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CTX-1258AI Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Support

This course provides learners with the skills necessary to monitor, maintain and

    troubleshoot network environments running Citrix? Presentation Server? 4.0

    software. Learners are introduced to Resource

    Manager and other tools used to monitor the Presentation Server farm, record

    historical data and create reports. This course provides learners with the skills

    necessary to maintain data and server integrity and to scale, optimize and

    troubleshoot the Presentation Server farm.


This course is intended for IT professionals, such as server, network, system and

    help desk administrators familiar with Microsoft? Windows Server? 2003

    environments. System engineers, analysts, consultants, architects and Citrix

    accessPARTNER network members are appropriate candidates for this course.

Preparatory Recommendations

The following are preparatory recommendations for this course:

    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Terminal Services

    • Working knowledge of the architecture and administrative tasks associated with

    Citrix Presentation Server 4.0

    • CTX-1455AW Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Common Management Platform


    • CTX-1255AW Citrix Presentation Server 4.0: Architectural Overview

    • CTX-1256BI Citrix Presentation Server 4.0: Administration

Key Skills

Upon successful completion of this course, learners are able to perform the


    • Determine when and how to use monitoring tools to administer network environments running Presentation Server software

    • Configure Resource Manager and the Resource Manager Web Console to record

    historical data and create reports

    • Monitor and troubleshoot connectivity to the data store • Monitor and troubleshoot the Citrix IMA Service and the ICA communication


    • Monitor, optimize and troubleshoot client performance and slow logons

    • Monitor, optimize and troubleshoot published applications • Monitor, optimize and troubleshoot printing and printing policies • Monitor, optimize and troubleshoot Web Interface and Secure Gateway

Indicia Training Ltd, Tel 0141 221 5676, Email

Instructional Method

    This instructor-led training course provides interactive presentations, discussion and practical application through hands-on labs and group activities.

Course Length

3 days

Certification Preparation

    This course prepares learners to take the 1Y0-258 Citrix Presentation Server 4.0: Support exam, a requirement for the Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA) for Citrix Access Suite 4.0 certification.

Course Outline

    ? Support of Presentation Server ? Servers and Components

    ? Server Communication

    ? Citrix and Windows Services ? Monitoring and Support Tools ? Potential Causes for Common Symptoms ? Resource Manager

    ? Resource Manager Architecture ? Changing the Farm Metric Server ? Summary Database

    ? Configuring the Data Source Name ? Configuring the Database Connection Server ? Enabling the Summary Database ? Resource Manager Metrics

    ? Establishing Baselines

    ? Adding and Configuring Application Metrics ? Adding Server Metrics

    ? Configuring Server Metric Thresholds ? Monitoring Metric Data

    ? Managing Metric Data

    ? Reports

    ? Generating a Report Specification ? Generating Reports in the Report Center ? Resource Manager Web Console ? Configuring the Resource Manager Web Console ? Running Queries and Generating Reports ? Server Farm Monitoring

    ? Server Farm Monitoring

    ? Publishing Presentation Server Console ? Session Information

    ? Session Management Commands ? Access Suite Console Features ? Viewing Alerts and Logs

    ? Configuring the Company Knowledge Database ? Using the Dashboard to Monitor Server Performance ? Monitoring Hotfixes

    ? Command-Line Utilities

    Indicia Training Ltd, Tel 0141 221 5676, Email

? QUERY Commands

    ? Using the QUERYDC Command ? Using the QUERYHR Command ? Using the QUERYDS Command ? The Citrix Diagnostic Facility ? Using CDF Trace

    ? Creating Trace Reports Using CDF Viewer ? Server Farm Optimization and Troubleshooting ? Server Capacity

    ? Network Optimization

    ? Optimizing Network Interface Cards ? Optimizing Hardware and Software Components ? Server Load Optimization ? Determining Load Bias

    ? Using QUERYDS to Determine Load ? Using QFARM to Determine Load ? Server Farm Optimization ? Optimizing CPU Utilization ? Configuring a Reboot Schedule ? Configuring a Dedicated Data Collector ? Server Farm Troubleshooting ? Troubleshooting the IMA Service ? Data Store Support

    ? Data Store Access Methods ? Data Store Monitoring

    ? IMA Service Monitoring

    ? Database Tools

    ? Data Store Maintenance and Optimization ? Compacting an Access Database ? Backing Up and Restoring an Access Data Store ? Recreating the Local Host Cache ? Database Server Availability ? Database Troubleshooting ? Troubleshooting Connectivity to the Data Store ? Client Support

