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    Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator needs to setup Switch1 for remote access from HostA. The show ip interface brief is issued on Router1 and the show interfaces trunk command is issued on the

    Switch1 to verify the current status. The administrator applies the additional configuration shown in the exhibit to Switch1. However, the telnet from HostA fails. What additional commands need to be applied to the switch?

    Switch(config)# interface vlan 10

    Switch(config-if)# ip address

    Switch(config-if)# no shutdown

    Switch(config-if)# ip default-gateway


    Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the configuration shown, how will an Ethernet frame on port GigabitEthernet0/1 be modified?

    802.1Q encapsulation inserts a 4-byte tag field into the original Ethernet frame between the source address and type/length fields and recomputes the frame check sequence (FCS) on the modified frame.


    What VLANs are allowed across a trunk when the range of allowed VLANs is set to the default value?

    All VLANs will be allowed across the trunk.


    Which parameter is used to uniquely identify one wireless network from another? SSID


    Refer to the exhibit. What is the consequence if SW1 port F0/1 is configured as an edge port?

    SW1 port F0/1 can generate a temporary loop.


    Refer to the exhibit. What will allow a host on VLAN 40 on switch X to communicate with a host in VLAN 40 on switch Y?



    Refer to the exhibit. Spanning-tree port priorities are 128 for all interfaces. The network administrator enters the spanning-tree vlan 1 root primary command on S4. Which two port results are correct? (Choose two.)

    S1 Gi0/1 becomes a root port.

    S4 Gi0/2 becomes a designated port.


    Refer to the exhibit. Which two facts can be confirmed by this output? (Choose two.) This switch is configured to advertise its VLAN configuration to other VTP-enabled switches in the same VTP domain.

    This switch will cause no disruption in the VTP domain operations if the rest of the switches in the same VTP domain have a higher configuration revision number.


    Refer to the exhibit. R1 is configured for traditional inter-VLAN routing. R1 can ping computer 3 but cannot ping computer 1. What is a possible cause for this failure? S1 port Fa0/11 is in the wrong VLAN.


    Refer to the exhibit. Both switches are interconnected via a trunk link. Host A and host B are on the default VLAN but are not able to exchange traffic. What should be done to fix the problem?

    Configure the same native VLAN on both ends of the trunk.


    Refer to the exhibit. The hosts connected to switch SW1 are not able to communicate with the hosts in the same VLANs connected to switch SW2. What should be done to fix the problem?

    Reconfigure the trunk port on switch SW2 with static trunk configuration.


    What happens when the crypto key zeroize rsa command is entered on a switch configured with the transport input ssh command on the vty lines?

    The switch allows remote connections only after a new RSA key pair is generated.


    Refer to the exhibit. An Ethernet switch has developed the CAM table shown. What action will the switch take when it receives the frame shown at the bottom of the exhibit? forward the frame out all interfaces except Interface3


    Which two statements describe Spanning Tree Protocol? (Choose two.) It eliminates Layer 2 loops in network topologies.

    It can only be used in networks in which Layer 2 switching is in use.


    Refer to the exhibit. A new host needs to be connected to VLAN 1. Which IP addresses should be assigned to this new host? /28


    Refer to the exhibit. How does SW1 manage traffic coming from Host A? SW1 leaves the traffic untagged and forwards it over the trunk.


    Refer to the exhibit. The switches are configured for VTP as shown. Which two statements correctly describe the operation of these switches? (Choose two.). A new VLAN can be added to Switch1 and that information will be added to Switch2 and Switch4.

    An existing VLAN can be deleted from Switch4 and that VLAN will be deleted from Switch1 and Switch2.


    Refer to the exhibit. Computer A sends a broadcast message. Which devices will see the broadcast?

    computer C and Router1


    Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator enters the configuration shown to allow both SSH and Telnet connections to the switch. The Telnet connections fail. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

    The transport input command is configured incorrectly.


    Refer to the exhibit. Which switch will be elected as the root bridge of the spanning tree topology?



    Refer to the exhibit. The switches in the exhibit have VTP pruning enabled. Which VLANs will be pruned from switch SW3?

    VLAN 10 and VLAN 20


    Refer to the exhibit. What does STATIC indicate in the output that is shown? Traffic destined for MAC address 0000.c123.5432 will be forwarded to Fa0/15.


    Which three statements are TRUE regarding router-on-a-stick inter-VLAN routing? (Choose three.)

    requires the use of subinterfaces on the router

    more cost-efficient and scalable than using multiple physical interfaces can impact performance if many VLANs compete for bandwidth on a single router interface


    Refer to the exhibit. Router RA receives a packet with a source address of and a destination address of What will the router do with this packet? The router will ignore the packet because the source and destination are on the same broadcast domain.


    Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator needs to remove the east-hosts VLAN and use the switch port from that VLAN in one of the existing VLANs. What two commands should be used when completely removing VLAN 2 from S1-Central while leaving the switch and all its interfaces operational? (Choose two.) S1-Central(config)# no vlan 2

    S1-Central(config-if)# switchport access vlan 3


    Refer to the exhibit. What does "FORWARDING" mean in the command output shown? The switch is sending and receiving data frames


    Refer to the exhibit. Switch SW2 has been newly purchased and added to the network. What configuration should be applied to SW2 so that it participates in the same VTP domain as switch SW1, receives VLAN information from SW1, and synchronizes VLAN information?

