Li Ning store in reduced precision farming, Pathfinder also depends on other outdoor shop to improve performance-_40693

By Alan Harper,2014-11-02 09:44
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Li Ning store in reduced precision farming, Pathfinder also depends on other outdoor shop to improve performance-_40693

    Li Ning store in reduced precision farming, Pathfinder also depends on other outdoor shop to improve performance?




     Recently, Li Ning poor sales due to being mass market oversold, the market value of 4.5 billion Hong Kong dollars

    evaporated immediately. Li Ning Company's management to increase immediately the wholesale discount of 2-3% and plans

    to close 500 - 600 ?? shops to deal with poor performance . domestic sports shoes, sports goods to the rapid rise, a large thermal factor is exercise, a large number of brand promotion and a substantial increase in annual number of shop. Li Ning, Anta, special steps, Pick, 361, the rise of ERKE been true. Li Ning 2009 sales of 7.7 billion, the number of stores with 7249, output of 1.06 million per store turnover of about 180 million, while the results for the 6.3 billion in 2008, store number 6048, a single new stores to the growing contribution of 10.6 million. results from the growth of more new stores. The current ANTA has 7052 stores, special steps are 6579, 361

    are 6927, 6796 Olympic help, these Li Ning brand are similar, there is dependent on the growth performance of store growth patterns. Li Ning oversold and reduced store plans show the apartment will be coming to an end this pattern. In recent

    years, soaring real estate is well known, led a series of business rent increase, on the other cotton yarn, plastic and other raw materials is the growth of the original several times, staff salaries are about 10% growth, a large increase

    in operating costs, increase the number of dependence on a single shop, outcome can only be number increased, counter for the growing profits dry up. is a dead no way move. Comparison of international brands and domestic brands Nike, Adidas and Li Ning, a large-scale sales to the similar, but less in the number of stores nearly 20% higher profit margin of about 20-

    30%, obviously with the international brand and brand value of the boost power to bring content has a great relationship. Outdoor markets in recent years, gradually approaching the

    public, to the representative Pathfinder outdoor brands all over the shop in the siege, a great sports brand success

    copying the path may be, but unfortunately is the only outdoor brand is used more domestic sports goods Simple shop expansion

    mode, and in product design, brand building, promotion of the for the few delightful, only sports fox tail continued to imitate the cat.

     Pathfinder revenue in 2008 was 2.12 million, the number of stores to 300 in 2009, revenue was 2.9 billion, the number of

    stores to 430, revenues of 150 million yuan in the first half of 2010, the year should be in the 3-4 billion between the

    number of stores to 629 in 2009, an increase of 130 stores, an increase of 130 stores, contributed sales of about eight

    million, while an increase of about 200 in 2010 was less than 1.5 million, single-store sales ability is slowing. the

    ability of a single sales of its single-store sales in 2008 to

    700,000 in 2009 to 67 million in first half of the calculation

    of only 47 million, with Li Ning's contribution of 1.06 million single store, Anta single store there are 88 million contribution to a large segment gaps.

     Current domestic brands have adopted similar outdoor sports bold and simple style of domestic expansion, the lack of

    training for the domestic consumer movement to guide the unique design, the affinity, influence, high loyalty and valuable branding, on sports products extension of the suppression, there are a large number of homogeneous competition, and niche customers a lot of scarcity, soaring operating costs, can form a strong foundation for the development of the brand has a long and vigorous vitality of the market, the end is not optimistic.

     Hopefully, the roads only in the simple Li Ning reduction in the store manager can plan white then wake up. I hope we just have a good momentum of development of outdoor brands all the way!

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