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3 Year(s) 4 Month(s) Exp ...

Rajagopal B. Ramanathan - 11 Year(s) 0 Month(s) Exp.

Rajagopal B. Ramanathan

    Date of Birth: 19 Dec' 1972

     BE (Electronics) Assignments in Project Management, Application, Design, Testing & Implementation with a high technology oriented organisation.

    Key Skills:

    Project Management, Application, Design, Testing, Implementation Total Years of Experience:

    11.00 years Current Location:Bangalore Location Preference:No preference


    ? B.Tech/B.E. (Electronics) from K.B.P College of Engineering & Polytechnic, Satara

    (Maharashtra) in 1996

     Summary of Skills and Experience

    An Electronics Engineering Graduate with 11 years experience in the areas of Project Management,

    Application Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance Support.

    Thorough understanding of the SDLC with proficiency in mapping client requirements, risk evaluation &

    management, scope management, activity sequencing, technical documentation, application design,

    development, testing and quality assurance in compliance with pre-set guidelines.

    Possess broad competence in strategic management of technical matters with the distinction of executing

    Industrial Automation and Application Development & Testing Projects for Indian and overseas clients.

    Strong communication, collaboration, client relationship management & team building skills with

    proficiency at grasping new technical concepts quickly and utilise the same in a productive manner.

Skill Set


    Mapping business requirements and providing them best IT solutions involving evaluation and definition

    of scope of project and finalisation of project requirements.

    End to end management of onsite and offshore projects from conceptualisation and visualisation to

    technology mapping and final execution of projects.

    Managing and leading team members; allocating resources among team members and guiding team

    members during the project, till final delivery.

    Holding review meetings to monitor progress of the project as per schedule, and ensuring timely

    completion and delivery of the project to the client.


    Handling various technical aspects like project documentation, system design & integration, coding of

    modules, monitoring critical paths & taking appropriate actions.

    Designing and executing test plans, test cases and test scripts/procedures, gap analysis to ensure that

    business requirements and functional specifications are tested and fulfilled.

    Verifying change requests and defects; tracking and reviewing test plans, test results and unresolved

    problems; reviewing test reports & taking corrective actions.

    Delivering and implementing the project as per scheduled deadlines; extending post-implementation and

    maintenance support to the technical support team and client.


    Computer System (H/W):IBM PCs, Sun Solaris

Operating System:DOS, Symbian OS, RTOS, Window, Unix

    Technology: Embedded technology

    Software Configuration Management Tool: CVS, Microsoft Source Safe

    RTOS: Vxworks, uCos, Knows Nucleus

    Debugger: Visual studio, Green Hill Multi

    Emulator: EPOC Emulator, Choice Emulator for Microcontroller


    Languages: C, C++, EPOC C++, Assembly Language (8088), 89c51 Microcontroller

     Work Experience

August 2003 - Present at a prestigious organisation

    Project Manager

    Job Profile/Company Profile : Since Jul 05, Project Manager

    Aug 03 to Jul 05, Project Leader

Major Projects Handled

Title: GT-Cambridge (USB, Bluetooth, Security and PC Connectivity)

    Client: A Reputed Co.

    Period: Jul 05 till date

    Team Size: 10

    Tools: MS Project, Focal Point, PST, Risk Management Tool, 3 Point Estimation Tool.

    Scope: The project involved providing component integration testing and regression testing support for

    Shortlink, Connectivity and Security Component used in Symbian Mobile OS.

    Role: As Project Manager, responsible for:

    Project Estimation, Planning and Scheduling

    Preparation of Test Plans, Risk Analysis and Mitigation Planning.

    Project Review and taking necessary corrective actions.

Title: GT-Cambridge (USB, Bluetooth, Obex and IrDA)

    Client: A Reputed Co.

    Period: Sep 03 to Jul 05

    Team Size: 6

    Tools: Lubbock, H2 Hardware, EPOC C++

    Scope: The project involved the testing of Bluetooth Stack, USB, OBEX and IrDA for qualification using

    the PAN Framework. This is done by writing Test Harness Codes using GT-PAN Automated Testing


    Role: As Project Lead, responsible for:

    Interaction with the client for gathering requirements.