    Configure SW2 with the VTP domain password.


    What are three benefits of a hierarchical network model? (Choose three.) reduced contention for bandwidth

    increased fault tolerance of the network

    simplification of management and troubleshooting


    Refer to the exhibit. Which three options correctly identify information that could be associated with this output?(Choose three.)

    Interface FastEthernet3/0/0 is subinterfaced.

    A non-proprietary trunking protocol is in use.

    The configuration is appropriate for a router-on-a-stick network design.


    Refer to the exhibit. Switch SW2 was tested in a lab environment and then inserted into a production network without reloading its configuration. After the trunk link between SW1 and SW2 was brought up, all users lost connectivity to the network. What could be the source of the problem?

    VTP configuration revision number of SW2 was higher than the configuration revision number of SW1.


    Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator needs to implement inter-VLAN routing on a hierarchical network. On which devices should the inter-VLAN routing be configured? Gateway and CS1


    Which three statements are correct concerning the default configuration of a new switch? (Choose three.)

    All switch ports are assigned to VLAN1.

    The flash directory contains the IOS image.

    All interfaces are set to auto-negotiation of speed and duplex.


    Refer to the exhibit. All hosts are in listen mode. Host 1 and Host 4 both transmit data at the same time. How do the hosts respond on the network? (Choose two.)

    After the end of the jam signal, a backoff algorithm is invoked.

    If a host has data to transmit after the backoff period of that host, the host checks to determine if the line is idle before transmitting.


    Refer to the exhibit. After the listed commands are entered into router R1 and switch S1, the administrator enters the show interface fa0/1 trunk and gets the results shown. What is the likely problem?

    The trunk has not been established because the router does not support dynamic trunking protocol.


    Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are TRUE about the operation of the interfaces? (Choose two.)

    Incoming traffic that has a VLAN ID of 2 is processed by subinterface fa0/0.2. Traffic inbound on this router is processed by different subinterfaces, depending on the

VLAN from which the traffic originated.


    What three tasks should be performed before moving a Catalyst switch to another VTP management domain? (Choose three.)

    Select the correct VTP mode and version.

    Configure the switch with the name of the new management domain.

    Verify that the switch has a lower configuration revision number than the other switches in the new domain.


    Refer to the exhibit. Hosts A and B, connected to hub HB1, attempt to transmit a frame at the same time but a collision occurs. Which hosts will receive the collision jamming signal?

    only hosts A, B, and C


    Which statement regarding the service password-encryption command is ******TRUE? The service password-encryption command encrypts all previously unencrypted passwords in the running configuration.


    Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are TRUE regarding what the cost value of 23 represents for Switch4? (Choose two.)

    This cost represents the lowest cost path for Switch4 to the root switch. Switch4 adds the cost of a Fast Ethernet link to 23 to determine its total cost to reach the root switch.


    Refer to the exhibit. What three statements describe why Host1 and Host2 are unable to communicate? (Choose three.)

    The switch ports are on different VLANs.

    The hosts are configured on different logical networks.

    A router is required to forward traffic between Host1 and Host2.


    Refer to the exhibit. Each switch is shown with its MAC address. Which switch will be elected as the spanning-tree root bridge if the switches are configured with their default priority values?

    switch F


    Refer to the exhibit. Hosts PC_A and PC_B send traffic simultaneously, and the frames from the transmitting stations collide. What is the last device to receive the collision? switch SW1


    Top of Form

    Why is it important that the network administrator consider the spanning-tree network diameter when choosing the root bridge?

    BPDUs may be discarded because of expiring timers.


    Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has segmented the network into two VLANs and configured Router1 for inter-VLAN routing. A test of the network, however, shows that hosts on each VLAN can only access local resources and not resources on the other VLAN. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

    Switch port Fa0/1 is not trunking.


    What is the purpose of issuing the command switchport mode access on a switch interface?

    force the port to be a part of a single vlan


    Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is TRUE regarding the information shown? Interfaces Gi0/1 and Fa0/1 are allowed to carry data from multiple VLANs.


    Which identifier is used to keep track of frames that are destined for a particular wireless client?



    Refer to the exhibit. What will happen when frames that contain an unknown source address reach interface fa0/24?

    The incoming frames will be dropped.


    In which mode is a VTP switch operating if it has been configured to only forward VTP advertisements?



    Which method establishes an administrative connection for configuring the Linksys WRT300N wireless access point?

    From a computer in the same IP subnet as the access point, enter the default IP address of the access point in a web browser.


    Top of Form

    What two methods can be used to remove MAC address table entries from a switch? (Choose two.)

    The clear mac-address-table command will remove statically and dynamically configured table entries.


    What are two benefits of the IEEE 802.11n standard over the IEEE 802.11G? (Choose two.)

    provides improved range

    permits increased data rates

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