Appendix 6

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Appendix 6 ...

    Appendix 6

    Economy Prosperity

    Strategic Aim: To ensure a prosperous local economy with

    opportunities for all

    Strategic Objectives:

? Support business in creating a strong and diverse

    economy that is appropriate to the nature of the District

    ? Establish our District as a leading place for innovation


    ? Take action to improve the survival rate of start up and

    micro businesseses

    ? Seek to improve the District’s infrastructure including

    increasing the availability of sites and premises for

    business and to improve their quality ? Enable businesses to grow in a sustainable and socially

    responsible manner

    ? Support development of the localwork force to address

    the provision of skills to meet the future needs of


    ? Maximise income for the area by seeking external

    funding opportunities

    ? Improve the viability and sustainability of the District’s

    key retail centres

    ? To continue to support and promote Farmer’s Markets


    PI- Policy Initiative Funded Projects

    C- Capital Funded Projects

    R Revenue Funded Projects

Projects completed in 2004-2005

     Project Project Objective Comment PI CDC contribution to CDC contribution to Christmas lights in We contributed money for Christmas lights in

    Christmas lights the District the District’s 5 key retail areas of Chichester,

     Petworth, Midhurst, Selsey and Wittering .

    PI Economic Development The plan seeks to support businesses The Economic Development Action plan is

    Action Plan and influence the local economy complete and is available on CDC’s website at

    through proposals prepared as a result

    of work undertaken by Chichester District Council

    PI Broadband To enable 4 telephone exchanges on We supported a Broadband campaign across

    Manhood Peninsula to be able to deliver the Manhood Peninsula and provided a grant to

    broadband enable WiFi ( wireless) broad band solution for


Projects continuing into 2005-2006

     Project Project Objective Comment on Progress PI Emsworth Food Festival To be one of the annual Emsworth Food Again CDC will sponsor Emsworth Food Festival

     Festival’s sponsors enabling local food a set sum. In addition to this we will provide

    providers to promote themselves to over ?3,000 for the festival to run a Pub Chef of the

    45,000 visitors year competition PI Disabled Go Internet site which provides an access This website has now been established and will

    guide to goods and services within the go live in June 05 providing information on over

    area in consultation with over 100 group 1,000 premises in the Chichester District

    across the UK

    PI Golden Jubilee A special fund to support local Jubilee CDC has gained sponsorship for this 3 year

     celebrations and enhance the project of enhancing four gateway A27

    appearance of the gateway roundabouts

    roundabouts to the city

    PI Just 4 Business Funding to implement and continue the The site has been launched. It has been

     new Chichester 4 Business, Chichester advertised in various newspapers, newsletters,

    4 Community and Chichester 4 Social forums websites and publicity leaflets have been

    Enterprise search tool. The tool allows created and distributed.

    local organisations to find out about A training programme has been developed with

    possible funding support. As well as some staff and councillors trained already.

    embracing the Government’s desire to Training is available on request.

    place information online, the software Continuing to think of new ways to publicise the

    helps the Council to encourage site. Developing a new business leaflet for a

    economic regeneration without leaflet drop in the summer.

    committing additional staff resources Currently creating a monitoring system for

     evaluating whether people have found funding

    sources and been successful in gaining grants.

    Voluntary organisations will be offered training

    on the site in June.

     Project Project Objective Comment on Progress Business Grants The provision of grants to local We will continue the Business Grants Provision C

    businesses to support the Economic over the next year

    Development Strategy

City Centre Management To establish a city centre management The aim for this year is to recruit a City Centre R

     programme Manager and develop a business plan

Innovations network To develop an innovations network and Work will start on the gateway site at Barnfield R

    gateway for innovative and start up Drive and is expected to be completed in 18

    businesses months time


    REF Performance Indicator 2002-2003- District 2004-2004- 2005-2006 -2007-

    2003 2004 Quartiles 2005 2005 2006 2007 2008

    Actual Actual 2003- 2004 Target Actual Target Target Target Economic Development

    LPI 65 Percentage of business issues New Indicator for 2005 2006 Targets will be set at the end

     resolved through the business of 2005/06 for following

    contact programme years LPI 66 Number of start up businesses New Indicator for 2005- 2006 Targets will be set at the end

     receiving advice from the of 2005/06 for following

    Enterprise Centre years

    LPI 67 Total amount of business floor New Indicator for 2005- 2006 Targets will be set at the end

     space developed or redeveloped in of 2005/06 for following

    the District years LPI 68 Total amount of funding brought New Indicator for 2005- 2006 Targets will be set at the end

     into the District through the J4B of 2005/06 for following

    software years

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