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    International Diplomacy A Few Terms

Bio-diplomacy The promotion of environmental protection, and

    (biodiversity diplomacy) biological and cultural diversity through

    international cooperation.

Coercive diplomacy The threat or use of force to achieve diplomatic


Cowboy diplomacy International relations characterized by hasty risk-

     taking, bullying, military deployment, or a

    combination of such tactics; usually stemming

    from an overly-simple, black and white view of the

    world. (“You’re either with us or against us.”)

    Cultural diplomacy The exchange of ideas, information, values,

    systems, traditions, beliefs, and other aspects of

    culture, with the intention of fostering mutual


Diplomacy The art or practice of conducting international

    relations, as in negotiating alliances, treaties, and


    Diplomacy of Deference Coined during Obama’s first trip to Asia. Refers to

    Obama’s attempts to display modesty about US

    attitudes towards other countries, and give a less

    belligerent/arrogant posture abroad.

    Dollar diplomacy (1) The use of diplomacy to protect investments

    abroad through economic incentives. (2) The use

    of economic power to further political and other

    foreign policy objectives.

Economic diplomacy The formulation and advancing of policies relating

    to production, movement or exchange of goods,

    services, labour and investment in other countries.

Freelance diplomacy (1) A form of self-financing diplomatic

    representation used by countries such as small,

    developing and yet-unrecognized nations, that do

    not have the means to employ diplomats full-time.

    (2) Also refers to the individual diplomatic efforts

    of those who are hired for specific tasks.

Good offices diplomacy Where the UN Secretary-General tries to prevent

    international disputes from developing, escalating,

    or spreading.

    International Relations and Diplomacy 1 Wendy Worthington 2011


A Few Other Useful Terms

    Appeasement The policy of granting concessions to potential

    enemies in the hope of maintaining peace.

    Deterrence The maintenance of military power to

    discourage attacks by (potential) enemies.

    Engagement The use of a wide range of contact between

    nations, specifically to influence foreign public,

    including public democracy, international aid,

    and other forms of communication and


Hard power The ability to coerce based on a country’s

    military or economic might.

Soft power The ability to persuade based on the

    attractiveness of a country’s culture, political

    ideals, and policies.

    Smart power The use of diplomatic, economic, military,

    political, legal, and cultural tools or a

    combination of tools to further foreign policy


    International Relations and Diplomacy 3 Wendy Worthington 2011

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