With the computer popularized

By Joshua Lopez,2014-07-08 11:00
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With the computer popularizedWith,the

    With the computer popularized, computers are available in homes, schools or other public places and computer users can be found everywhere. Children are an important part of them, who are usually use computers a lot and affected by computers more or less. These influences of computers have caused a great deal of social attention. This essay will focus on the possible effects of computer use on childrens physical and psychological development.

    Firstly, when children use computers too much, they may have troubles to develop healthy bodies. Spend more time on computers means they have less time to do sports. A survey had found that it takes young people 1 hour and 37 minutes to play computers everyday (Subrahmanyam et al, 2001). According to Shields and Behrman (2001), outdoor exercises and social activities are essential to help children building up their bodies. Furthermore, using computer for long could do harm to childrens backs, eyes and wrists (shields & Behrman, 2001).

    What is worse, some scientists have pointed out that children may get repetitive strain injuries because of the excessive computer use.

Secondly, there are also some links between computer use and childrens psychological

    development. When home computers connected with the Internet, children may be exposed to

    violent, sexual or commercial content beyond their years, which could cause many problems

    when they growing up (Shields & Behrman, 2001). In addition, some scientists believe that children play violent computer games lead to invasive behaviors (Shields & Behrman, 2001). Moreover, a research also found that using computer too much could hinder children to form a steady social relationship and these children may feel lonely more likely compared with those who use computer less(Shield & Behrman, 2001).

    In conclusion, these are some irrefutable evidences to prove that children use computer is harmful to their physical and psychological development. Stay at home and play computer may result in a weak body and bad relationship, which is very bad for childrens growth. Despite there

    is no certain answer to whether children should use computers, let the childrens computer using

    time under control is essential.

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