The life in the future

By Pauline Anderson,2014-07-08 10:55
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The life in the futurethe,life,The,Life

     The life in the future

     The life in the future will be interesting and fun. Perhaps people will be able to live on other planets. People will possibly be able to grow vegetables in space stations. Perhaps people will take pills for meals. Perhaps there will be robots in peoples homes. How interesting it will


     Make changes to our school

    How is your school?

    What changes would you like to make?

     Our school is big and beautiful, but I want to make some changes to make it better. It is hot in summer, so Id like to have a swimming pool in

    our school. It would be fun to swim in summer. Id also like to have an

    air-conditioned room. Therefore, it would be warm to sit in the classroom in winter. Besides, Id like to have more activities and trips to other places. Then our school life will be more enjoyable. I hope my dream will come true.

讲故事和看图说话描述一件事情, 用过去式!!!!

    The importance of electricity

     Electricity is important. We use it in different places.

     We use DVD players and washing machines at home. They make our lives more enjoyable. We use fans at school. They keep us cool in summer. Teachers use computers at work. Computers help them to work more easily(efficiently). People use air-conditioners to keep cool or warm in an office. How useful electricity is!

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