Let the future more of a harmony - class of primary school moral education_42108

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Let the future more of a harmony - class of primary school moral education_42108

Let the future more of a harmony - class of primary school

    moral education




     [Abstract] moral education is the important work of shaping the minds of students, such as Dead Poets Society, was silent at nourishing the hearts of students, as long as each of the

    teachers are loving, open minds to go with our inspired students to guide students into the subtle , to moral, intellectual dual educational purposes, to treat each student, so that each green leaf are Flash! [Keywords:] the class

    teacher, moral education As we walked into school the first mass, the first place of education on the important role played in our lives is nothing wrong, as a primary school teacher, we assume the task of teaching at the same time, it should do the educational work, the students ideological and moral behavior, learning strategies, attitudes of training, the students in our elementary education stage, the formation of life values in students in the process of moral education must take the first place, and all aspects, all the time

    growth in each child through the process. to moral education ever, everywhere. Let our children a good life, a step the first step, so that more of a future social stability and harmony. 1. Lead by example, he argued with the

    behavior of students charisma Habits, many people think through the pipe is constrained, a limitation, is behave, is zoned for the prison, when in fact we should be more stress is placed on education, is the enlightenment, is nurtured, is

    Dead Poets Society, is run a silent. great French writer Victor Hugo wrote: The world's most extensive is the ocean, wider than the ocean sky, wider than the sky is the human soul. Teachers should make students the soul of the engineers, we must first have high moral sentiment, can with moral

    education, moral people. teachers to use their own personal charm he argued that the behavior of students, a teacher, by example, ask students to do their own first to do it. work, teachers should not only ethics norms to constrain their

    behavior, but also make <<primary daily code of conduct>> into

    its own regulations, because in the eyes of monitoring student behavior teacher colleagues, there are dozens of pairs of eyes watching themselves, the attitude of teachers, rigorous work ,

    critical spirit, says it will do the quality of the students are even more one can read the book. I recall teaching a grade, our class in the morning reading has been poor discipline, the classroom is not always quiet, what are Yes, I have tried various methods to enable students to make good use of the valuable time of the morning, but although the discipline is good, learning efficiency is not high, there are still empty student desk in a daze, even if a piece of rubber can also play a morning silence, the problem troubled me for a long time. One day I'm learning the business desk, Suddenly, I can put my lectern into my study table. from the beginning, the podium more than my notes, my theory of education books, every morning, I will not supervise the students standing on

    the podium and simply concentrate on their own reading, learning, and within two days, the students also know that out of the book to learn, and gradually, the children have developed a habit No matter, I not in the classroom, they will

    "study hall". I suddenly remembered a word: Example is better than precept. watched the children one by one serious little face, and my heart really is - happy. Teachers and

    students but also to establish equal relationship between teachers, their mistakes can be courageous recognition. I remember the classroom for the new semester, the class I was the only set of keys, the first day, I would let the students locked out, when I rush the arrival of the room, nearly half of the students have been waiting at the door, and I am

    somewhat apologetic, hesitated for several minutes, I will be in the morning time in front of the class to apologize for my actions students are very surprised After an awkward few seconds, the expression from the students, I read all of my

    understanding, I would like to gain more than this right. "The body is not made then, their body is not correct, although

    that is not from." teacher must be integrated into student life, and sometimes his own as a teacher, when the children themselves as students, get students to trust the inner world of the children come to feel endless joy and happiness.

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