Light, please pay attention to your output of a single code_29962

By Steve Washington,2014-11-02 09:44
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Light, please pay attention to your output of a single code_29962

Light, please pay attention to your output of a single code




     Is not concerned about the light thing a day or two, as once the pride of the Chinese dairy industry, certainly worth a lot of light in the corporate learning industry. So since the

    contact with the cold chain of food since the light has been the object of my concern here today to write this article, I hope to be the light of the attention and reference. KA also want to give business enterprises, to provide some useful

    information. November trip because of the project, I led the team members to Jinan, Shandong, Jinan, with customers for sales of milk were targeted KA terminal visits, accidentally discovered that the light has grown to more than 100 items, and the bar code number has Over the Mengniu and Yili, and many bar code output is not high, according to store sales personnel (including customers store personnel, store personnel and other brands of light-store staff, bright

    although there is currently a lot of OTC products alone, but

    many are be returned to, and to output a single shop, the light that I visited several of the current Jinan Ginza, Wal-

    Mart, Carrefour, RT-Mart and other systems, a good store more than 30,000 yuan per month, while the poor store only But more

    than 10,000 yuan, the data really surprised me. light output of a single bar code 300 must register, however, really so bad? I am not sure, so I ran a few stores a row, the results are basically consistent. To to determine whether the data is

    accurate, I also specifically asked the relevant operational staff. results and store consistent feedback, the current light items as more cheese, so the lowest average output of a single bar code, and Mengniu, Yili store a single bar code output rate more than 1500 yuan, the region benefits Jiabao and less milk as supermarket bar code, the output volume to be higher than the national brands, up to 2,000 yuan on. Why is there such a gap unusually? First we need to understand the concept of a single bar code output, only by understanding the concept of a single bar code output, we can more clearly understand why a single regional brand KA system output will

    be higher than the national bar brands. single barcode average output value of the enterprise into the supermarket system,

    the average monthly sales of all bar code, if a single bar code output than the industry average amount, as system operators to reach the industry average level, if low the industry average, you need to consider adjusting the product

    structure, eliminate bad bar code output to maintain the system's profitability. about the formula in a given period of time, the average output of a single bar single-store sales

    volume = / the number of single-store bar code, specific

    applications can be divided into varieties estimates can also be calculated by quarter or year. regional brands than a single bar code output of the average amount of brands, not because of the operational capabilities of the regional brand ka system higher than the national brands , but because of

    regional brands in the business KA system, a more precise choice of the products, and many take the amount of type of products for regional brand to win more sales.

     While the national brand in the supermarket business, operations and product items are often times more than the regional brands, many of the new strategic spend much more cultured, as bright as on the many products, but also accounted for a lot of surface discharge , but that does not produce actual sales, many new products in the absence of

    market-led situation, one on the dead. but still rely on conventional marketing is basically done the old product, which in some sense a single bar code production down the value. light is faced with this problem, companies do not care about the outputs of a single bar, blind introduction of new products to market, and the lack of effective guidance and

    communication, leading to a lack of light present, many new market appeal.

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