How to keep healthy

By Andrew Ford,2014-07-08 10:45
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How to keep healthy

    S: Doctor, I am uncomfortable.

    C: Whats the matter with you?

    S: I am easy to tired. If I go up stairs, I will be out of breath. It didnt happen before. Maybe I am

    serious ill now?

    C: Dont worry. Let me ask you some questions. How much do you weigh?

    S: About 100 kg.

    C: Oh, you are overweight. You must watch your weight to keep healthy. Too fat is bad for your health.

    S: How to lose weight? I try to do it. But every time I forget it.

    C: I think the best way to lose weight is doing exercises. Such as running, play tennis, soccer. You can have a balanced diet.

    S: What do you mean? Do you mean I must have the only meal in a day and I cant eat meat?

    C: No, it isnt what you imagine. You neednt to do that. What you must to do isyou must eat

    more vegetable than meat, and eat food high in fiber, low in fat. Cut down on artificial preservatives. And the most important thing is that you must eat less sweet. S: Is sweet the most bad for my health?

    C: Yes, I think it is. Too many sweets will make you fat, and it is also bad for your teeth. S: It is a pity that I cant eat delicious chocolates. What about hamburgers, French Fries and milk shakes? I like to eat them very much.

    C: Oh, they are junk food. Cut down on them if you cant cut them out.

    S: I think it is hard for me to do that. You know they are really delicious. C: Yes, you can. Youll be a healthier, happier person. Remember eat right from four food groups: dairy, fruit and vegetablesuhmeat and sorry, I, I forget it.

    S: Are they dairy, fruit and vegetables, grain, and meat?

    C: Clever. Thats all my suggestions for your health. If you still have questions, please ask me or call me.

    S: Thanks a lot. I will do what you say. Thanks for helping me. See you next time. C: So long.


    Jerry: Doctor, I think this medicine is no useful. Tom: Why? Do you feel much better?

    Jerry: No! I feel more terrible after taking some medicine.

    Tom: Jerry, I must take your tooth.

    Jerry: All right, I agree with you, you should take my tooth.

    Tom: Yeah, you should open your mouth.


    Jerry: You should give me some local anesthetic. Tom: I think you can’t pain, this time is short.

    Terry: Yeah~~~


    Jerry: Ah!!! Ah!!! Ah!!!

    Tom: Do you feel painful?

    Jerry: Yeah!

    Tom: Don’t wrong, wait a minute.


    Jerry: Ah!!! It is too pain!

    Tom: You should see your tooth.

    Jerry: E~~~ this tooth is well, it isn’t bad.


    Jerry: Tom!! Doctor!!! You take my good tooth, my bad tooth is here.Jerry指了指自己的坏牙! Tom: Ah, really? Yeah!Tom一种尴尬的表情,而又脑筋一转!Right! Your tooth is bad, this tooth is bad, too. As a dentist, I should take your bad tooth. Yeah? You don’t know this tooth is bad. Jerry: Yeah~~~Jerry一个无可奈何的样子!

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