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100809 - Welcome to Bournemouth Borough Council Online ...


    Meeting No.45 thMonday 10 August 2009

    Room: Town Hall Room 50



    Eileen Dunnachie (ED): Service Director of Adult & Community Support. Accountable

    Officer for Supporting People

    Chris Lewis (CL) Supporting People Project Manager Andy Hutchinson (AH): Director of Business Development Dorset Probation

    Barry Webb (BW): Deputy Director of Joint Commissioning and Partnerships Bournemouth and

    Poole NHS

    Judith Geddes (JG): Executive Director of Adult & Community Services (Chair)

    Cllr Douglas Spencer: Cabinet Member for Social Housing and Support

    Candida Basilio (CMB): Supporting People Administrator

    Bob Hucklesby (BH): Senior Accountant


    Lorraine Mealings (LM): Strategic Housing Services Manager

JG opened the meeting with introductions to Councillor Douglas Spencer, who has

    joined the CB as Portfolio Holder for Bournemouth Supporting People (SP). Those

    present briefly introduced themselves.

ED is Accountable Officer, CL is SP Project Manager and reports to the CB, and the

    three voting members of the CB are JG, BW & AH.

Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

    Appendix 1 Judith Geddes

    ED added that under agenda item 5 (Draft eligibility criteria), there was a misleading

    sentence. CMB to change the sentence to “Nightshelter will fund night time security

    through housing benefits; Sunrise will be using their existing higher rents”.

Under agenda item 7, CL understood that the Project Officer for Campus Reprovision

    had resigned.

    Governance and compliance CB Work Plan

    Appendix 2 Chris Lewis

CL presented the updated plan, covering the main issues for this year. The work plan

    follows on from the Business Unit plan and the SP plan. CL asked the CB for their

    comments, and amendments will be made as necessary.


    CB1: Terms of Reference and Memorandum of Agreement for the Joint Commissioning Group to be discussed in today’s agenda.

CB2: Make ?600,000 savings on the basis that the under spend will rollover. These

    savings are part of a phased approach to making savings and on target.

    CB3: CL has discussed the carry forward of under spend with the Group Accountant responsible for the ABG. On advice from CLG the 2009/10 SP funding, including under spend, is subject to the financial arrangements in place for grant paid under Section 31 of the Local Government Act 2003 and can be carried forward. The intention is to use up the under spend accumulated prior to 2009, to safeguard it for subsequent years.

    We are working on the basis that by 2012/13 the budget will be reduced by 5% year on year to between ?8 and 9m.

    AH asked what the timescales are to hear about the Council’s budget. CL & ED confirmed that it would be during early 2010.

    CB4: Annual Plans - This is amber. We are clear on this year, but we need to firm up on the future, 2011 onwards. We may not have the facts for this ahead of the March 2010 deadline.

CB5: Contract monitoring is ongoing and based on a risk matrix.

    CB6: Reviewing of eligibility criteria has essentially been finished, but some areas need finalising.

CB7: Value for Money criteria has been refreshed and applied to contracts.

CB8: Amber: Procurement Strategy to tie in with Council estate and supported

    accommodation owned by the Council and let on long leases. Work to be undertaken with Housing.

    CB11: Review risk register and contingency plan. BW asked if Safeguarding issues go via JG and the Board. JG confirmed that yes they would. CL added that SP refers cases to Community Care for investigation.

Paper of the future Joint Commissioning Group (JCG)

    Appendix 3 Eileen Dunnachie

    ED has discussed with individual Commissioners and the Chair of the Poole CB. This proposal mirrors Poole’s structure, with a meeting in two parts – the first half will be

    an open meeting for Commissioners, Providers & Stakeholders, and the second half will be a closed meeting for Commissioners.

    BW commented that the Poole structure works but the role of the CB is not fully developed in terms of strategic direction. There is significant development in regular attendance from Young People services.

AH agreed to the proposal. Poole has interest groups to feed in to the JCG. CL said

    that Bournemouth has always had this too, but it has been difficult to drive groups


AH mentioned that Dorset SP has a formal arrangement for subgroups. ED added that

    the sheer size is an issue, we have limited capacity. CL pointed out that Dorset has a

    dedicated Strategy Team. BW said that Dorset’s overall profile affects the structure –

    East and West Dorset are very different. Bournemouth has one profile.

Other suggestions included:

    ? BW: Possibility of focusing on a specific client groups at each meeting.

