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Stage 1 Gateway 5

Stage 2 Core Gateway 6

Stage 3 New Deal Options 6

     - 18-24 6

     - 25+ 7

Employers Role for 18-24 & 25+ Options 8

New Deal for Disable People 9

New Deal for Lone Parents 9

New Deal for 50+ 10

New Deal for Musicians 10

New Deal for Self Employed 10

Stage 4 Follow Through 11

How New Deal Prepares People for Work 11



New Deal is the cornerstone of the Government’s Welfare to Work Initiative. New Deal

    aims to help unemployed people aged 18 and over (including people with disabilities) and

    lone parents move from benefit dependency into jobs and to bring advantages to

    employers and the country as a whole.

New Deal offers a major new opportunity to invest in the future of your organisation,

    improve your local economy and help end the waste of unemployment. Government is

    committing major funding to New Deal to help unemployed people prepare for work

    and, in particular, to make sure they have the abilities and attributes local employers want.

There are several New Deal programmes targeted at different groups within the


? New Deal for 18 to 24 year olds

? New Deal 25+

? New Deal for Disabled People

? New Deal for Lone Parents

? New Deal 50+

? New Deal Self Employment Option

? New Deal for Musicians


Cookstown District Council is the lead partner for the Cookstown New Deal Consortium.

    The training partners are Cookstown Training Ltd, DDA Care Services, East Tyrone

    College of Higher & Further Education, Network Personnel, Cookstown Enterprise

    Centre (advisory partner) and Dungannon and Cookstown Business Education

    Partnership (advisory partner). The Consortium is managed by the New Deal Co-

    ordinator and day to day administration is carried out by the New Deal Administrator,

    both employed by Cookstown District Council.

The aims and objectives of Cookstown New Deal Consortium are as follows:-

    ? To utilize and maximize the combined experience and expertise of the member

    organisations of Cookstown New Deal Consortium, to provide advice, guidance

    and assistance to the long term unemployed in the Cookstown district. ? To provide participants within the target group, through a process of education,

    employment, training provision and other associated assistance, opportunities for

    personal and career development which will maximize their employment potential.


? To work in partnership with member organisations and other statutory

    organisations in the identification and delivery of schemes and programmes with a

    focus on employment creation and increased employability, particularly for those

    individuals who are disadvantaged by periods of long term unemployment, lack of

    work experience and lack of appropriate and adequate work related qualifications.

Roles of the Consortium

Cookstown District Council - Lead partner is responsible for the effective management

    and delivery of the contracted options but may delegate to

    providers for the day to day management purposes. Also

    responsible for administration and financial aspects of the

    programme as is delivered by Cookstown New Deal


Training Providers Providers are responsible for the well being and welfare of

    the participant whilst they are on the New Deal programme.

    Training providers arrange interviews at suitable

    workplaces, liaise with employers, review the participant’s

    progress on a 4 weekly basis, help with jobsearch activities,

    monitor progress and try to help them back into

    employment. Providers also arrange relevant training (if

    required) for each participant in the relevant subject which

    each participant would like to pursue.

For more information on members of the Cookstown New Deal Consortium use

    following addresses:-

Cookstown District Council, Burn Road, Cookstown BT80 8DT

    Cookstown Training Ltd, New Generation Technology Centre, T5 Cookstown Enterprise

    Centre, Sandholes Road, Cookstown BT80 9LU

    DDA Care Services, 4 Savings Bank Street, Dungannon

    East Tyrone College of Further & Higher Education, Circular Road, Dungannon

    Network Personnel, 80-82 Rainey Street, Magherafelt.

Advisory Partners:

    Cookstown Enterprise Centre, Derryloran Industrial Estate, Cookstown

    Dungannon and Cookstown Business Education Centre, Unit 45b, Dungannon Enterprise

    Centre, 2 Coalisland Road, Dungannon

New Deal Personal Advisors:

    Cookstown Jobcentre, 17 Oldtown Street, Cookstown



Employers, public, private or other, are contacted via training providers. Employers have

    perhaps the most important role of all, they are providing participants with an opportunity

    to gain work experience; relevant training and to better themselves. Employers can:-

? Take the opportunity New Deal offers to help make their businesses or

    organisations more successful by drawing on this key source of potential recruits;

? Assess participants skills and experience before employment;

? Offer people permanent jobs through New Deal, to give them the chance of

    showing what they have to offer and contribute to your business/organisation;

? Invest in the future of your organisation;

? Help end the waste of unemployment and improve your local economy.

