Unit 1 Where is your pen pal from (Period 2)

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Unit 1 Where is your pen pal from (Period 2)Unit,Where,your,pen,pal,from,Unit1,UNIT1,WHERE,YOUR

     Unit 1 Where is your pen pal from? (Period 2) ? Contents

    New words: countries, cities, languages ...


    Where is your ... from? She/he is from ...

    =Where does your ... come from? She/he comes from ... Where do you live? I live in ...

    What do you speak? I speak ...

    ?.Teaching Aims

    1. Knowledge Aim

     New words in this section. Where is Simon from? What does he want?


    language does he speak? What does he want? Write an e-mail about yourself.

    2. Ability Aim

     Listening. reading and writing skills. Communicative competence. Practice


    3. Moral Aim

     Say something about your pen pal.

     Learn to make a personal information card.

    ?. Important Points

     1. New words of this section.

     2. Answer some questions to a letter.

     3. What language do you speak?

    ?. Teaching Difficulties

     1. Does she have any brothers and sisters. What’s her favorite subject?

     Does she speak English?

     2. Make an information card.

     3. Write an e-mail about oneself.

     4. Use some words to describe someone.

    ?.Teaching Aids

     Computer, a tape recorder.

    ?.Teaching Procedures

    Step One

    Greet the class as usual and check the homework.

    Step Two

     Look at section 1. First match the countries with the language and then check the answers with the class.

    Step Three 2a, 2b

     1. First read the questions in 2a, listen carefully and number each question you hear on the tape. Then check the answers.

     2. Now we’ll listen to the conversation again. Please write the short answers to the questions (1-4) in 2a.

    Step Four 2c

     1. Now work with your partner. One of you is the mother. The other is Lucy. Ask and answer questions about Lucy’s pen pal.

     2. Ask a pair of students to perform the conversation for the class.

Step Five 2d

     1.Look at 2d. First I’ll read it for you. Then answer the four questions.

     2.Answer these following questions with your partners. Step Six 3b

     1. Please write a word in each blank and you can find information to complete the letter on the ID cards.

     2. Ask a student to read the letter aloud with all the answers in place. Step Seven 3c

     1. Ask students to use 3b as an example .Write an e-mail about themselves.

     2. Ask several students to read their letters to the class. Step Eight Self check

     1. Check the new words you know.

     2. Now please write five new words in your vocab-builder on Page 109.

     3. There are five students in the picture. They John, Gina, Mary, Scott, Bob. Imagine they are new students in our class. Everyone must write a description of them.

     4. Read Just For Fun.

     ?. Summary

     Summary the knowledge of this unit.


     Write something about your pen pal. For example, age, language, nationalities, hobby…

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