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14 Sep 2010AIIM Research Report Highlights Enterprise Need for Better Adaptability, Functionality andDirector of AIIM Market Intelligence.


    Cross-Industry Survey Reveals Strong Demand to Improve

    Existing ECM and CRM for Case Management

    AIIM Research Report Highlights Enterprise Need for Better Adaptability, Functionality and Integration in Case-driven Customer Service and Collaboration

(DALLAS and BOSTON) Sept 14, 2010 Enterprise software provider ISIS Papyrus announces that a

    new research report from AIIM reveals strong demand for better case management functionality and

    integration among ECM and CRM systems.

The AIIM report entitled “Adaptive Case Management - comparing document-centric and customer-

    centric approaches,” details research conducted among the AIIM community to explore how well the IT infrastructure currently used by customer-centric, process-driven suppliers in the real world matches the actual demands of case management, as well as to look at their planned strategies for the future.

    The evolution of case management is increasingly important and relevant to enterprise professionals managing the information needs of competitive organisations,” said Doug Miles, Director of AIIM

    Market Intelligence. “While case management seems to be well understood and valued, real-world solutions for interaction between critical content, process and data systems are not widely implemented

    and those in place are lacking in functionality, integration, usability or all of the above. It’s clearly a major pain point for service-oriented organisations to optimize their case management systems to better meet customer needs.”

    Key findings from the AIIM report indicate a need for broad-based improvement in case management: ; 60% of organisations are using case files for one-third or more of their business processes ; Email alerts are still a primary workflow driver for three-quarters of organisations ; Nearly two-thirds of organisations rely on manual processes to capture 75% of customer


    ; 40% cite difficulty of adding and changing processes as the biggest issue with current case-handling


    ; Only 10% have case management supplied as standard with their ECM or CRM system

    Case management has shifted toward ensuring the best experience for the customer, rather than merely achieving operational efficiency and process automation,” said Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus

    Software. “The increased complexity of enterprise content and service environments has fueled the requirement to enable easier sharing and integration and empower knowledge workers to control process

    changes, communications and decision-making for better customer satisfaction and case resolution. This desire to react and adjust to improve the outcome is the driver for advances like Adaptive Case Management.

The Papyrus Business Communications and Process Platform empowers enterprise business users and

    knowledge workers to optimise processes, tasks, communications and documents across a wide range of case-driven activity in service-based organisations. Papyrus Adaptive Case Management (ACM) further supports business applications from claims management and account opening to contract management and purchase-to-pay (procurement).

Released June 30, the report’s results were generated from 290 responses from individual members of the ththAIIM community received April 15-May 4 as part of the research conducted by AIIM and sponsored

    by ISIS Papyrus. Individuals from enterprise companies with 500-5,000 employees represented 68% of the respondents in the research.


    AIIM Survey Reveals Demand to Improve Existing ECM and CRM

    for Case Management Page 2

    The new AIIM report, Adaptive Case Management - comparing document-centric and customer-centric approaches,” is available for download from the ISIS Papyrus Web site, as well as at the AIIM Resource

    Center when you register.

    A longtime proponent of adaptive processes for the enterprise, ISIS Papyrus has also contributed a chapter titled, “The Elements of Adaptive Case Management” to a new business book for executives and

    managers of knowledge workers Mastering the Unpredictable which recently ranked as a business

    Bestseller at

About AIIM:

    AIIM ( is the community that provides education, research, and best practices to help organisations find, control, and optimise their information. For over 60 years, AIIM has been the leading non-profit organisation focused on helping users to understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content, records, and business processes. Today, AIIM is international in scope, independent, implementation-focused, and, as the representative of the entire ECM industry including users,

    suppliers, and the channel acts as the industry’s intermediary.

About ISIS Papyrus Software:

    ISIS Papyrus offers integrated enterprise software for personalized customer communications and process optimisation solutions in the financial, insurance, utility, telecom, healthcare and public sectors. With 16 offices, 14 subsidiaries and three development centers, ISIS Papyrus supports more than 2,000 enterprise customers worldwide who use Papyrus standard software for business applications to manage customer communications & billing, business correspondence, case/claims management, multichannel delivery, ADF, indexed capture and transpromo. Based on a proven application platform for consolidating ECM, BPM and CRM, the Papyrus defined business architecture enables flexibility, efficiency, collaboration, quality and continuous improvement of customer-focused content and processes across systems and applications. As a Trade Member of AIIM and a Foundational Member of OASIS, ISIS Papyrus maintains a commitment to support and promote technology and standards benefiting the business user. Visit ISIS Papyrus online at

ISIS Papyrus Media Contacts (USA, Austria & Asia Pacific):

    Stephanie Rogers, ISIS Papyrus America, Inc.

    +1 (817) 416-2345

    Christian Berchtold, ISIS Papyrus Headquarters


    T.J. Koh, ISIS Papyrus Asia Pacific Ltd



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