Participation in New Deal for employers is absolutely FREE and the Consortium will

    ensure that all administrative paperwork is kept to a minimum.


All groups of unemployed joining New Deal enter through Gateway where they can

    spend up to a maximum of 16 weeks.




    Task Force




    Education and



    The aim of Gateway is to prepare people for work. Each person has a New Deal Personal Advisor whose job is to provide support and help with jobsearch, careers advice and guidance. During their time on Gateway people may attend short customised courses to help improve their chances of getting a job.

    During Gateway many people will be helped to find jobs and move from benefits into work. Those who remain unemployed move on to Stage 2 of the programme.


    Core Gateway is a compulsory 2 week course for participants prior to commencing on a New Deal option. Participants work on jobsearch activities such as completion of application forms, drawing up CV’s, interview techniques etc. This course helps the

    participant to develop on existing skills and sometimes develop new skills, giving each participant the confidence to enter the workplace.


    New Deal was set up to assist people back into the workplace. Participants are encouraged to apply for relevant vacancies whilst on the New Deal programmes.

Subsidised Employment

    Employers will be paid a subsidy for six months towards the cost of Employing a New Deal client. This will be ?60 per week for an 18-24 yr old and ?75 per week for someone aged 25 or over. For more information on this option please contact Cookstown Jobcentre.


    All New Deal participants must undertake a minimum level of participation of 30 hours (excluding meal breaks) per week, usually over 5 days, but not less than 4 days, for up to 52 weeks. A minimum of 1 day per week, or equivalent , off the job training is required which is included in the hours of work required. Training is a mandatory requirement for all 18-24 options.

Option 1: Full-Time Education and Training (FTET) (Up to 52 weeks)

    FTET offers young unemployed people the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in the labour market.

    Participants are placed in an appropriate placement within the public/private sector.

    Education and training placements aim to enhance the employability of young people through full-time education and training with the object of achieving an NVQ level 2 or other approved qualification.


Option 2: Environmental Task Force (ETF) (Up to 52 weeks)

    ETF offers a job or placement with an environmental organisation including one day per week, or its equivalent, off-the-job training.

    ETF projects may contribute to improving the local environment, conserving energy and water, greening urban areas and improving local community facilities. Details of any new projects should be notified to the Lead Partner.

Option 3: Voluntary Sector (Up to 26 weeks)

    Voluntary option offers a job or placement with a voluntary sector employer including one day per week (or equivalent) off-the-job training.

    The Voluntary option includes placements which will bring benefit to the community by improving the voluntary sector’s capacity to deliver services to its clients, or deliver indirect benefits such as improved community relations and greater community safety.


    New Deal 25+ is aimed at those aged 25 or over who have claimed Jobseekers Allowance for 18 months or more or 18 months out of the last 21 months. All New Deal participants must undertake a minimum level of participation of 30 hours (excluding meal breaks) per week, usually over 5 days, but not less than 4 days, for up to 26 weeks.

Option 1: Preparation for Employment Programme (PEP) (13 weeks)

    PEP aims to improve the employability of individual participants through a combination of high quality placements and training which will overcome the barriers to employment.

    The programme is designed so that participants will attend for a minimum of 30 hours per week, usually over 5 days, (not less than 4 days) per week and the overall programme lasts for 20 weeks.

    Participants are initially on the programme for 13 weeks. They will be interviewed by the New Deal Personal Advisor on week 10 who will then decide if an extension of

    between 1-13 weeks is required. Participants can be placed in either the public/private sector or the voluntary/environmental/community sector.

Public/Private Sector

    This element should provide opportunities for participants to build their confidence within a real working environment, set employment goals or try out unfamiliar types of work (i.e. job sampling).



These placements will be with “not for profit” organisations, which will benefit the

    environment or community. Participants will gain the skills likely to be sought by


It is essential that each participant attends 1 week jobsearch with the training provider.

    Training is also available to participants which can range from 0-4 weeks with a wide

    array of courses available.

Option 2: Education & Training Opportunities (ETO)

ETO provides opportunities for participants to improve their employability through a

    period of education and training lasting up to 52 weeks. Participants work towards units

    of an NVQ up to Level 3 or relevant vocational qualifications.


