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1. What will happen to traffic flowing into E0, given the following standard access-list?

    access-list 1 deny

    access-list 1 deny

    int e0

    ip access-group 1 in

    All IP packets will be stopped.

    2. What command displays all SHOW parameters? Show ?

3. What Cisco command line matches the Ethernet_II encapsulation method?


    4. What command will load the file ‘VERN’ from the Network File server at during the next boot? boot system tftp VERN

5. What command displays IOS version?

    show version

    6. What command is used to set the Secret password? enable secret [passwordname]

7. Within enable mode you type ‘R’ and hit enter. There are several commands beginning with ‘R.’ What

    message is returned?

    “Ambiguous Command.”

    8. What is provided by the User Datagram Protocol? Connectionless datagram service.

    9. What command views IPX RIP routing updates? debug ipx routing activity

    10. What ISDN term refers to a native ISDN modem? TA.

11. What switching type reads only the address portion of frames before immediately forwarding them?


    12. What command displays the IPX SAP table? show ipx servers

13. What is the standard ISDN term for a native ISDN telephone?


    14. What command begins a User mode session? Just press <ENTER>.

15. What user device connects to a DCE?


    16. What layer manages access to the Network layer? Datalink - LLC Sublayer.

    17. What command enables CHAP on a serial interface using PPP? ppp authentication chap

18. How does a router contact a device when its IP address, but not its MAC address is known?

    It uses ARP.

    19. What command shows all Ethernet interfaces configured for IPX? Show ipx interface.

20. What command will view the ARP cache?

    show arp

21. What command allows you to see all access-lists on Serial1 for telnet?

    show ip int s1

    22. Which of the following are examples of the Session layer? Netbios Names*





    23. Which of the following are examples of the Physical Layer? FDDI*

    Token Ring*




    24. Which of the following are classful routing protocols? EIGRP






25. What Channel is provided by ISDN and BRI?

    2B + 1D Channel.

26. What are the five steps of data encapsulation?

    a. User information is converted into data

    b. Data is converted into segments

    c. Segments are converted into datagrams and packets d. Packets are put into logical frame

    e. Frames are put into bits

27. Of the devices available to segment a network running SNA and NetBIOS, what should never be used?

    A router.

28. What PPP feature binds multiple channels to form a single logical channel?

    multi-link ppp.

    29. What switching technology reduces the size of a broadcast domain? VLAN.

30. What command within global configuration mode will change the console password?

    enable password [password]

    31. Which of the following operate within the Datalink Layer? IPX





    32. Which of the following operate within the Network Layer? RARP*



    Token Ring


33. How many K are ISDN BRI D and B channels?

    16K and 64K, respectively.

34. What command displays the IPX network and node address on Serial 2 interface?

    show ipx int serial 2

    35. What ranges are assigned to Class addresses A, B, and C? Class A: 1-126

    Class B: 128-191

    Class C: 192-223

36. What command Displays RIP routing updates?

    Debug IP Rip

37. You want to enable RIP on your router for interface E0. What command must be entered first?

    router rip

38. What command determines the number of seconds a dialup connection will wait without traffic until

    hanging up?

    dialer idle-timeout

    39. What OSI layer integrates logical addressing? Network.

40. In what OSI layer do bridges operate?


    41. What solutions are available for Distance-Vector routing problems? a. Defining a Maximum

    b. Triggered Updates

    c. Split Horizon.

42. What command moves the cursor to the beginning of the line in CLI mode?


    43. What advantage is offered by LAN segmentation? Decreased broadcasts.

    44. What OSI layer supports optional reliability?


45. You want the text, ‘You are connected’ to display when the command ‘show interface serial 0’ is entered.

    What command will enable this?

    description You are connected

46. Which command enables a display message when someone tries to log on to the router?

    banner motd

47. What is the most effective solution to the distance-vector ‘count to infinity’ problem?

    Defining a Maximum.

