Loudi seized with the case of Network Marketing_6385

By Susan Grant,2014-11-02 09:45
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Loudi seized with the case of Network Marketing_6385

Loudi seized with the case of Network Marketing




     Research Papers Download News: "Investment 90,000 in three years to return 380 000", more attractive, investors can simply click on the network such high returns. Hunan Loudi

    recent investigation of the case with the large pyramid, hundreds of people who were fooled to dispel the illusion.

     According to Loudi Business Bureau, 11 Loudi industry and commerce, public security departments to mobilize 180 joint law enforcement officers, investigate suspected pyramid

    selling case in one fell swoop the new Amoy Information Technology Co., Ltd. Guangxi Loudi Branch. Time of the incident, the company is organizing more than 300 people at a hotel in Loudi massive opening celebrations.

     After initial identification, Guangxi Amoy Loudi Branch Information Technology Co., Ltd. and its banner of "e" in the name of the development of personnel required to be paid 3000-

    90000 yuan ranging from "franchise fee" to obtain eligibility to join, while the recommended others to join, new members receive 10% commission to pay the amount.

     To outline the "world day" scam, the company also conducted a large number of false propaganda. The public security department, the company claims to be the only access to the

    China Consumer Association recommended shop with confidence affiliate sites, is "China-ASEAN Free Trade Area the most

    professional online shopping platform, "" China's multi-

    channel retail industry leader. "

     According to preliminary investigation, 70 people have been

    deceived Loudi pay hundreds of dollars "franchise fee." Some who have been deceived, and they will pay a maximum of 21 million, the company has not received any invoices or receipts issued.

     Currently, public security, industrial and commercial

    departments are new to the Amoy Information Technology Co.,

    Ltd., Guangxi Wu, chairman of the board for further investigation. (Source: Xinhua Wen / Li-Ming Chen)

     Often found around the case for exposure, well-known e-

    commerce Research centers and media organizations - free

    download (official website: /), initiated in particular - "2010 China Internet pyramid scheme is not fully investigated" (theme: /), and release <<2010 China Network Marketing report "to warn people to guard against those who organize under a legal company, enterprise coat, the name of" network Marketing "," e " coat of network Marketing organization.

     Currently, according to industry and commerce investigated and dealt with, users feedback and media exposure, free download under investigation was informed of the suspected network of direct sales of business organization are: "World MediaTek kenfor", "Madame Butterfly", "Engelhard electronics", "Fortemedia Health Science and Technology "," Winalite

    Technology "," World Link "," An buy Hangzhou Co., Ltd. (An Beite mall) "," Benxi in the green, "" new new Chi Chi Training Network SINGAPORE SkyQuestCom " "Beijing International Business Co., Ltd. Eurasia Albert", "Beijing Golden Imon International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.", "Beijing Jinxing Xin Investment Advisory Co., Ltd.", "British tourist TVI Express", "E Network Business", "Guangdong Kang Li Medicine "" E-commerce Co., Ltd. Chengdu Michael Cool, "" Bamboo Health Products Co., Ltd. Hangzhou too, "" Mellow

    international "(Hong Kong MESUN (Meissen) e-commerce

    company)," Trade Co., Ltd. Nanjing Kai Ding "," Hubei Lin Feng Trading Group Co., Ltd. (Lin Feng Company) "," U.S. Global Education Network "," Asian life network "," MDG Experience

    Center "...

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