Low-cost email marketing business marketing preferred hardware Ten taboos_6685

By Alma Peters,2014-11-02 09:45
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Low-cost email marketing business marketing preferred hardware Ten taboos_6685

    Low-cost email marketing business marketing preferred hardware Ten taboos




     Research Papers Download News: China's Internet e-commerce tide gone through the initial period, the prototype stage of development, and stability after a period of four times, into the era of e-commerce Version5, E-mail Marketing messages will become a major force in the Electronic Business V5 age, with active Marketing of the characteristics of a single business model will appear to be inadequate Marketing, diversity Marketing model become a trend, e-mail Marketing (EDM) will become the preferred low-cost Marketing.

     If the hardware companies want to play an effective role E-mail Marketing capabilities, should note that the "E-mail Marketing Ten taboos":

     1 spam, some experts suggest, for the unauthorized e-mail, there are two constant rules: First, do not send; Second, if you intend to only once, see the first implementation using e-mail Marketing tool, you can only advance through the license issued to those people (on how to obtain the recipient's permission, there are many methods, such as membership, mailing lists, newsletters, etc.).

     2 e-mail without a subject or theme is not clear is the subject of an e-mail recipients can see the first message, the message content can be interesting if the theme has played a very important role the message subject should be short in order to determine the recipient whether to continue to read the message content. Some people try to be smart to believe that the ingenuity of topics more interesting, with nothing to do with the theme and content, and even trick. cite three cases: (1) does not subject the recipient's reaction: From Who is it? do not know, delete the message bar (2) Theme: "an old friend, hello!" the recipient's response: What old friend? Do not know Oh, that is spam! What kind of friend, ah, certainly "kill cooked" the kind! (3) Subject: "Re: Please help me find information on xx" the addressee's reaction: if I ask you send the message! Certainly promote their own websites, the fact that really the case. E-mail read: "Amy: Do you want information on xx I can help you found the site at http:// ... ..." is obviously spam, but just pretend to be mistaken for

send e-mail - Mongolian Who, you!

     3. Hide the sender's name gives the impression that the message sender is doing shady things, otherwise, why the fear of normal business activities of their true escape it? Such messages, the credibility of its content How high? some mail, the sender wrote "American President", "your friend", "beautiful girl" and so forth. In fact, no matter how you disguise your hair pieces address will still be easy to check out. conduct online Marketing activities, or honesty it!

     4 complex promotional e-mail message content is different from newspapers, magazines and other print ads, the more space the bigger companies can show the strength and courage. E-mail should strive for concise, with the most simple expression of your selling point, if necessary can give a link on the details (URL), the recipient If you are interested, you will click the link to the content of the initiative, otherwise, the value of content and no more, the recipient can only lead to resentment, and, for free e-mail to those users who, because of limited space capacity, too much e-mail is certainly the preferred object is deleted. According to experience, each message should not exceed 7K bytes.

     5 e-mail attachments using the content of some of the sender is the easy way, or even a different file format as an attachment into the message content, they save trouble, and gave the recipient a great deal of trouble. As used in the operation of each systems, application software will be different, attachment content may not be opened by the recipient, for example, your attachment is POWERPOINT format, but I did no such processing tools, then what is the value of your accessories do? Moreover, even if have the same application software, there have been people who have experience know, open the attachment, after all, is a troublesome thing, especially for not very interested in your e-mail, was too lazy to open it too! Therefore, the best use of plain text documents, as far as possible the content part of the body of the message, unless the insert pictures, sounds, etc., please do not use attachments!

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