Local injection of tetanus antitoxin 1 case of delayed reaction_33335

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Local injection of tetanus antitoxin 1 case of delayed reaction_33335

    Local injection of tetanus antitoxin 1 case of delayed reaction




     [Abstract] 1 case of tetanus antitoxin delayed skin test reaction of the local patient care, that care should be observed to enhance the effect after administration, timely

    and accurate processing of adverse drug reactions and make health education. [Keywords:] tetanus antitoxin, skin test, drug reactions, nursing 1 Clinical data Patients, female, 40 years old, because of the hand skin abrasions (about 1cm ?? 3cm 36 hours after treatment, prescribed by a doctor to give tetanus antitoxin (TAT skin test result is negative, intramuscular TAT1500??, observed 30min, no local swelling, induration, pseudo-foot, blisters, itching and other

    adverse reactions .5 d later, the patient left forearm skin test site appears red papules, a diameter of about 3cm, right buttock intramuscular injection site appears 2cm ?? 3cm irregular pink rash, with itching and discomfort, condensate as urticaria, oral chlorpheniramine 1.5mg, Vitamin C 0.2g. The

    next morning, right subcutaneous intramuscular injection site swelling, stiff, itching. noon intramuscular injection site hard swelling, fever, gradually expanded to 10 cm ?? 15cm, itching , but the left forearm to alleviate the symptoms of

    red papules, once again diagnosed as drug allergy treatment induced local delayed reaction. 30% of magnesium sulfate given to the local doctor moist heat, 3 times a day, intravenous injection of 5% glucose 10mL +10% calcium gluconate 10mL + dexamethasone 5mg, treatment of 3d, red pimples skin test site dissipated, intramuscular injection to reduce swelling of the hard parts , moist heat to the hip line, 7d after the symptoms completely subsided. 2 Discussion In this case, after injection of tetanus

    antitoxin 5d allergic reactions to local skin symptoms, less common. Recount a history of allergies, the patient was 10 years ago, the private prosecutor injected TAT, no response. Trace the family history, his mother had history of drug allergy without the use of experience of TAT, and its fellow

    brother as allergies, for patients with strongly positive skin test TAT. Animal serum tetanus antitoxin, on the human body has a dual role, on the one hand, to the body to provide specific antibodies, since the role of disease prevention, on the other hand, stimulate the body to produce antibodies against animal serum, when the body of this animal again by serum, the occurrence of hypersensitivity. prone to allergic reactions in allergic individuals or family in the

    constitution [1]. TAT delayed response in this case to remind the reader in the use of TAT process, not only allergic to ask to extend the observation period, TAT should also inform patients of the delayed reaction time, local, systemic

    symptoms and precautions to guard against unexpected [2]. References [1] Xiang-hong, Jin Jingfen. Tetanus antitoxin

    delayed allergic reaction caused by intramuscular injection of care. Journal of Emergency Medicine .2003.03.10,12 (3:214 [2] Wei Fuling, Liu Xuezhi and so on. Tetanus antitoxin anaphylactic shock caused by the delayed in 1 case. Internal Intensive Medicine .2002.06.15,8 (2:108 Links http://www.hi138 Research Papers Download . com

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