By Shawn Jones,2014-02-11 21:38
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     It is my pleasure to be here to introduce myself.My name is Bu Xiaodong.I am a postgraduate student from Hangzhou Normal University named Bu Xiaodong. Nine years ago, I left my hometown Xiangfan-----a beautiful city of Hubei province, and started to seek my dream. However, its not easy to reach

    my goal of life. During the past years, I actually tasted the bitterness and happiness of life. My experience is much more abundant that some others. In 2002, I received my bachelor degree in Wuhan University of science and technology. After my graduation, I engaged in the personnel matters for some companies since six years ago. Gradually, I come to be interested in Chinese philosophy. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to study Chinese philosophy in Hangzhou Normal University in 2008. I benefit a great deal after the study for three years, not only do I know about how to conduct myself, but also do I how to engage my scholarship study. My graduation thesis is about the comparison of between Mou Zongsan and Kant because of great interesting in their theories. Whereas, their theories are thus profound and extensive, so I wish to study them under your supervision.

    I’m honor to participate in this admission examination for doctor here. It’s a rare opportunity and place which can achieve

    my own personal worth. That’s all, thank you!

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