-

    2048 kbit/s Interface Network Interface at 2048 kbit/s

     2. This document specifies the This document specifies the Interface 1.1 Interface Requirements (IR) of Requirements (IR) of a Switching a Digital Exchange, including Node such as digital exchange, Mobile

    Mobile Switching Centre Switching Centre (MSC), Remote

    (MSC), supporting 2048 kbit/s Switching Equipment (RSE), Media

    interface, for interconnection Gateway (with integrated or stand-

    with Public Switched alone Signalling Gateway), with a

    Telephone Network Network-Network interface at 2048

    (PSTN)/Public Land Mobile kbit/s, for interconnection with Public

    Network (PLMN). Switched Telephone Network

    (PSTN)/Public Land Mobile Network


     1.1 (a) 3. New Clause Interface towards packet based

    network, if any, is not applicable for

    interconnection between two licensed Amendment 1 to TEC IR No. IR/PNI-05/01 JUL 2004 1/6

    S.No. Clause Existing Clause New Clause


    service providers. Similarly interface

    between RSE and the main exchange

    is not applicable for interconnection

    between two licensed service


     (i) Compliance to this IR does not 4. Compliance to this IR does not 1.2 guarantee any service to be offered by guarantee any service to be the switching node. Performance offered by the switch. related parameters such as call Performance related completion ratio, BHCA, charging, parameters such as call Quality of Service etc. also do not completion ratio, BHCA, form part of this IR. charging, Quality of Service (ii) In case of Media gateway or etc. also do not form part of Media gateway with signalling this IR. gateway, QoS parameters in this IR

    shall be applicable. (iii) Lawful

    interception is also not part of IR.

     5. Following will be mentioned Following will be mentioned on IAC: 1.3 on IAC: 1. “Remarks” column on the Interface

    Approval Certificate (IAC) shall Application : mention as below (as applicable):

    (i) Tested for CCS7. Not suitable for Wireless OR Wire-line POIs requiring Indian Modified

    R2 Signalling. Responsibility to

    provide Indian R2 Signalling

    arrangement, if situation so arises,

    lies with the user of the

    equipment. (ii) In case of Media Gateway:

    Deployment of Media Gateways

    controlled by a Media Gateway

    Controller (Softswitch/MSC

    server) is restricted to one Service


    In case of Remote Switching


    Deployment of Remote Switching

    Equipment Controlled by a Main

    switch is restricted to one service


    (iii) Lawful Interception Capability as

    required by the provisions in the

    Amendment 1 to TEC IR No. IR/PNI-05/01 JUL 2004 2/6

    S.No. Clause Existing Clause New Clause


    License agreement is possible in

    the tested configuration as per

    undertaking given by the vendor,

    but not tested being not part of the

    Interface Approval Requirements.

    2. “Application” column on the IAC

    shall mention as below(as applicable) :

    i) Wireless OR Wireline


    ii) Functionality related to Radio

    Control Functions, HLR, VLR

    etc. not tested.

    iii) In case of Media Gateway and

    Remote Switching Equipment:

     This is not a stand-alone

    equipment and works only in

    association with the equipment-

    ------ (product name and model

    No. of all associated equipment

    in the tested configuration ).

    iv) Packet Technology used:


    v) Codec, if approval.

     6. The digital exchange shall The Equipment Under Test (EUT) 2.1 have the capability to shall have the capability to

    interconnect with other interconnect with other switching

    exchanges/ networks using network elements at POI / networks

    2048 kbit/s digital interface as using 2048 kbit/s digital interface as

    per ITU-T Recommendations per ITU-T Recommendations Q.511

    Q.511 (Interface A), G.703, (Interface-A), G.703, G.704 and

    G.704 and G.706. G.706.

     7. New Title Interface towards Packet based 2.2 Network

     8. New Clause In case of Media Gateway with IP 2.2.1 interface, the equipment shall support

    any one or any combination of the

    following interfaces:

    (i) 2048 kbit/s interface as per

    ITU-T Recommendation G.703.

    Amendment 1 to TEC IR No. IR/PNI-05/01 JUL 2004 3/6

    S.No. Clause Existing Clause New Clause No.

    (ii) STM-1 optical interface (Short

    haul) shall be in accordance with

    Table 2 of ITU-T Recommendations


    (iii) 10/100 FE(Fast Ethernet)

    interface / GE(Gigabit Ethernet)

    interface as per IEEE.

     (iv) Any other Interface as per

    International Standards (e.g. ITU-T,

    ETSI, IETF etc.) to be indicated by the


     9. In case of Media Gateway with ATM 2.2.2 New Clause interface, the equipment shall support

    any one or any combination of the


    (i) 2048 kbit/s interface as per ITU-

    T recommendation G.703

    (ii) STM-1 G.957 as per ITU-T

    recommendation I.432, G.957 and


    (iii)Any other Interface as per

    International Standards (e.g. ITU-

    T, ETSI, IETF etc.), to be

    indicated by the applicant. 3.1.2 R2 Signalling 10. In case of Media Gateways and