    ? JG: Having static voting members but there could be issues over the availability

    of individuals.

    ? ED raised the role of the Provider’s Forum and Housing Forum and the need to

    elect representatives to the JCG. CL added that these fora would provide a

    platform for SP issues.

All the Commissioners agreed to the proposal in principle.

    It was agreed that the meeting should be longer (2pm 5pm) but this would be

    worthwhile and save time in comparison to two separate meetings. BW added that we

    need a clear statement on what is expected from Provider attendance feedback from

    and to the body of Providers, intelligence etc. CL and BW added that it would be

    difficult to get Service User representatives for all client groups.

CMB to organise a longer meeting to accommodate the new format, as of the meeting thon 9 November 2009. CCTV room to be the likely option at late notice, but in the

    future, HMS Phoebe or Royal Hants would be the preferred venue. The BLC and NHS

    Offices at Discovery Court were also suggested.

     thAction: JG & ED to meet prior to and work on the format for 9 November meeting.

Contracts and Reviews

QAF Pilot

    Appendix 4 Chris Lewis

A report was presented on the Refreshed QAF pilot review carried out with Alabaré.

    The pilot worked very well, the main issue being the time needed to interview service

    users and staff. CL clarified to BW that under the “future” section, Alabaré will be

    revisited to review the work done on the action plan formed after the review. Alabare

    achieved a level B under the revised scoring matrix.

    CL added that it was useful to conduct the pilot with a new Provider, it has been very

    helpful. ED asked whether there is duplication between Poole and Bournemouth

    services, and QAF information could be shared. CL replied that there is limited

    duplication because the services provided are different, but CL to investigate further.

Rationale for savings

    Appendix 5 Chris Lewis

    ED thought it would be useful to combine information onto a paper on the division of savings across all client groups.

    Reduction in the grant means that Bournemouth SP will need to find ?600,000 savings year on year (more than 5%) assuming that the under spend continues to be available. By phasing in reductions the intention is to achieve a balanced budget in 2012/13.

    Based on the distribution formula, the three main areas for savings are Mental Health (largest client group), Homelessness/rough sleeping and substance misuse (important in Bournemouth due to issues around treatment and local connection).

    The stopping of funding for services was discussed. CL stressed that this doesn’t mean the service closes the service may find alternative funding and clients from

    elsewhere. ED said that reasons for ceasing funding need to be made very clear and based on strategic relevance or service quality.

    BW raised an issue with local connection rules. AH added that Dorset Criminal Justice Board plan states that it will support people from outside the area. This conflicts with the application of a local connection to access services. This will require further consideration, but Supporting People is a local service and in principle the Council considers that the application of a local connection is necessary as people are attracted by the services provided in Bournemouth and create budget pressures for other service areas. BW added that a statement is needed to the Board. Is there an expectation from the Board? AH replied that there was no expectation.

JG had recently seen an interesting report from Neighbourhood Management Cat

    McMillan. Housing draws people into the area, rather than the addiction services. A lot of people from addiction services move onto other Authorities. CL commented that DAAT say 1/3 of people stay in Bournemouth after treatment. JG responded that the report challenged this view in Boscombe. The balance of people moving in and out resulted in the net immigration of 7 people.

    S117: CL said that this is only going to be for clients new to SP services.

    Regarding the continued use of under spend JG requested a contingency plan if due to financial pressures the under spend is not available for the SP programme. CL responded that the knock on effect of reducing capacity due to loss of under spend will be a greater cost to the Council e.g. bed and breakfasts for Housing to fund and lack of supported housing for people in treatment and reduction in treatment funding for the DAAT.

    JG said that the treatment of under spend will be agreed corporately. BW added that he felt the paper pulled together recent discussions very well, but further work is required to cover further losses to the programme following a change in Council priorities. JG added that due to current public debt there is no way of knowing what

future cuts may occur. CL said that the indicative budget for Supporting People is

    known for 2010/11 but not beyond.

CL asked what is required for Plan B (contingency plan). ED thought that several

    scenarios are needed recession, impact of lifting the ring fence, element of the

    unknown based on loss of under spend and additional 10% and 20% reduction.

    CL pointed out that SP need to give Providers at least 6 months notice of termination

    of contract and the third sector want 3 year contracts as stated in “the compact”. AH

    said that it would be helpful to have an early indication of the Corporate view on the

    SP under spend.

