unit 1

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unit 1

    第五课时(Self- Check)

    教学内容?Self- Check

    教学目标?Teaching aims

    1. Knowledge Objects

    (1) Key vocabulary : native, speaker, make up

    (2) Fill in blanks and make sentences using feel, spell, write down, join and find. (3) Write an article using the target language.

    2. Ability objects

    (1) Train students’ writing skill.

    3.Moral object

    Everybody longs to winning a prize like Xu Zheng. Do remember, no pains, no gains. ?.

    ?.Teaching methods

    Teaching by explanation

    教学重点及难点?(Important and difficult points

    Teaching Key Point

    1. fill in blanks and make sentences.

    2. write an article using the target language.

    Teaching Difficult Points:

    Make sentences using feel, spell, write down, join and find.

    教具及多媒体使用准备?;Teaching aids ppt

    教学过程?Teaching procedures :

    Step ? Revision

    First check homework. And then ask some students to read their writings about one of the people interviewed in activity 4. Collect their writing s and help correct any errors before returning them.

    Step ? Part 1

    This activity provides a comprehension review of vocabulary presented in the unit. Focus attention on the box. Invite a student to read the vocabulary words at the top. Ask them to fill in the blanks with the words. In some cases, you may need to use another form of the word.

    Check the answers. Five students each reads a sentence, filling in the blanks. The rest of the students check their work.

    Ask students to make their own sentences with the words, preferably sentences that are meaningful.

    Step ? Part 2

    This activity provides reading, writing, listening and speaking practice using the target language.

    Read the instructions to the class.

    Ask a few students to give examples of how they would convert the notes into sentences in an article.

    Ask students to complete the work individually.

    Review the task. Ask a few students to give their articles.

Step ? Just for fun!!

    This activity provides reading and speaking practice using the target language.

    Ask students to explain what is funny about this cartoon. Step ? summary

    In this class, we’ve reviewed some vocabulary words presented in the unit. And we’ve also

    made up sentences using some words.

    Step ? Homework

    Review all the language points presented in this unit. Step ? Blackboard design

    Sample answers to activity1

    1. please write down the words on the blackboard. 2. I can’t spell some English words.

    3. why don’t you join an English club?

    4. I have found my keys.

    5. cotton feels soft.


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