Notes for TOEFL iBT Speaking

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Notes for TOEFL iBT Speaking Notes for TOEFL iBT Speaking

    TOEFL iBT Speaking


    Answer Format

    Stating your opinion The (place/person/object) that I want to talk about is … In my opinion/Personally, the most … is … Based on my experience, …

    Of all the …., the most … is ….

    …, for a few reasons.

    There a few reasons to that. Listing reason

    First/for one/ to start with…

    Second/also/on the other hand…

    Thirdly/ moreover/ in addition…


    That is why … is my favorite…

    To conclude, these are the reasons why …


    Answer Format

    Organizing sentence

Stating your preference

    I prefer A to B

    I like A better/more than B

    I like A better/more than B

    I think/believe that A is better than B In my opinion, A is better than B Given the choice of A and B, I would choose ~ There are several reasons why I prefer ~ The first reason is that S +V~

    The second/final/last reason is that S + V ~ Giving supporting details

    S + V ~, but S + V ~

    S + V ~, while S + V ~

    On the other hand, S + V~

    In contrast/on the contrary, S + V ~ Although/though S + V, S + V ~


    That means (that) S + V ~

    What Im saying is (that) S + V ~

    Neutral stance

    As to this question, I think the answer depends on the situation.

    In some cases, its better to While in some others, its better

Common Values

    Diversity,Friends, food, travel,Future,Cost


    Answer Format

    Summarize the reading The university is considering/ planning to…’

    ‘The letter/announcement proposes to …’

    State the speaker’s opinion


    The student is against/ opposes the university’s plan to … The man thinks … is a bad idea


    The student agrees with / is supportive to the university’s plan to … The man thinks … is a good idea.

    Quote the reasons for objection/support

    S/he gives two reasons why …

    The first is that …; The second is that…

    First she believes that … ; Second she believes that…

Time Control

    More than 30 sec after quoting

    The second reason why the man dis/agrees with the university’ s plan is that

    Extra time before conclusion

    For these two reasons mentioned above, the man dis/agrees with the university’s plan.


    Answer Format

    1. Talking about the topic

    The professor/lecture talks about ~

    The lecture mentions two examples to illustrate/demonstrate ... 2. Explaining details

    One is .., and the other is…

    Eg. One is the principle of unity, and the other is the principle of contrast. The second example is the professor’s personal experience of …

    3. Quote definition

    These examples demonstrate the concept of … in the reading, which means …


    Answer Format

    Part1 summary


    A.‗The man is having a problem with …‘

    B.‗The man‘s problem is that … ‘


    A.‗To solve the problem, he has two options.‘

    B.‗There are two solutions to the problem. ‘First, … + comment.

    Second, … + comment

    Part2 Preference and Reasons 1.Preference

    A.Personally, I prefer the 1st/2nd solution

    B.If I were the woman, I would choose the 1st/2ndoption.

    C.I think the woman should …


    ―Because, first, … ; Second, …‖

    Common Values

    Financial Cost

    … because it could save lots of money

    … because it would be a waste of money


    …. because it‘s more time-saving

… because it‘s too time-consuming


    … The most important thing for students is to get good grades. So I think the female students should go take her exam first.

    3.State preference and reasons 1.If I were the wo/man, I would choose the first/second option.

    2.Because, first… second…


    Answer Format

    State the topic

    The lecturer talks about two types/forms/ways/definitions of Citing examples

    First, the lecturer uses the example of to illustrate this Second, the other example is about

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