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Lions should learn thinking Wuliangye_26430

Lions should learn thinking Wuliangye




     See a mad dog in front of roaring lion rushed to their children aside, "fast, escape." Lion was very puzzled: "Mom, we're the lion ah, do not need to fear a mad dog it?" "If we beat the mad dog on our Wal helpful?" little lion thought: "No, after all, just a dog thing!" "Yes. Well, what if we accidentally bitten?" small Lion: "It must be very unlucky, rabies is terrible." "So Well ... ..." Shao Chu Fu believes that the Lions are smart, in force against the imbalance in

    the circumstances, it is not bullying, but consciously avoided, because it knows that if the "unfortunate bitten" and would "very unfortunate", and beat a unequal power of the animal, wins less than happy, so it chose to avoid. a lion

    know the truth, Wuliangye may not understand - it does not,

    recently named Wuliangye is busy and a "seven grain fluid" liquor lawsuit on the grounds that "seven grain liquid" product "near famous", infringed. In the liquor on the status of Wuliangye, say they are "lions" but points, the same, and Wuliangye compared to the "seven grain liquid" even in the animal kingdom may be "dog" are not really level. Now, this " lion, "but insisted, and had that" dog "trying to bring it. Just imagine, no more than two results: Wuliangye win,

    Wuliangye lost.

     Assuming Wuliangye Yingleguansi get their 50 million the amount of compensation proposed, which Wuliangye what is the point? Even drop in the bucket are not really, but in view of the influence of Wuliangye, with this case, the public media will definitely name unknown "seven grain fluid" spreading out "seven grain liquid" even suffered a defeat, also pocketed the eye, and Wuliangye it? only meant to help people make a wedding dress, the other 50 million by the visibility of

    advertising is far from the can be achieved. More seriously, it is possible there will be bullying Wuliangye, big bullying the small is suspected, it does not pay.

     Assuming Wuliangye lost the lawsuit it? Lonely at the top to

    the influence of Wuliangye, which will become a laughing stock, more irony and sarcasm, it is likely the middle of the "seven grain liquid" wants. Because from marketing planning point of view, planning such a case is indeed a method of leveraging the power of the "seven grain solution" is

    concerned, did not lose any lost, at least pocketed the eye, won, is entirely pleasant surprise, they certainly, by slope ass, big stir fry special. Wuliangye have been very gratifying is even more worse.

     So win or lose, "seven grain liquid" became famous because of such a lawsuit, and Wuliangye only depressed.

     Recently, Wuliangye prices find their own "identity to meet the needs of consumers," the reason is that if enough people in the mine, and now playing the lawsuit, described Hunzhao again and again. Shao Fu Zhu would like to know, this big director of business planning what to go.

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