Liquor differentiated marketing model is the main driving force of marketing_5247

By Elsie Price,2014-11-02 09:45
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Liquor differentiated marketing model is the main driving force of marketing_5247

    Liquor differentiated marketing model is the main driving force of marketing




     In recent years, appeared in a variety of liquor marketing marketing model, the marketing model the operation of market development at different stages of marketing enterprises gave a significant increase in performance, but as the market environment, the competitive environment and consumer groups, consumer demand The upgrade of consumption structure changes and other factors, each model will show its own inherent

    limitations. the market to develop products to breakthrough performance to growth in the value chain for each member of marketing but also the development of Revenue also increased, consumers are increasingly diversified to meet the demand, how

    do? When a model or a combination of multiple models on the market have gradually weakened the effectiveness of, this is to ask the liquor industry's marketing and management authorities to assess the situation changes in the marketing model, the strategy, methods to seek a breakthrough. Recently, studies have been thinking of how high-end wine

    marketing model of innovation, and how such issues can not easily be replicated. I find, in fact, whether it is innovative or just the not easily replicated, it is all there

    is a common point: differentiation marketing. is how to make our products, our marketing strategy and tactics, we grasp the means to achieve the core consumer groups and competitors, different! Is we are all modular, systematic marketing

    operation at the same time, must be in this mode, the system which is not easy to be implanted in a number of competitors to copy, to form their own unique, with a core competence strategy and methods or genetic element. Maotai possess the origin of the difference of marketing, is its core competence, over the years, Maotai has been adhering to the demands of the concept of origin, I think it should be differentiated marketing liquor industry most successful of a business. In fact, the difference of marketing, is in the use of liquor

    sales has been a core competitive strategy. In various popular

    liquor marketing model on the market, each different model, in fact, the operation of the market is talking about the difference of the problem of competitive strategy is

    differences in a form of marketing. When the mode of the ring and gradually reduce the effectiveness of, the liquor marketers will find that the changes concern consumer demand and business continues to grow is always not depart from the elements: One is behind the brand and brand interpretation of the story to make consumers agree that a difference is the brand to have a sufficient competitive advantage to be able to meet the real needs of the core consumer groups and different needs, a consumer needs is to find the hidden needs and their Where, what our business is able to satisfy the different means of marketing them. At this time, we will consider the need to transform the old model, innovation and even subversion.

     May 26, 2011, Wuliangye Group in Qingdao brand strategy that

    will be made through the selection of clients, which the traditional wines of resources in short supply sales model is no doubt a major innovation! Wuliangye Group in Shandong for investment model of innovation, the real difference is the

    implementation of the strategy an important consideration. On the one hand, through this mode of innovation, the transformation of the channel system, change, renewal, to have more resources, greater ability of industry to absorb foreign

    members of the system for their own strategic alliance partners to form a more powerful barriers to competition, on the other hand, by absorbing new strategic alliance partners, the interface of the core consumer demand to expand more in-

    depth, more accurate technology, more effective coverage and lock in more core consumer groups, the services closer to the consumer market, better customer service.

     Through innovative sales model Wuliangye case, we can see, the channel system of innovation, change channels, not just to

    launch a campaign that is simpler, more importantly, through this change and transformation, to explore ways to meet the

    current consumer Change in the Context of more valuable, gold, differentiated competitive advantage out of the marketing model, once a successful operation, which means that this model will be on enhancing the core competitiveness of

    enterprises as a whole to change the traditional business model is of great significance.

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