How to improve the composition of high school language teaching quality_16571

By Jim Rogers,2014-11-15 10:38
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How to improve the composition of high school language teaching quality_16571

    How to improve the composition of high school language teaching quality

     The task of teaching high school language is to allow high school students in listening, speaking, reading and writing has greatly improved comprehensive ability. Emphasis on "written" language in the comprehensive ability of the pillars of the framework of the role of guiding students to love the exercises, trained students with solid writing effort, writing in the university entrance exam to write the works of Han as the Han, making for a high score, has always been in the teaching of colleagues to explore an important issue. As a mentor, should first establish a high school language overall concept of the stage composition teaching. it is necessary to dialectical analysis carried out by junior secondary students

    through a series of training to achieve the standard of writing, but also with the vision to guide the development of high school language teaching writing; This requires us to guide the thinking of both or in specific operational

    practices, should have careful planning, rigorous science, enhancement of training intensity, drafting brush the breadth and depth and flexibility. First, carefully select the content, set clear targets of the In real life, can be collected and can be described as a broad array of things to write articles, writing of information is enormous. Reflected the thrust of the article, because after a difficult selection process and the thinking aspects of precipitation, through the "heaven and earth in the form of cage, the frustration of all things tip of the brush "after the human creative activities, writing the information so unlimited, but must be different degrees by the tone of different ages, class color, social and moral consciousness, the concept of local customs, broad-brush

    set of individuals from the group norms and emotional preferences effect. Thus, at particular times or time, put the invisible writing information into the unconscious, or wide or narrow, or deep or shallow, long or short, or dark or light,

    or acute or slow the creation of the main channel. These creative mainstream, though also showing a criss-cross, the

    characteristics of complex scene, but to some extent but broad-brush manner the highlights of the short-term focus on

    awareness is not easy to change the subject. accurate grasp of the subject matter of these physical, standard procedures in order to set assignments clear standards and principles, in

    practice, manipulation of the specific operation, it will reduce the teaching of writing in the blindness and

    randomness, so that teaching writing increasingly

    rationalized, institutionalized and mature, reflecting the composition teaching of science. macro grasp Good training subject matter, composition training so that students have a

    clear target. This requires an active interest in life, the instructor hot topic, the focus of attention to issues of social gathering and Research. For example; usual practice of the subject content can be directly or indirectly or or a combination of focus involves the following aspects: ?? patriotism; ?? lofty ideals; ?? traditional virtues; ?? dedication; ?? promote righteousness; ?? courageous; ?? hard; ?? health psychology and love life; ?? hopeful and family tragedy; ?? oriented education and quality

    education; ?? market economy and corruption; ?? awareness of environmental protection; ?? life and life skills; ?? self "I" as the center and the world as so on. These themes set, not a of the same old, may be omissions on this basis, increased,

    but also blending. To complete this work to guide a person who is competent enough, but hard work is paying Shique with great rigidity, may be appropriate " throwing bricks "(a clear way to make the Model) and" jade "(requires students to participate, to become a pioneer in determining subject

    matter) subject matter has been determined, it is necessary to collect material around it to do the work of the system can be fully put to students, divided into groups of tasks, into a massive collection of materials; teachers are only responsible

    for division and ranking of materials from books, the initiative completely to the students.

     Links to Research Papers Download http:// Second, to strengthen the training topics, add new ideas to ensure that In the examination, the subject of writing for the whole composition, it is very important. Not a novel, unique title, the reader for the entire article, psychologically speaking, at first there is a lazy, sleepy mood. paper title to be good, for a certain cultivation, training a solid high school

    students, most of the article have been successful. Comparison of a group of the same subject the following question of the development of different cultures, you can see some clues. 1, determine the key words for the topic. Some articles, in

    determining the material, making it difficult to establish the theme of the text to decide. And his works, the characters of a phrase or a direct expression of the poet of the language,

there concentrate on the theme in the text, the finishing

    touch to deepen The role of the theme, in terms of content focused on the vital core of considerable effect, will give due consideration to the subject of the article. 2, careful selection of materials set problems. Famous for the name of the text, can not do without both imagination and psychological process of association. Guide students to think of clever use of exercises, is the high school an important part of teaching writing. High school students often write for the majority blockage, and matter-wide field of vision is not

    to write things things trouble finished article. These associations are not rich, taste less, Thelephora, thin weak body of the article, like a congenital lack of blood, the day after the boy nursed back to health any errors, listless

    deflated and the column no angry. This is the director of the heart taboo. The association has strengthened the links between many things, so many things hold into the group, so that material within reflects the strong analogy and contrast,

    from the positive rhetorical point of view, may look to this analogy and contrast to bring articles of beauty rich and strong effect. Third, the "realm of necessity" to the "realm of necessity", skillfully wield the pen Usual collection of previously stressed the importance of material and made into a block method of material collected to form a visible wartime military. However, due to a college entrance examination in recent years away from real-life hot spots, the

    proposition more to the trend of content presentation the

    characteristics of problem students often look disappointed, confused, bite the bullet and hard for, the effect is self-

    evident. I believe that the propositions of the form and content of writing is invisible, while we strengthen the usual

    accumulation of a certain degree to enable students to form a block like knowledge structure, but in the face almost no propositional form and content of the law, usually the accumulation has become particularly weak. At this point, has

    been transferred into the unknown areas, skilled brush, by the "realm of necessity" to the "realm of freedom" is Writing the key to success. the face of the scope of the strange proposition is difficult to write, this is the reality, is inevitable. But we can not exceed the scope of the case of propositions to be clever conversion problems, and filled in the text into the familiar material, skilled Goodbye, written articles. We want to make a solid early composition exercises for students, for teaching writing to lay a good

    foundation; while enhancing their imaginative writing training, and promote the writing composition; composition teaching activities designed to make them happy in the writing; appreciate evaluate their composition, eliminate their fear of writing, to kindle their interest in writing. Links to Research Papers Download http://

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