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By Francisco Grant,2014-07-08 11:00
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writing test ttptest,ttp,Test

? capitalization

    ? dangling modifier

    ? faulty comparison

    ? sentence fragment

    ? faulty logic

    ? wordy

    ? error in pronoun reference

    ? faulty usage of word

    ? faulty usage of tense

    AIn the early part of December there was a heavy snow in this area. BChinas population is larger than India.

    CLeave out the word in that sentence because it is too difficult. DDifferent people have different opinions on College Love. ECarson was one of my students, who came late for class that day. FThe singing in the film is good and also the actors. GTo look at a map, the importance of this new railway will be seen. HEmily was educated at an academy, and after she left the academy she entered a female seminary.

    IShe told my sister that her idea was practicable.

    JBecause I had never left my hometown and my parents alone, I had to take care of myself.

    KI dont like pop music. Because most of the lyrics are about stupid love affairs.

    LIt was confused for me why I could not improve my English skills.

    MComing into the college, the air is really fresh and cool. NThis text is easier.

    OMaking his mind quickly. Jim ordered two ice-creams for the two kids.

    PChina has a population of 1.2 billion. She must do much to limit the growth of population.

    QThe first writing class is going to over in a few minutes. RI felt the air here is very fresh because there were many hills around.

    SSince we had gained a large order, our personnel manager is going to arrange a foreign language training course for the staff in sales department.

    TThe girl who is dressed in red can run faster than I.

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