    ? Client Connection Process ? Client Security

    ? Using ICA Encryption

    ? Securing Authentication

    ? Supporting Smart-Card Authentication ? Configuring Kerberos Authentication ? Kerberos without Pass-Through Authentication ? Kerberos with Pass-Through Authentication ? Disabling Pass-Through Authentication ? Client Troubleshooting

    ? Troubleshooting ICA Session Initialization ? Troubleshooting Slow Logons ? Troubleshooting User Profiles ? Troubleshooting Program Neighborhood Settings ? Troubleshooting Multiple Monitors ? Published Application Support ? Application Loading

    ? Application Optimizations ? Virtual Memory Optimization ? Viewing Relocated .DLLs

    ? Scheduling Memory Optimization ? Viewing Rebased .DLLs

    Indicia Training Ltd, Tel 0141 221 5676, Email

    ? Excluding Executables from Rebasing ? Application Monitoring

    ? Server Resource Monitoring ? Application and Network Configuration Monitoring ? Security Configuration Monitoring ? Application Compatibility ? Using Application Isolation Rules ? Configuring Virtual IP Addresses ? Application Test Environment ? Application Troubleshooting ? Troubleshooting Application Isolation Environments ? Troubleshooting Virtual IP Address Configuration ? Policy Management

    ? Active Directory Policies ? Processing of Active Directory Policies ? Active Directory Policy Management ? Citrix Policy Management ? Processing of Citrix Policies ? Troubleshooting Policies ? Confirming ICA Listener Settings ? Generating an Active Directory Resultant Set of Policy Report

    ? Generating a Citrix Resultant Policy ? Print Management

    ? Printing Path for Auto-Created Printers ? Print Optimization

    ? Optimizing Printing for LAN Users ? Optimizing Printing for Slow Connections ? Print Settings

    ? Verifying Ctx_SmaUser Account Settings ? Verifying Printing Component Settings ? Verifying Client Settings ? Print Server and Driver Settings ? Troubleshooting Printing ? Overriding Default Administrator Rights ? Identifying Potential Causes ? Troubleshooting Slow Printing ? Troubleshooting Failed Print Jobs ? Capturing Print Communications ? Web Interface Support

    ? Web Interface Communications ? Web Interface Configuration Methods ? Web Interface Configuration Server ? Configuring Logs for Web Interface ? Enabling Detailed Error Messages ? Web Interface Site Structure ? Web Interface Security

    ? Client to Web Interface Communication ? Securing Communication from the Client to Web Interface

    ? Web Interface to Presentation Server Communication ? Securing Servers with Citrix SSL Relay ? Securing Servers with HTTPS ? Client to Presentation Server Communication ? Securing Communication from the Client to Presentation Server

    ? Web Interface Troubleshooting ? Verifying Settings for All Servers ? Using the Repair Option

    ? Troubleshooting Web Interface Options Indicia Training Ltd, Tel 0141 221 5676, Email

    ? Enabling Tracing with ASP.NET ? Authentication Troubleshooting ? Troubleshooting Explicit Authentication ? Troubleshooting Pass-Through Authentication ? Troubleshooting Smart-Card Authentication ? Troubleshooting Integrated Authentication ? Troubleshooting ICA Authentication Tickets ? Troubleshooting the Least Busy Server Determination Troubleshooting

    Address Translation

    ? Troubleshooting Error Messages ? Secure Gateway Support

    ? Secure Gateway Components

    ? Secure Gateway Connection Process ? Secure Gateway Monitoring

    ? Monitoring the Secure Gateway Service ? Monitoring the Secure Ticket Authority ? Using the Secure Gateway Management Console ? Using the Secure Gateway Diagnostics Tool ? Secure Gateway Optimization ? Configuring Secure Gateway with Web Interface ? Installing the Secure Gateway Proxy ? Configuring Firewalls

    ? Load Balancing Servers

    ? Identifying Keep-Alive Values ? Digital Certificates

    ? Identifying Server Certificate Requirements ? Establishing Identities with Certificates ? Secure Gateway Troubleshooting ? Viewing Event Logs and Access Logs ? Identifying Connection Issues ? Identifying Certificate Issues ? Using Web Server Load Balancers ? Placing Secure Gateway Parallel to the Load Balancer ? Using Network Address Translation Indicia Training Ltd, Tel 0141 221 5676, Email

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