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3G Mobile Voice Termination Charge Control - Welcome to APT Online ...

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    Final Report of the Study Question 1.8



    Eunjin Cho, Jaeho Byun, Hyunmi Baek



    Approved at

    thThe 27 APT Study Groups Meeting

     18 -20 September 2007


    3G mobile services are rolled out by great many operators during 2004 and 2005 and the heaviest concentration is to be found in the Asia-Pacific region. The controversial question that arises is how-given the original governance structure- interconnection around the 3G service has developed. Current regulatory treatment of 3G across world is unclear and varies considerably from country to country. Some parties have argued that regulation of 3G mobile termination charges will reduce mobile operators' incentives to invest in 3G mobile technologies. Other parties have insisted that 3G mobile voice services would be not different from 2G/2.5G service then 3G termination charges to be suitable for symmetric charges with 2G charges based on the cost orientation. Although most of the countries have carried out their market analysis on mobile termination, little effort was dedicated to analyzing the position of the 3G player. This report provides to investigate the need of regulating the 3G mobile voice termination charges and to suggest the alternatives of the interim 3G termination charges. We will focus on the review of international case studies about regulation for 3G mobile voice termination charges and the similarities and differences between 3G mobile voice service and 2G mobile service in respect of technologies, customers, and suppliers. Finally we will induce alternatives to apply on different conditions on 3G market regarded as same 2G and different 2G.


2.1 Definition of 3G and 3G services

In the early 1990‟s, the International Telecommunication Union put forth a plan to harmonize ongoing

    developments of a next-generation wireless phone network. The initiative was called "IMT-2000." "IMT" stands for "International Mobile Telecommunications," and 2000 refers to both the target year for deployment and approximate frequency at which new wireless devices would operate, 2000 MHz. IMT-2000 supports the transmission rate of minimum 144kbps in any radio environment and 2Mbps in indoor environment and roaming between different IMT-2000 operating environments and international roaming. It also guarantees communications quality equivalent to that of the fixed network. Another 3G term is Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) referred to and also referred to as wide band code division multiple access(WCDMA). UMTS is the successor to Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).

    IMT-2000 supports of broad bandwidth to accommodate services from low-speed voice to high-speed graphic communications. It may provide the provision of variable-speed communications for video transmission and asymmetric communications as in video on demand, remote medical service, voice mail, video catalog shopping, electronic newspaper, so on. Symmetric point-to-point communications

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are available as video conference and telephone conference including telephone. Point-to-multipoint

    broadcast communications are as in information-distribution services.

    (Figure 1) 3G new applications and services

The IMT-2000 is a world-wide, high-capacity wireless network with the following characteristics.

    ? High transmission speeds (2 Megabits per second) : This would enable the mobile use

    of data through new handsets, including wireless multimedia, such as video and music

    ? Global roaming : The new technology should be widely embraced, such that phones

    used in one part of the world could be used in other parts. Business travelers would no longer

    need to carry three phones.

    ? Affordability. Given the promise of mobile data, the ITU sought to ensure that the

    new technology will remain affordable to a wide market.

2.2 3G rollout

3G Rollout in the world shows the current statues and development of 3G in different countries. In