    Project Estimation, Planning & Scheduling and Resource Allocation.

    Preparation of design document, Coding and System Testing

    Project Review and taking necessary corrective actions.

    August 2001 - August 2003 at Zensar Technologies, Pune

    Software Consultant Job Profile/Company Profile : Deputed to South Africa and Bahrain during the tenure.

Major Projects Handled

    Title: Commerce-NT Payment Gateway (Batelco)

    Client: Bahrain Telecom

    Period: Sep 02 to Aug 03

    Team Size: 7

    Tools: Sun Solaris System, UNIX, C++

    Scope: The project involved the following two phases: Phase-I (onsite) aims at validating the source code given by Commerce Link-NT which provided the Payment Gateway Service software for Credit Card transactions. Phase-II (offshore) aims at providing remote support for the payment gateway service. Role: Responsible for the following activities:


    Installation of the CVS at server and client's site.

    Installation of the required library and software for building the source code. Checking out the correct version of code that matches with the current running one. Building the source code


    Installation of the Server at offshore

    Installation of the required library and software for building the source code. Checking out the correct version of code that matches with the current running one. Building the source code

    Connecting the Batelco Server

Title: Set Top Boxes

    Client: UEC Technologies,

    Durban, South Africa

    Period: Oct 01 to Aug 02

    Team Size: 3

    Tools: Emma - 2 (64 bit Mips Processor), uCos OS, C

    Scope: The project aims at writing the driver program for SCART, EEPROM, LCD, DEMOD and REMOD according to the specification of NDS, UK. It also involved writing the interface for communicating with the lower driver along with developing the DHCP utility for Set Top Box for interactive communication

    Role: Responsible for the following activities:

    Development of DEMOD Driver for Satellite Receiver and Cable Receiver.

    Development of Wrapper Code over the driver for communicating with the lower device. Writing test code for the driver.

    Testing the Interface Code by integrating the NDS middleware code with the UEC driver. Using the NDS test script

    Developing the DHCP Utility for the set top box

    Writing the test code for the DHCP testing

    July 2000 - July 2001 at Wipro Technologies, Bangalore

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Job Profile/Company Profile :

    Major Project Handled:

    Title: MP3 Player for Symbian OS

    Client: In-house Project

    Period: Apr 01 to Aug 01

    Team Size: 6

    Tools: Pentium, Symbian Operating System (EPOC), EPOC C++

    Scope: The project involved writing the MP3 Player Application which is a product for PDAs with pen input facility designed and developed using the quartz device family reference design of the Symbian OS Role: Responsible for developing the front end for the application by analyzing the standard MP3 Player using EPOC C++ Language.

Title: RS232 Communication Driver for Symbian OS

    Client: In-house Project

    Period: Dec 00 to Jan 01

    Team Size: 6

    Tools: Pentium, Symbian Operating System (EPOC), EPOC C++

    Scope: The project involved writing the RS232 Driver Communication which consists of a physical device

    driver, logical device driver and configuration of port. The GUI was designed to handle the top end functionality provided by the application.

    Role: Responsible for developing a Driver for RS232 using EPOC C++ Language

     Additional Details

    Feb 98 to Jun 00, Integrated Drive System Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Development Engineer

    Aug 95 to Feb 98, Anupam Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Design Engineer (Electronics Division)

Other Projects Handled

    At Wipro Technologies, Bangalore

    Study Phase Knowing Symbian Operating System and EPOC C++

At Integrated Drive System Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

    Reciprocator (2-Axis System) for quality checking in paint industry.

    Electroplating Project (Manual & Automatic Mode)

    Reciprocator (Single-Axis System) for Spicer India Ltd.

    Load Bank Controller for South Island, Singapore.

    Loader for downloading the embedded program in to Micro Controller System EEPROM.

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