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CCNA 2 Version ...

CCNA 2 Version 3 Hands-on Final (Instructor’s Guide)

    Student name _______________________________ Date __________________ Start time ____________

     This is the basic setup. The hosts require an operating system with TCP/IP installed and a web browser.

The hands-on final is designed for students to wire and program one side of the internetwork. The

    student will be assigned either Anniston or Boaz and its associated components. The GAD router is to be programmed by the instructor with the provided configuration. This configuration is very lengthy and should be pasted in sections to prevent overrun.

    The student can be assigned one of 10 different versions from either Branch location. The version will determine the WAN network assigned, as well as the IGRP Autonomous System number. This allows for 20 different combinations plus unlimited variations in the LAN assignments. These are further explained in the appropriate sections.

Circle one:

    Location: Anniston or Boaz

Circle one:

    Version 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Instructor provided information:

    The WAN IP network address is _________________ with a subnet mask of _______________.

    The local LAN has been assigned an IP network address of ______________________________. Each subnet of the above network needs to accommodate ___________ host addresses. Use the ______ useable subnet for the LAN. Do NOT use subnet zero as the first subnet. The IGRP AS number is ________.

    S0/0 (S0)S0/1 (S1)


    S0/0 (S0)S0/0 (S0)


    IBM CompatibleIBM CompatibleIBM CompatibleIBM CompatibleManagementManagementProductionProduction

There are 4 elements of this exam that can be weighted or can be a pass or fail exam.

    This exam will occur in stages. Each element is a set of instructions that needs to be accomplished. The instructor will initial each task as they are completed. Proceed to the next task only after the instructor has approved the current task.

The 5 elements of this exam are:

    1- planning

    2- security

    3- cabling

    4- basic configuration

    5- troubleshooting

    The basic theme here is that Gadsden (GAD) is regional headquarters of the company. Anniston and Boaz are branch offices. Each network associate (student) will be responsible for single branch office. The internetwork team leader (instructor) is responsible for the regional router (GAD).

    A network address and specific number of hosts per subnet has been assigned for the local LAN. From the instructor provided information, the subnet address, the subnet mask, the first and last useable addresses, and

the broadcast address for each site’s LAN need to be determined.

This part of the exam is to test the student’s ability to subnet. This hands-on final allows for many

    combinations. The instructor needs to assign the student a network address to be applied to the LAN,

    as well as how many hosts per network are needed. The instructor can assign the student virtually ANY

    network (except as below) and any number of hosts per network of 3 or more.

    Addresses NOT to assign to the student: for the LAN:

     the network assigned to the other branch (Anniston or Boaz)

The only issue to take care in is that there must be at least 10 subnets. That means that if assigning a

    Class C address, no more than 14 hosts per network and when assigning a Class B address no more

    than 4094 hosts per network should be assigned.

    CCNA 2 Hands-on Version Assignment

    Router Final WAN network GAD Router Interface IGRP AS

    segment version address address


    Anniston 1 /24 1

    Anniston 2 /24 2

    Anniston 3 /24 3

    Anniston 4 /24 4

    Anniston 5 /24 5

    Anniston 6 /24 6

    Anniston 7 /24 7

    Anniston 8 /24 8

    Anniston 9 /24 9

    Anniston 10 /24 10

    Boaz 1 /24 101

    Boaz 2 /24 102

    Boaz 3 /24 103

    Boaz 4 /24 104

    Boaz 5 /24 105

    Boaz 6 /24 106

    Boaz 7 /24 107

    Boaz 8 /24 108

    Boaz 9 /24 109

    Boaz 10 /24 110

Step 1 Planning Points __________________

The student is asked to plan the network subnets for the first 10 useable networks. The instructor should plan this ahead of time so they are known.

Using the chart below, plan the first 10 usable subnets of the LAN network address assigned to you.

Subnet Subnet Subnet First host Last host Broadcast

    (useable) mask