    48. Image files like GIF, PICT, and JPEG are contained in what OSI layer? Presentation.

    49. What protocols are included in the OSI Network layer? a. IP

    b. IPX

    c. AppleTalk

    d. DECnet

50. What command displays the current time on a router?

    show clock

    51. What command enables NetWare frame type Ethernet_802.2? sap

    52. What command displays Cisco Discovery Protocol adjacencies? show cdp neighbors

53. What TCP/IP address class is used for multicast?


    54. What command-line keywords are valid when choosing Frame-Relay LMI types? a. q933a

    b. cisco

    c. ansi

    55. What command encrypts the enable password with strong encryption? enable secret [password]

    56. What technologies prevent network loops in a switched environment? Spanning Tree Protocol and IEEE 802.ld.

57. How does flow control work?

    A station that is being overloaded with data tells the transmitting station to stop until its buffer is


58. At what point between the customer’s site and the phone carrier is responsibility transferred?


    59. What command displays the encapsulation type of interface serial 0? show interface s0

60. What OSI layer controls end-to-end communication?


    61. What are the five steps of data encapsulation? a. User information is converted into data

    b. The data is converted into segments

    c. The segments are converted into datagrams and packets d. The packers are put into logical frame

    e. The frames are put into bits

62. What protocol is the address ‘2b.0012.0c83.3879’ originated from?


63. What command would enable full duplex on the first port of the card in slot 3 on a Cisco Catalyst 5000?

    set port duplex 3/1 full

64. What process uses LMI to resolve an IP address from a DLCI number?

    Inverse ARP.

65. Which of the following WAN components are not owned by the customer?



    T1 line*


66. What command will display Ethernet 0’s IP address?

    show ip interface e0

    67. Which of the following are contained in the OSI Application layer? Internet Browser*

    Video Game*



    68. What methods provide login access to a router? a. Aux

    b. Console

    c. Telnet

    d. HTTP

69. Given the IPX address 4adecn3n.0000.9a33.2643, what is the network portion of the address?


    70. What command will permit SMTP mail to only host access-list 102 permit tcp any host eq smtp

    71. Packets are a concept tied to which OSI layer? Network.

72. What acronym is assigned to equipment located on the customer’s site?

    CPE (Customer Premise Equipment).

73. What OSI layer allows Ethernet devices to identify one another at the Datalink layer?

    Datalink - MAC Sublayer.

    74. What command displays the IPX routing table? show ipx route

    75. What global configuration command grants access to a serial interface on a 7500? int s 1/0/0

76. What features are common to ISDN BRI?

    a. Multiprotocol support

    b. SNMP MIB support

    c. Call waiting

    d. Compression

    77. What Ethernet operation type allows only one device to transmit at a time? Half-duplex.

78. What command line option determines what traffic is interesting enough for a dialup connection?


    79. What global command loads an IOS file from FLASH memory on the next boot? boot system flash [iosfilename]

80. What function is served by Autosense?

    It allows the router to determine which LMI type a frame relay switch is using.

    81. Which of the following operate in the OSI Physical layer? FDDI*

    Token Ring*




82. When entering a command longer than one line, what character is used for delimiting?


    83. What command assigns and enables IPX on an interface? ipx network 4a

    84. What command copies router configuration from NVRAM to a file server? copy startup-config tftp

    85. How does TCP provide flow control and error checking? Acknowledgements and windowing.

    86. Using Cisco IOS, what PPP data compression methods can be used? Stacker and Predictor.

    87. What command can verify Application layer connectivity? Telnet.

88. What command switches from User to Privileged mode?


    89. What command will deny all telnet traffic from subnet deny all telnet traffic from

90. Which of the following exist at the Transport Layer?






91. What command line keyword matches Ethernet_SNAP?


    92. Among the five classes of TCP/IP addresses, how many are available to the public? 3.

93. After entering the command ‘router igrp 50,’ what command enables IGRP on the router for interace E1,

    with an address of and a mask of network

94. In what OSI layer do EBCDIC and ASCII exist?


95. What command sets the clock rate to 64K on interface serial 2 while in interface configuration mode?

    clock rate 64000

96. Describe the concept of Split Horizon.

    It is never useful to send the same routing update packet back out the same interface that it was


97. Given the command ‘ip route 12,’ what number accounts for the

    administrative distance?


