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Lighting market network marketing analysis_3991

Lighting market network marketing analysis




     Research Papers Download information: 2010 low-carbon

    economy has become the development direction of all walks of life, of course, to the lighting industry popular energy-

    saving light sources, LED lighting industry industry is become the new darling of the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games in major venues in the lighting system, highlights the rapid development of light industry in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea launched the country out of

    incandescent, energy saving lamps, LED lamps popular plan is being implemented, while China is also street lighting, interior lighting, etc. continue to develop new light, green light is changing people's lighting concept. "two sessions" of

    low-carbon to further clarify the implementation of national carbon subsidies, home lighting industry ushered in a new development opportunity.

     Advertising diversified, in some ways, the scale is a measure of economic development, because the ubiquitous ads

    allow people to "short cycle" of consumption, and promote market economic activity in recent years in town, led by domestic lighting market rapid development of light on the town lighting up thousands of businesses, coupled with lighting distributors, service providers number of employees up to a million lights. lighting industry from television, websites, investment pages, search auction, blog, forums, messaging, email, etc. different forms of advertising and marketing, coupled with the brand, product quality, price,

    service, etc., marketing, publicity, lighting industry is also really into a highly competitive era.

     The recent Beijing auto show hot for either film or eclectic car beautiful car, all to attract international and domestic

    auto companies, Fans of the eye. Reflect market Research, many consumers are very value automotive lighting systems, whether for evening or it is rainy, cloudy traffic safety, the university will improve vehicle lighting LED lighting quality,

    and new LED lighting will improve the car lights in the shape of aesthetics.

     Town lighting86 Arena said, search for "lighting" Baidu has been bid up to $ 2 lighting86, lighting and other sites about tens of thousands of networks, under the lighting conditions in this industry of network marketing has become fierce. a major advertising sites, up to thousands or even million, at the same time lighting, lighting exhibition of international and domestic but also come and go, a huge market for people to have seen an attractive piece of cake.

     Mr. Liu is the Zhongshan Stars lighting company, he usually busy because of work, coupled with the network of electronic B2B systems do not understand, so little attention to lighting, lighting industry information, networking

    opportunities, however the information age, how important it is, has become old Town lighting86 Gold member, Mike Liu Chat will let him spare time sitting in the busy lamp wholesale, order of business. very little pay, so he seized every opportunity for sales , Mr. Liu said, the town lighting86 do is service the Internet age.

     Brand Lighting "Light Arts Masters" responsible person Cheng said, the success rate of current investment Karma da lighting industry for more than 70%, according to survey results indicate that most of the cost of household lighting consumption accounts for 10% of the decoration, it also means that lighting consumption is associated with fashion home and more and more popular. personalized decoration, high-end

    furniture, modern appliances, so that people feel more at

    home, leisure, entertainment, joy of learning. a wide range of lifestyles, people appreciate the romantic light of good food and wine. Home lighting has become the new home has become a fashionable lifestyle, but most of the market or in the form

    of lighting shop, Lamps, although the emergence of online shopping is also an endless stream, but most consumers still worry about high-end lighting service problem.

     Lighting market seems to never get rid of service issues, some of which are mainly in low-end products, easy to imitate

    nature, discounts, etc., affect the lighting industry market is so confusing, of course lighting store brand will significantly change the appearance of this phenomenon occurrence, it also shows that the lighting industry will be a

    very long period of time in the future will be quite a popular shop lighting expert analysis, with the rapid economic development, good prospects for the future market of China's lighting, home lighting will be a real shift from the era of

    light lighting times. The lighting brand to stand out on the

    edge segments, the overall layout, the use of "pervasive" in the network marketing model to create a real brand lighting business. as opposed to straightforward television advertising, a wide range of network marketing industry will be the future of lighting The most senior marketing guru!

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