Local shopping mall type site promotion methods_1876

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Local shopping mall type site promotion methods_1876

Local shopping mall type site promotion methods




     Research Papers Download information: Internet, e-commerce

    to lead the fashion, the number of companies into this fertile land, but also a few people happy, some people worry about in

    a wave of e-commerce after World War II, net of buy-coming,

    the resurgence of the online shopping boom, then buy the navigation is as if springing up, fully meet the buy nets. people are a common problem, and see what other people make money, and blindly follow the trend, merchandise and more, people do not buy the increased shopping type site marketing plan on there! below to talk about the latest plan by the radish a shopping mall type site experience it!

     The promotion of the website is the online cake orders, is

    for us Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Shijiazhuang, site founder is a pastry training school, the shopping site on the one hand to type in the convenience of everyone, so Shijiazhuang people can buy in their own web site to the cake, but also good

    service, 24 hours without rest, free delivery, on the other hand, is also promoting a brand ---- cake Hong Maier Xi point,

    so this campaign is not quite the same and previous !

     1, this is taken into account to promote the optimization keyword ranking, keyword query industry data, see the search volume, etc., to determine their own keywords, configure the basic site optimization point, the intensity of 5%.

     2, connection switching, on-line November 30, December 1,

    included a new station, few were willing to do the link, so

    want to stand with their own band with some resources, such as collection of more, more snapshot update fast, then go to some of the better sites to do link exchange!

     3, to promote community life, looking for some people-

    intensive areas, Shijiazhuang, for example, Shijiazhuang it (Baidu paste it), Shijiazhuang forum to post some of these websites, promotional nature of the post, plus link is not easy, you can add "Hong Maier Xi point" message to promote

some of their own brand is good!

     4, QQ group to promote, find related Shijiazhuang, QQ, QQ official website where you can go to the search, I added a group of 30, they would go back to apply for QQ, and then add! In the group made some more good in the ads, euphemism some of the main group that is not easy being kicked out of the advertising group, preferably a good relationship with the main group, to facilitate future it!

     5, microblogging promotion, microblogging has been popular for a very long time, first Sina microblogging, then piracy

    empire microblogging Tencent, QQ QQ doomed to the existence of micro-Bo rapid pace of development, I in 8 days time has more than 600 fans, and basically Shijiazhuang local, not bad, I feel! Every day I would take the name of Hong Maier Xi point

    to say hello, or release some of the mood like microblogging! effect very good!

     6, free platform to promote, there are a lot of free information platform, the weight of all kind of high, but soon after the release of information to be included Baidu, can do

    some long tail keywords, increase the number of valid outside the chain, while the platform is also a considerable number of the flow, release of information also played a role in branding!

     7, email blasts, e-mail to collect some of Shijiazhuang, and then send them some of the promotional posters and the like, and do some mass-mailing work!

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