    98. Which of the following are complications of Distance-Vector routing? Routing loops*

    Complexity of configuration

    Counting to infinity*

    Slow convergence*

    Periodic updates slow convergence*

    99. For less CPU strain, how should Cisco routers be configured for logging? Syslog server routing.

100. What protocol uses connection-oriented updates?

    BGP uses TCP for reliable delivery.

101. Which of the following are Transport layer protocols?






102. When would the following day banner be displayed?

    ‘banner motd #’

    ‘Howdy #’

    Before login.

103. What command views router CPU utilization?

    show processes cpu

104. From a Windows 95 computer, what command will backup the IOS to the local drive using tftp

    (provided you have a connection between the router and tftp-server)? copy flash tftp

105. What command format is used for configuring a port on a 7xxx Cisco router with a VIP card?


    106. What command enables debugging of IPX RIP updates? debug ipx routing activity

107. What command enables frame relay on a router’s interface?

    encapsulation frame-relay

    108. What range of IP numbers are available for extended TCP/IP access-lists? 100-199.

    109. What command verifies Network layer connectivity between two hosts? Ping

110. What does the parameter ‘log’ do on IPX access lists?

    It logs IPX access violations when packets match particular access list entries.

    111. What OSI layer controls conversation between applications? Session.

    112. What function is served by the Datalink-LLC layer? It establishes media independence, provides SAP‟s, and provides flow control.

113. Bits are a concept essential to which OSI layer?


114. In what OSI layer does IP operate?


    115. Which TCP/IP class allows for the fewest valid Internet hosts? Class C.

116. What command sets encapsulation type to PPP?

    encapsulation ppp

    117. What command starts a Cisco IOS file image upgrade? copy tftp flash

118. What command changes the CDP default interval?

    cdp timer 111

119. Which of the following are displayed by the command ‘show cdp neighbor detail’?


    Hardware type*

    Subnet mask

    Flash memory available

    Incoming/outgoing port*

120. What OSI model provides services to the Application layer via a Session layer connection?


    121. What command loads the IOS from Read Only memory?

boot system rom

122. How does Poison Reverse alert the network of an unavailable connected network?

    It sends a special routing update packet which informs all connected routers that the distance to the

    dead network is infinity.

123. Given the AppleTalk address ‘202.95’ what part it the node portion of the address?


    124. What PPP authentication types are supported by the Cisco IOS? PAP and CHAP.

    125. What switching type varies latency through a switch? Store and Forward.

    126. What ISDN specification implements Setup and Teardown? Q-Series.

    127. What command will deny the source address access list 9 deny

    128. What LAN segmentation rule is specified by Cisco? 70% local, 30% over the router.

    129. Which of the following operate in the OSI Session layer? Netbios*



    X Windows*



130. What command restarts a router?


    131. Which of the following are valid Cisco commands? down


    system exit

    shutdown system


    132. What command displays Data Link Connection Identifiers? show frame-relay pvc

    133. What command enables round-robin style load balancing? IPX Maximum-paths

    134. What affect do Store and Forward switches have on latency? They increase latency.

135. What encapsulation type should be used when configuring a frame-relay network between a Cisco router

    and a non-Cisco router?


136. What is the default Cisco Encapsulation on an Ethernet interface for IPX?


    137. Which of the following are true of SMTP? It sends email*

    It uses TCP*

    It uses port 25*

    It manages IP devices

    It receives mail

    138. What commands display previous commands? a. Up arrow

    b. show history

    c. CTRL-P.

139. What device provides line clocking?


    140. What OSI layer is FRAME-RELAY mapped to? Datalink.

141. What command should be used for turning off enhanced editing?

    terminal no editing

142. In what portion of an IP address is the network portion represented?


143. What command will configure Interface E0 with an IP address of using a Subnet mask of

    ip address

144. What command is used to set a router’s network name?

    hostname [router_name]

    145. Which of the following operate at the OSI Network layer? SPX


    Token Ring



146. What command enables load balancing over multiples paths on IPX?

    ipx maximum-paths 2

147. What command changes to global configuration mode from within interface configuration mode?


148. At what telco office do customers’ local loops terminate?

    CO (Central Office).

    149. At what OSI layer do MIDI and MPEG operate? Presentation.

150. Before changing your Telnet password, what command must first be executed from global configuration


    line vty 0 4

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