Localization is the key to success in network marketing_3692

By Floyd Moore,2014-11-02 09:45
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Localization is the key to success in network marketing_3692

Localization is the key to success in network marketing




     Research Papers Download Information: For a long time, local companies have been seeking through the Development of the Internet network marketing model, but always because of lack

    of capacity of the network service provider, large enterprise networks leading to attempts ended in failure. The Industry said that for businesses words, Internet-based e-commerce

    service provider experience is very important.

     China Wan, vice president of high net-kun that the first

    decade of the Internet on the Chinese people is still a "high-

    tech toys", it is every ten years after the business empire China provided a perfect equality, open platform, in this platform, even if small businesses can also work with the

    world's buyers and sellers of free trade to exchange necessary to achieve "the body does not move and win the world."

     Kun Gao said China million network will start this month "2010 Enterprise Information Development Forum National Tour

    event," this event will review the 13 years of Chinese enterprises in e-business achieved excellent results, and not to use the Internet business exchange, sharing "network operators" experience at the same time, China Wan network will in Chongqing, Changsha, Ningbo, Zhengzhou also opened four branches. HiChina the Chinese national enterprise Information activities will be invited to tour the provinces Internet Industry Association leadership, more than 50 successful Internet business representatives to share the new economic

    civilization, companies in the Internet marketing experience results.

     As the first Internet-based service providers set up, after 13 years of Development, business and brand in China million net impact of rapid increase, the end of 2009, has 100 million

    business customers Internet-based services for 300,000

    enterprises with e-commerce Web site Development and

    solutions, has extensive experience in e-commerce services In

    2009, China joined Alibaba million net, its Internet-based

    services to further consolidate the dominant position. With multiple branches to be established this year, marking million net of China's national Internet-based service network has

    been established.

     Kun Gao said China's million net around the establishment of

    an office, will rely on regional economic environment, the localization of service integration through various resources, to fully tap the business characteristics of local enterprises, technical characteristics, Industry

    characteristics, the layout of the Internet to complete e-

    commerce marketing gradually so that the branch network in

    China million to become the service center network marketing, innovation base localization services and Internet marketing experience is the key to the success of all enterprises, which is the acceleration in China million nationwide branch network construction, held the key national tour activities (Source: Guangming Daily / Fang Xiaojing)

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