Many young people who enter the Gateway will already have skills and experience that

    would be of practical value to your business.

Employers signing up to New Deal commit to the New Deal principles and conditions.

    Paperwork required from employers is as follows:-

    ? Sample signatures for time sheet signing (2 signatures required from employer).

? Signed weekly timesheet.

    ? Quarterly completion of employer comments on how they feel the participant is


? Quarterly questionnaire to be completed (survey).

The principles and conditions are as follows:-

    ? Every employer must carry out a comprehensive induction to the work place for

    each New Deal participant (including Health & Safety). ? The training provider will arrange for appropriate training, which will normally be

    off-the-job training for 1 day a week for 52 weeks, leading towards either an

    approved qualification at NVQ level 2 or above or another recognised

    qualification. Employers should encourage this training and provide on-the-job

    training as required.

    ? A commitment that, where possible, the job will continue beyond the end of the

    period of the option and where this is not possible, that they will support the

    participant’s efforts to find alternative employment or training.


    ? Training will be given on the job by the employer as required. Any further

    training arrangements will be done via the provider.

    ? Employers must offer participants the opportunity to demonstrate the skills likely

    to be sought by employers, which could include the acquisition of transferable

    skills, development of personal effectiveness, team working and time


    ? Employers should provide realistic levels of work appropriate to the participants

    needs and will equip participants with skills and work habits appropriate to the


New Deal for Disabled People

The key aim of the programme is to help people with a disability or long term illness,

    who are currently in receipt of a qualifying benefit, to find and retain employment.

The main features of the programme are:-

    ? A network of Job Brokers across Northern Ireland who will use innovative

    approaches to prepare clients for work and help them to find and keep jobs. ? A Personal Advisor Service located in Cookstown Jobcentre which will provide a

    one to one personal advice and support service to help clients achieve their goal of

    returning to work.

    ? Participation in New Deal for Disabled People is voluntary.

Employers Role in Disabled Option

Employers who may be able to offer employment opportunities should contact the New

    Deal Advisor at Cookstown Jobcentre or any other member of the Cookstown New Deal

    Consortium. For further information please contact Cookstown New Deal Consortium,

    c/o Cookstown District Council, Burn Road, Cookstown BT80 8DT.

New Deal for Lone Parents /People with Caring


The New Deal for Lone Parents (NDLP) involves a series of interviews with the New

    Deal Personal Advisor. These interviews are tailored to meet the needs of each lone

    parent, helping them overcome any barriers to starting work.

Personal Advisors/New Deal Consortium will guide and assist lone parents in the

    following ways:

? Talking to them about job vacancies in the area;

    ? Helping them to find information on childcare;

    ? Helping them to calculate how much better off financially they can be in work;


    ? Explaining what benefits are available to a working lone parent; ? Helping, where appropriate, to arrange for payment of these benefits; ? Helping to arrange training to update their skills; ? Matching them with job vacancies or placing them with suitable employers for

    New Deal;

    ? Providing an in-work support service to help them make the move into

    employment and ensuring sustainable arrangements are in place to enable them to

    remain in work.

Lone parents or people with caring responsibilities may be referred onto any of the

    programmes as detailed above. They will receive an additional ?15.38 top up and will

    also receive assistance towards childcare costs, depending on each individual

    circumstance. They are also required to undertake a minimum level of 20 hours per week

    attendance compared to the 30 hours.

Employers Role in Lone Parents Option

New Deal for Lone Parents will provide a pool of job ready employees to fill your

    vacancies. Some lone parents may prefer part-time work, which, in many instances

    matches the needs of employers.

As participation is voluntary, potential employees will have carefully considered their

    options and are serious about finding work. Lone parents are more likely to make

    responsible employees, as they are keen to do well at work to help provide stability for

    their families.

New Deal for 50+

New Deal for 50+ is aimed at people aged 50 years and over who have been claiming

    Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit or Severe Disablement

    Allowance for 26 weeks or more. Receipt of other benefits may count towards the 26

    week qualifying period. Participation in New Deal 50+ is voluntary with conditions very

    similar to that of 25+ option. For further information on this option please contact the

    Cookstown New Deal Consortium.

New Deal for Musicians

New Deal for Musicians is available to people of all ages who want to make a career as a

    musician. This programme covers all types of music for:

? Instrumentalists

    ? Vocalists

    ? Composers and songwriters

    ? Performing


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