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Date: 12 November 2002

Subject: Thames Gateway Housing Group

Report of: Director of Planning and Transport


    That the Committee agree a nomination to represent the region as a whole on the new ministerial Thames Gateway Housing Group.


    Thames Gateway Regeneration Development Area straddles three regions. Overall co-ordination of the development programme in the area is steered by a high level group, including six Ministers, and chaired by Lord Rooker. A particularly critical issue is the need to improve both the quantity and quality of housing in the Gateway. The political importance of this housing dimension has, of course, grown, notably with the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister on the matter in July.

    Ministers have therefore decided to establish an additional sub-Group in the Gateway, focused on the housing issues, and covering the whole of the Gateway area. This group will also be chaired by Lord Rooker. A wide range of representatives, including private house builders, representatives of housing associations and local authorities in the Gateway, have been invited to participate in the group. Kent County Council, for example, are represented at both member and officer level. Recognising the wider regional importance of the Gateway, Lord Rooker has now also invited each of the Regional Planning Bodies to nominate a member of their Assembly or equivalent to represent them. I will also be attending the meetings in a support role.

    I think the establishment of the new group is to be welcomed, and it will be important for the region as a whole to be represented in the group, so as to ensure that the Gateway plays its full role in the region’s future housing needs. I therefore recommend that the Committee make an appropriate nomination.

Mike Gwilliam

    Director of Planning and Transport

    4 November 2002

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    Annex 1

Thames Gateway Housing Group Nomination


Dear colleagues,

I wish to confirm my interest in seeking nomination as the RPC representative to the

    Thames Gateway Housing Group.

The following brief notes are provided in support of this application:

    Employed as South Regions Policy Officer by the National Housing Federation since

    March 1999, I’m based in the SE Regional Office in Brighton and have specific

    responsibility for policy issues in this region. Work with SE regional partners is a

    principal element of my role and is prioritised in my work plan and schedules. I will,

    therefore, be able to commit the required time for preparation and attendance at

    the meetings and any necessary liaison with RPC and Assembly members, as well as

    SEERA officers.

Whilst the NHF is the trade body for Registered Social Landlords, the scope of my

    work encompasses: private housing provision and development (to which the

    majority of affordable housing development in the SE is linked), planning, design and

    construction issues, regeneration and renewal, as well as LA Housing Strategies,

    community and tenant initiatives, neighbourhood management, social inclusion and

    sustainable development. RSLs, supported by the NHF, have been at the forefront of

    design and construction initiatives; leading the way on the Egan agenda, off site

    construction methods, increased densities and innovative design. This provides a

    broad perspective and experience that I shall be able to draw upon.

Involvement with Regional Assembly

    ? Full member of the Assembly, representing Social Housing interests, since July

    2002. Previously provided policy support and back up for John Barker,

    member of SEERA, 1999-2002.

    ? Member of SEERA Housing Advisory Group since inception, May 2001.

    ? Member of SEERA Affordable Housing sub-group since established, July 2001.

Highlights of other Regional Activity

    ? Member Regional Housing Forum since established in 1999. Also co-ordinate

    RSL representation at Forum.

    ? Working Group member for production of Regional Housing Strategy 2002

    2005 and responsible for co-ordination of affordable housing section.

    ? At request of SEEDA provided input on affordable housing to inform draft

    RES, 2002

    ? Led workshops on delivering affordable housing as part of SEERA/GOSE

    seminars ‘Delivering Urban Renaissance in the SE,’ 2001

    ? Member of Regional Sustainable Development Framework working group and

    drafted content for Objective 1 to ensure that everyone has the

    opportunity of a decent and affordable home. 2001

    ? RAISE Board Member for social housing network, April 1999 September


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Regional Policy Work highlights

    ? Led South Regions submissions on ODPM Inquiries on Planning and

    Sustainable Communities & Affordable Housing and Spending Review, 2002;

    Planning Green Paper, 2001-02; Housing Green Paper and Housing Policy

    Statement, 1999-2001.

    ? Co-ordinated input and prepared submission to draft RPG9 on behalf of NHF

    SE members, Chartered Institute of Housing and Shelter, 1999- 2001

    ? Project managed the NHF SE ‘Who Needs Housing?’ project, including liaison

    with Christine Whitehead and Alan Holmans and the Cambridge University

    research team 1999

Sharon Hedges

    4 November 2002

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    Annex 2

Thames Gateway Housing Group Nomination


Thames Gateway

    The Thames Gateway is the largest regeneration area in Western Europe, and

    bestrides the three English Regions of the South East, London and Eastern. The

    Government are giving very clear signs of growing impatience with the lack of

    delivery of the ground. It is therefore it is very important that the RPC, nominate

    someone who is able to stand up for our region and fully understands the North Kent

    part of the Thames Gateway.

    As the Vice Chair of the RPC I believe that I will be able to bring a good

    understanding of the issues facing our part of the Thames Gateway, plus also have

    the authority to speak on behalf of the Assembly at this new ministerial committee.

Personal Details

    Title First names Surname

    Mr Robert Paul Hamlin

    Telephone (w) Telephone (h) Telephone (m)

    01737 643217 01737 643217 07817 271207 E-mail address ccpmedway&

    Dates Name of school, college, Major subjects

    From To university or examining body studied,

    examinations taken

    and results

    Management of Feb 01 On Going Elmwood Resource Centre,

     Community Medway Adult and Community

     Businesses OCN Learning Service

     Level 3

     Advanced Elmwood Resource Centre,

    Community Medway Adult and Community June 00 Sep 01

     Development & Learning Service

     Work Skills

     OCN Level 3

     1989 1992 Social Sciences Open University (Pass) National Extension College 1986 Social Sciences Correspondence Course 1986 (Pass)

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    The Business of Social Housing, Project Management (NHF), Critical Path Short Analysis (NHF), Improving Audit Committee Effectiveness, Monitoring and Training Evaluation of Community Development (Scottish model) Monitoring & Courses Evaluation, Managing Conflict, Basic Work Shop Skills, Equal Opportunities,