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    You need to complete the Consortium Statement, Vision Statement and Support Information once for the whole consortium. Diploma Line Specific Evidence (Sections 1.1 3.3) must be completed for each line of learning you are applying for ie if you are applying for Business, Administration and Finance and Humanities, you will need to provide two separate sets of evidence. You must state clearly in the first box which line of learning the evidence relates to.

    You should read the Gateway 4 Guidance (including the relevant Diploma-line specific Core Advice) before completing this form. The guidance is available at

    The deadline for submission of completed applications is 5pm on 25 NOVEMBER 2009. Late applications will not be accepted.


    Name of consortium

    Unique ID number

    Which diploma lines have the consortium already been approved to Please state the lines and provide the delivery start date. deliver?

    What, if any, changes have you made since your previous Gateway application:

    Changes to NAME of the consortium; or merger with one or more consortia Please give the PREVIOUS NAME and ID number and the NEW


    If the consortium has merged with one or more consortia, please

    provide PREVIOUS NAMES and ID numbers and the NEW


    Changes to the EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS involved in the consortium (describe, and say whether the changes have been approved by

    the LA, or state NONE) Please note that consortia that are already approved to deliver one or more

    Diploma lines will need to seek approval for changes. Please see Gateway

    4 Guidance under Consortium Arrangements.


    Please use this section to make any important points which you feel are not brought out in answering the specific questions below. You should

    in particular take the opportunity to say how your proposal fits into a vision of opportunity for all 14-19 year olds in the area, how it is rooted in a

    1 Diploma Gateway 4 Application Template

    consortium view of the needs of the community and the economy, and any special features which show the strength of the consortium's shared determination to succeed.

In the case of a merger with other consortia, please use this section to provide information on the rationale and benefits of the new


    Consortium vision statement (max. 400 words):


    Support is available to consortia to help plan for, and deliver, the Diploma Entitlement. Please tell us what support is most effective, whether you have any support needs currently which are not being met, and what support would be most useful in helping you prepare for the entitlement so that we can target support in the most effective way.

    Consortium response (max. 400 words):

Local Authority Endorsement

    For completion by the LA

    I confirm that the Local Authority / LA 14-19 Partnership endorse this application


    LA / LA 14-19 Partnership Name………………...............

    Position ……………………………………

Checklist: Evidence is attached for each of the following Diploma lines:

    Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 CBE C&M Eng IT SHD BAF ELB H&B Hos MPD PS RB SAL T&T Hum L&IC Sci

    2 Diploma Gateway 4 Application Template


    DIPLOMA LINE: …………………………………………………………………………… please insert name of Diploma Line


    1.1 Understanding the specific needs and breadth of the Diploma line and how the delivery model will address this including the

    allocation of programme delivery roles to the various partner institutions within an integrated Programme In answer to this question, you need to:

    ? Show which institutions are responsible for the delivery of the elements of the programme.

    ? Describe how the elements will be integrated in the learners’ experience including how you will integrate and contextualise functional skills

    in Diploma principal learning. Make particular mention of any unifying elements of the programme, such as the use of work-related

    projects. Relevant links between departments within individual institutions should also be made.

    ? Show how you will support delivery of the new Diploma and how your current approach will need to change or develop to take account of

    new or different features of the Diploma, including in respect of principal, generic and additional/specialist learning. ? Identify gaps in current provision and describe how you plan to fill them.

    ? Make clear how you will ensure that the Diploma is administered efficiently and effectively right across the consortium, with appropriate

    curriculum planning to ensure programmes of high quality study are agreed up front for every learner. ? Demonstrate how assessment will be quality assured and, where you are offering more than one Diploma line, how assessment will be

    consistent across the piece. Include details of how you will ensure secure learner information exchange across your delivery network. ? Make clear the consortium’s plans for making this Diploma available to young people from all institutions in the area of the consortium,

    including how all young people will access provision which may only be available through a limited number of institutions in an area. ? Describe any features of your proposal which you think are particularly strong or innovative in terms of content or approaches to teaching

    and learning.

    The use of diagrams may be helpful to show partner roles.

    NB An optional delivery model template is accessible at

Consortium statement: Max 600 words

    3 Diploma Gateway 4 Application Template


    Assessment 1.3 Rating: G / GA / AR / R 1.4 Ensuring that staff have the specific knowledge and training required to deliver this specific diploma line You need to show how the outcome of your audit of staff skills has been taken into account specifically in the planning for this Diploma line.

You need to provide information on:

    ? What staff skills and qualifications will be needed to deliver the full range of the Diploma line and in what numbers. Your estimates need to

    take account of the effect of progression on demand for learning resources and support. You also need to take account of the need for

    Diploma teachers to be able to contextualise functional skills learning in Diploma principal learning.

    ? Proposals to address gaps in the skills and qualifications of the workforce through new appointments (from a range of relevant

    backgrounds, including industry and/or other sectors). These proposals should be shown within a timeline that allows sufficient time for

    preparation for Diploma delivery.

    ? The involvement of other skilled practitioners, such as technicians, employer representatives and HEI lecturers, and other relevant staff

    (e.g. examinations officers).

    ? How you will respond to the demand for learner places if it exceeds the number expected and your arrangements for succession planning. ? Details of how staff will be kept up-to-date with developments for example through work placement programmes and mentoring, along with

    plans to support on