Work is life and choice

By Christine Edwards,2014-07-08 20:04
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Work is life and choice

    Work is life and choice

    Mr wan:

    I am very glad that I have opportunity to introduce myself to you and I have chance came here. I have been working here for a month. There are many thoughts existing in my mind, and it difficult to describe, which including values and faith.

    Firstly, I am very deeply sorry that I can not find a reasonable word to express my grateful. How to say? When to say? In all, it is difficult to me . only a word thanks , which stand for my inner voice and for you help to you.

    Thinking it , this is you said to me few days ago. I think it more over in my free time. May be my opinions is fault, but I still speak out my ideas.

    Life is not easy for me ,and it full of choice and challenge. It is uneasy to make decision for me, however who know itself choice is right or wrong at present. Because of younger, I am lack of social experiences. A large number of problems make me confused, such as society , personality and social relation and so on. As a grown-up, some matters, which I have to think over am.. I had been graduated for a long time. My ideas already changed and it changing along with circumstances. In school time, there are many thoughts being unreality. even though I had working in society some times, these exoerences tells me a truth which is the life of hardships. A lots of jobs, and it need to

    take into account short or long term development. In view of these , I have to say make decision is difficult for me.

    To frankly say, I spent a happy time after came here. Even if the sourrondings is unfamiliar. I still learned a lot. Some knowledges and cocepts are existing in my mind. Meantimes, about factory that I have myself opinions. I hope that I am able to making full use of learned which are about all kinds of theory in school time, and it using work and practice. I believe in myself, I can work very well ,at the same time, the related knowledges and experences are becaming plentiful. Above all, I already make up my mind, which is staying here.

    In the last, I expect that you can understand me and know what my opinion is.

    Best wishes to you and may be you happy.



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