How to Keep Healthy

By Sharon Henderson,2014-02-11 21:12
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How to Keep Healthy

How to Keep Healthy

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    Nowadays more and more people are concerned about their health.If you happen to be in one of the city parks in the early morning,you will see lots of people there.Some are practicing Taijiquan,swordplay and others,which either shows that getting plenty of exercise makes the heart beat faster or the lung work larger,thus strengthening the heart and reducing the chance of heart attack,and helping to lower blood pressure.

    Medical researchers have proved that what people eat affects their health.They advise people to eat more fruits and vegetables and less red meat like beef and pork because red meats contain more fat than poultry and fish.Fats can build up in the arteries,block the flow of blood,and cause a heart attack or stroke.

    Getting rid of bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol is also an important way to keep healthy,but it still fails to draw enough people’s attention.If people pay equal attention to the above mentioned three ways of keeping fit,they will greatly improve their health.

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