BW said there is financial pressure on PCT as well. Plan B needs to consider the

    pressure on Stakeholders as well. BW asked about joint contracting with Poole. CL

    responded that there are already joint services but there have been resource

    implications for Bournemouth.

Action: CL to consider priorities for further savings in the event of the loss of under

    spend and additional 10% and 20% cuts

Langdon House Gateway and integrated floating support.

    Appendix 6: Andy Hutchinson.

    AH provided a paper. Below is the proposal summary.



    i. purchase of 4 high support beds from Langdon House (?50k) ii. savings from low support beds not strategically relevant and non renewal of

    contract, other savings an estimate from known SP team activity to bring down

    costs within contract (total ?35k)

    iii. savings from SP renegotiation of specialist floating support (?9k). N.B. Dorset

    Probation do not use this service and consider it surplus to the sector.


    i. savings from reduced high support need (remove need for Langdon beds by

    greater throughput) (?50k)

    ii. savings in 10/11 consolidated (?44k)

    iii. savings from floating support (?20K)

2. Integration of Offender Floating Support and Gateway


i. savings from interim running of integrated service by Dorset Probation (?9k

    shared with Poole SP estimate ?5k for Bournemouth)


i. integrated service to be tendered potential further savings from clearer

    evidence of need gathered in 10/11. Savings from 10/11 consolidated.

3. Net Financial effects for Bournemouth SP

10/11 Extra cost of ?1k

    11/12 Further reduction by ?70k plus any further savings from integrated

    Gateway/Floating Support. Consolidated savings of ?49k from those identified

    in 10/11.


    CL: agreed low support beds not required and would form part of the SP savings.

BW asked why the reconfiguration of the Offenders sector is to begin in 2010/11. AH

    replied that the floating support option targets service users more focused and

    strategically relevant. We may finish earlier than 10/11, but the time is needed to get

    the new configuration working.

AH provided a net financial summary.

All floating support will be reviewed. Contracts end 31 March 2011 and the

    specification of service to be tendered will be decided by 31 March 2010, expertise

    may be maintained by promoting consortium bids.

AH left the room whilst the CB made a decision.

BW reported the decision of the CB as follows:

    1. Bournemouth to contribute ?43k for 4 units at Langdon House for

    2010/11 only

    2. in 2010/11 Dorset Probation needs to deliver floating support savings

    3. in 2011/12 offender floating support will be provided following a tender

    of all floating support services

Drug and alcohol services in Boscombe

    Appendix 7

    A list of SP D&A services was provided with their address and which ward they fall into.

    SP has adopted a policy of not funding new accommodation based services in the

    Neighbourhood Management area.

BW to share information with the DAAT.

The contract for a stage 2 and 3 service will terminate in May 2010 at the end of the

    current contract.

Finance and performance


    Appendix 8: Bob Hucklesby

There are some gaps in the information currently available due to staffing shortage.

    New Finance Officer now in place.

For the November meeting, there will be an updated budget summary. SP is on course

    to achieve ?600K savings this financial year.

Performance Information annual report 2008-09.

    Appendix 10: Chris Lewis

The National Indicators reported on are part of LAA2.

    NI142 (maintaining independent living) if floating support identifies the need for

    someone to go into care, whilst a benefit to the client, it adversely affects the outturn.

    This is significant when required to make fractional improvements

NI142 (planned moves) achieved well above target but adversely affected by evictions

    form the Night shelter improvements being considered with the provider

Housing units: Bournemouth has a high proportion of services relative to budget and

    population compared to sister authorities.

JG thanked CL for the interesting information.

Future agenda items

BW: for future meetings an update on the refreshed QAF and background on Levels

    achieved including early warning of services where the recommendation is to not

    renew the contract because below QAF standard. Reports to be sent electronically.



     th November 2009, CCTV room, 2pm. Date of next meeting: 9


    ABG Area Based Grant

    CB Commissioning Body

    D&A Drugs and Alcohol

    DCLG Communities and Local Government CSG Core Strategy Group

    ICN International Care Network JSNA Joint Strategic Needs Assessment LSP Local Strategic Partnership MHAP Mental Health Allocation Panel BCHA Bournemouth Churches Housing Association

    SP Supporting People

    YPAP Young Person’s Allocation Panel SUIO Service User Involvement Officer SWAG South West Accommodation Gateway VFM Value For Money

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