Li Ning, why not learn Meizu!_29960

By Vivian Kennedy,2014-11-02 09:44
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Li Ning, why not learn Meizu!_29960

Li Ning, why not learn Meizu!




     Few domestic brands can do a product to market to consumers lining up to buy, even if the foreign top brands can do very little, only the Apple Iphone Ipad and a few other brands and products so that consumers can do who eagerly look forward to flock to stores to buy. But the domestic mobile phone brand Meizu M9 has done. I feel that in the highly competitive domestic mobile phone market, a certain degree, similar to low-quality products, domestic mobile phone brand to Meizu

    phone broke. Some people might think that Apple Meizu is a cottage, regardless of appearance, application and marketing practices related to Apple quite similar to

    Admittedly, Meizu is a big gap with Apple, and Apple Meizu

    also mimic the phenomenon does exist, no doubt. But on the other hand look, Meizu can win the fierce competition in place, perhaps not only cottage can do, After all, about 2,500 yuan a domestic mobile phone is not really cheap. What makes the Meizu phone so attractive? consumers to buy these phones are? What are they thinking? And with this Meanwhile, the first sports brand Li Ning has made in order to "sell dilemma" in the struggle, a variety of experts and industry insiders are positioning for the channel problem or debating issues or other problems! Associate into a "sales gridlock" Li Ning, the law may Meizu marketing between marketing and Li Ning has some links where you can, hoping to inspire Li Ning's brand marketing and reference.

     An industry source said Li Ning, the problem is positioning of the problem is the problem channel is channel limited the sale of Li Ning, these words sound like a kind of "nowhere near" feeling. And Goldman Sachs report said, had fallen into the brand positioning and Li Ning sales of two major crisis, especially in a world-class brand Li Ning, and between local brand positioning is not clear. I "tends to be" authorized Goldman Sachs said: "The brand positioning," out of the question. but do not agree with its call "the world-class

    between the brand and the positioning of local brands is not clear, "said. You're welcome to say Li Ning has been a lot of young people, especially the" 90 "that is: old-fashioned

    brand. This is the most fatal problem, not just only the

    positioning of the swing.

     Last weekend, a small cousin to buy sports shoes, we went to a department store, left, Adidas store, Nike store the previous point, Adidas, Li Ning opposite the store. Little cousin looked at Adidas, Li Ning also glanced at all to the

    Nike. I asked him why not choose Li Ning, he said, people regardless of our school money, no money, the choice is the Nike or the A Adidas, even if it is money, but also select the Anta and 361 degrees, there is little choice of Li Ning shoes.

    I ask why? He said: Li Ning shoes into the ground. Why do you feel earth? He said: Anyway, that he shoes style is not good enough, it looks stylish enough I know, he can not

    really why they are, anyway, is not willing to buy Li Ning sneakers.

     I ask him: Why do you want to buy Meizu M9 mobile phone? This phone is made in China you know? He said yes, but also know Zhuhai production. Buy a Lenovo or other domestic mobile phone music Phone you will find "old fashioned" ? Yes, he said. So, why do you not think to buy a Meizu M9-made mobile

    phones are "old fashioned"? He temporarily speechless. When I told him: Nike, Adidas, Li Ning might have even one factory in Dongguan, OEM, and also the Iphone mobile phone production in mainland China, their quality may vary when free, he said,

    Nike and the Iphone is still feeling the best. just think to buy Nike in the price is acceptable , while the Iphone is too expensive to buy Meizu phone price is acceptable.

     Have to say, the sports brand Li Ning, marketing into a

    corner is absolutely not just a question of sales, the biggest problem is not "brand in the world-class brand and positioning

    between local brands is not clear," but a serious aging brand . in competition with world-class brands, the Li Ning

    brand through conventional marketing, Nike can not go beyond, or even impossible to maintain the original size of the market, because the rules of market competition is always "fall behind."

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