Learning that the -Pong- --- the more dependent on business, the better to do - CS 36 dollars of business venture twenty-six_1856

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Learning that the -Pong- --- the more dependent on business, the better to do - CS 36 dollars of business venture twenty-six_1856

Learning that the "Pong" --- the more dependent on business,

    the better to do - CS 36 dollars of business venture twenty-





     Human nature dictates --- Do not rely on the good, which is

    willing to slow to fast, comfortable do not want to move once

    the call. Thus, the businessman will have a market space ... ... idea for "dependent" as used There is a county bus station, has always wanted to replace a few more luxury passenger bus running, because roads extending in all

    directions, people go out more and more critical, always choose a new, comfortable, air-conditioning facilities, good

    car ride, most importantly, with luxury cars, ticket prices have reason, the same distance, the profit may be several-

    fold. Thus, the bus station one level upward to consult, to consult more than a year, not been approved.

     This time, run transport trading Luoge see this huge profit margins, he reports directly to the county government beat, soon to get a reply. Magistrate personally run the province on

    the road, and actively coordinate the passenger transport and other departments, full support of the private sector, the development of individual economy, just so the county can change the poor economic situation of enterprises.

     Formalities had been completed, Luoge buy 10 luxury buses, and also do line procedures, recruit drivers, busy for half a month, finally operated. I did not expect the next day into the station ran into trouble. The station because he did not buy into a car, a great grievances, to obstruct the bus stop. this is a good selling tickets from the station, the station has a "sold out tickets," stall the customer, Luoge suddenly in trouble. seeing their investment to be wasted, Luoge worried. He had to find a county re-mediation, the station

    leader, said: "There is no let him stop, ah, do we have to help him sell tickets." obstruction of people secretly, Luoge 有苦说不出.

     Later, because the county directly intervene, the station leadership position: "To let them find their own place, forget

    their own business." Although the county is in a hurry, want to create a relaxed environment for private enterprises, but the state-run to private, so do not good, while the bus is the preferred place county residents by car, leave the bus

    station, Luoge the bus is doomed to lose money, business is likely to collapse. Enable him to transfer the car to the station, he was not willing to desperation, Luoge his most drastic decision to blaze a new trail.

     He organized to investigate the population ride the mainstream luxury car and found most of them more leisure and lazy; decided to focus on the residential area in front of people selling tickets, but also played "under your home floor, directly on the high-speed" and "Highway security door

    attached, "two slogans, to provide maximum convenience out of: the passenger bought a ticket, the first car to use their own bus parking lot to Luoge can travel.

     So that everyone did not expect that this move really

    spiritual! After just one week, we preferred to go out on a luxury bus ride Luoge. And when people are lazy once developed a habit, you can not live without it, they did not have to catch the bus to the dilapidated bus it! This created a virtuous cycle, Luoge passenger benefit greatly increased.

     From this, a lot of time, seemingly desperate opponents into just is not a bad thing, in fact, precisely because of competition to survivor.

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