7th March 2007 Reduce your Bills & Up your Profits! The Bistro

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7th March 2007 Reduce your Bills & Up your Profits! The Bistro ...

     7th March 2007

     Reduce your Bills & Up your Profits!

     The Bistro, Rowley Mile Race Course

     Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 0TF

     11.00am-1.30pm inc. lunch

     To book a free place please call 0845 7218218 or e-mail

Environmental Best Practice will actually save your company money.

Envirowise and the Rural Gateway are pleased to invite you to attend a FREE event

    specifically aimed at rural businesses seeking to obtain a competitive advantage.

Businesses of every shape and size can reap competitive and financial rewards from improved

    environmental practices creating less waste and making more efficient use of resources. The increasing pressures of supply chains and competition are also driving businesses to seek this

    additional competitive advantage.

Often termed “Resource Efficiency” managing your environmental impacts, such as raw material

    use, waste production and water usage can have a significant impact on your profitability. Waste

    costs money, typically up to 4% of business turnover and, by finding ways to reduce waste, your

    company could become profitable.

Envirowise can offer you our top tips on getting started with Environmental Management within

    your business, small and large, all businesses can make a difference, and we will show you the

    why and the how.

Envirowise offers UK businesses free, independent, confidential advice and support on practical

    ways to increase profits, minimise waste and reduce environmental impact. The key business

    benefits Envirowise offers are:

    ? Increased Profits

    ? Guidance with Environmental legislation

    ? Corporate Social Responsibility

Once the worries of big business, now, few organisations can ignore the growing demand for

    goods and services to be delivered in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Envirowise

    not only helps your company to become more profitable, we can also show you how to reduce the

    environmental impact of your business activities.

What is the event about?

Envirowise, in partnership with the Rural Gateway, a dedicated support service aimed at all small

    businesses in a countryside location, is running a business focused, practical and free seminar to

    provide an understanding of how key environmental issues can provide strategic opportunities for

    your business.

Increasingly companies are recognising that the environment is a business management issue,

    not just a matter of compliance. A range of practical advice tools and skills are available FREE

    through Envirowise on the day to assist you in implementing change, making you more profitable,

    and benefiting the environment.

Environmental Management is about not only managing the environment your business is within

    but also safeguarding your business for the future. In preparing now for water shortages,

    decreasing landfill capacity and the pressures to reduce carbon you are future proofing your

    business against the changing climate!

Who should attend?

    Everyone in business seeking to stay competitive!

About Envirowise:

Envirowise delivers a valuable government-funded programme of free, confidential advice to UK

    businesses. This assistance enables companies to increase profitability and reduce

    environmental impact.

    Independent, practical and proven guidance is available through:

    ? A dedicated, free helpline ? On-site visits delivered by a nationwide team of expert advisors ? Information resources from case studies to best practice guides ? Over 200 events a year, from intimate seminars to major exhibitions ? An informative website Envirowise solutions are driven by the specific needs of individual firms, to genuinely improve

    their business practices, profitability and competitiveness. Since 1994, Envirowise has helped UK

    industry save more than ?1 billion.

    The Envirowise programme is available to any UK business, completely free of charge. For more information call

    0800 585794

    About Rural Gateway:

Many small businesses in a countryside location are not taking full advantage of the free support

    available to them from the East of England region’s Business Link network and other public

    funded specialist providers. This service offers a “rural-friendly” service to provide a full support

    service to assist start-ups, farmers considering diversification and all other forms of rural business


It provides:

- A free, region-wide, dedicated helpline 0800 600 9006

    - A monthly, county based e.newsletter service

    - Dedicated, local, rural specialists to call and assist you at no-charge

    - Free, relevant, local events

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