General revision[1]

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General revision[1]

     General Revision book one

    Part 1 Cloze (with Options)

    Directions:Read the following passage carefully and choose the best answer from the choices.

    Questions 1 to 20 are based on the following passage.

    We just don't treat each other 1. (as that/like that/the way) we used to. I suppose we don't have the time, 2. (or/but/however )our lives are too difficult or something. Maybe the city 3. (I live/I live in/where I live in)is too big. People are coming and going all the time. I don't 4.( just/even/only) know my neighbors and I can't say it would be 5. (worthy it/worth of it/worth it )if I did. They would probably just move 6. (beyond/within/for) the year. And, people can be impolite and unwilling to share. I can't do my daily chores without someone 7.( push/to push/pushing) me at the food store or 8.

    (cutting/pushing/shoving) me off at a crossing. It's 9.( just/also/even), "Me, me," shout here, "Me, me," push there-"Me, me, me."

    I grew up and lived 10.( little/most/such) little of my life in a small town and it wasn't like this. The 11.( boss/head/owner )of the grocery store, Mr. Turner, knew my name and would 12. (set up/set off/set aside) a Sunday paper for me, 13. (sometime/sometimes/anytime) until Thursday. The neighbors visited my family all the time and we sometimes had each other 14. (over/around/up) or even all got together for a barbecue (烧烤). When cars passed each other, 15. (they/someone/the drivers) would wave. They were going 16. (so slow/very slowly/more slowly) that they could see one another's smiles.

    I guess I really miss the way we all seemed to 17. (care about/take care of/look after )each other back then-back there. The next-door neighbor 18. (came over/came off/come on )to see what was going on. 19. (Even if/What if/As if) instead of saying "Knock off that noise", he or she might say, "Do you want some help with that?" 20. (rather than/rather/or) "Wow, that looks interesting!" I guess it starts with me. I suppose I'll just have to make the first move.

    1. the way 2. or 3. I live in 4. even 5. worth it

    6. within 7. pushing 8. cutting 9. just 10. most

    11. owner 12. set aside 13. sometimes 14. over 15. the drivers

    16. so slow 17. care about 18. came over 19. What if 20. or

Questions 21 to 40 are based on the following passage.

    It isn't always about how smart you are or how hard you tried. It isn't even always about how well your speech was written or how well you made your 21.

    (communication/argument/encouragement). Sometimes it's simply about how tall you are. That's right, how tall you are. Researchers had two men of 22.

    (relatively/especially/possibly) equal intelligence (智力), speaking ability, and physical

    23. (movement/contact/appeal) give the same speech. They practiced together and tried to present with similar energy, 24. (level/degree/rate )of speech, pitch and tone of voice, gestures, and expressions. Both men gave the speech to five different groups of twenty. Both men were 5 foot 8 inches tall. The 25. (effect/difference/significance )was that when they made their presentation, one man was provided a 4-inch riser to 26. (stand on/rise over/put on) behind the podium (讲台). After they finished, the people were asked about

     1 44

    their 27.( reaction/comment/view) to their speaker's perspective. Seventy-six percent of the audience who listened to the man who appeared to be 6 foot tall agreed strongly with his 28. (situation/quality/perspective) while only 13% disagreed. 29.( As a result/In addition/On the contrary), the man who did not use the riser only had 57% agree with his argument 30. (where/while/which) 24% disagreed. The researchers 31.

    (rewarded/repeated/carried) the same experiment ten more times with 32. (similar/different/unique) results.

    Whether we know it or not, we 33. (increase/tend/persuade) to focus on others' looks and much of the 34. (discovery/introduction/impression) we get from them is based on their physical appearance. Introductions, job interviews, and encounters 35. (with/for/as) strangers are all influenced by looks, and probably 36.( if more so/too much so/something too much). This is not to say that keeping your appearance neat is not important, but there are things that we cannot control 37. (for/as/like) height and how attractive we are to most people. It is 38. (common/average/normal) knowledge that, when we are choosing someone for public office, the better-looking choice usually wins. The fact 39. (what/which/that) we often base these choices on their appearance 40. (other than/less than/rather than) their views shows just how much we are persuaded by a person's looks. Bad news must be easier to take when it's coming from a pretty face.

    21. argument 22. relatively 23. appeal 24. rate 25. difference 26. stand on 27. reaction 28. perspective 29. On the contrary 30. while 31. repeated 32. similar 33. tend 34. impression 35. with

    36. too much so 37. like 38. common 39. that 40. rather than

Questions 41 to 60 are based on the following passage.

    Polio (小儿麻痹症) was one of the most feared diseases of the first half of the 20th century. It appeared 41. (by chance/by turns/by mistake), mostly in children, causing parents to worry during the epidemics of the 1940s and 1950s. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt caught the disease in 1921. He was 42.( remained/left/got) without the use of his legs.

    Different to what is commonly believed, polio did not typically 43. (result in/emerge in/happen in) serious damage to one's legs. 44.( Rather than/In place of/Rather), the majority of individuals who caught it only 45.

    (implemented/experienced/experimented )small problems, such as fever and headache. These difficulties only 46. (went/passed/lasted) a few days, and many had such small cases 47. (that/which/so )they did not even realize they were ill. 48.

    (Therefore/However/In such), they often continued 49. (during/while/with) their daily lives, attending school or work, unknowingly giving many others the virus. This explains 50. (when/why/how) many people who had serious cases of polio believed that they were the only one in their family, neighborhood, or community to have 51. (had/done/suffered) the disease. In truth, there could have been many individuals 52.( for/to/with) whom they came into contact that had the illness, 53. (since/so/but) did not show symptoms.

    In 1948, Jonas Salk 54. (made/started/worked )research on a vaccine for the disease. 55. (After all/Than/Then) in 1955, the Salk vaccine was shown to be 56. (operative/efficiency/effective) in preventing the disease after trials 57. (involving/affecting/protecting) nearly two million children. A nationwide program to vaccinate (接种疫苗) was quickly started and 58. (since/after/before) several years and

     2 44


    71. boring 72. though 73. at which 74. needs 75. making the rounds 76. when 77. by 78. continuously 79. had done 80. at least

Questions 81 to 100 are based on the following passage.

    I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I own a gun. "You're from the United States, so do you own a gun?" I suppose it is a good question. You can't 81. (focus on/turn on/call for) TV without news about a robbery 82.( to which/for which/in which) a gun was used, more precisely, a pistol. America is unusual in its 83.

    (style/access/approach) to gun ownership (所有权). Most countries do not allow gun

    ownership. Those 84. (opposed/combated/committed )to ordinary citizens' owning handguns often 85. (compare/compete/illustrate) the rates of crimes in other countries to the rates in the United States. The United States has 86. (so/too/far) more crimes with guns than other countries where handgun ownership is not allowed. It is hard to 87. (identify/estimate/ignore) the fact that the country with the 88. (lowest/highest/first) rate of crime in the world is the easiest place to buy a gun.

    Presently, many, 89.( if/when/whether) not most Americans, admit the need for tighter laws to control the ownership of handguns. And yet, most 90.

    (unusual/current/apparent )efforts to make strict laws to keep guns out of the hands of would-be offenders are 91. (judged/mentioned/challenged) by people who believe owning a gun is an American's right. When identifying a cause for the 92. (desire/need/lack )of laws controlling gun ownership, many 93.

    (apply/attach/devote )blame to one organization 94. (in particular/in fact/in addition), the National Rifle Association (国家枪支协会). It is one of the most 95.

    (negative/powerful/absolute )organizations in America and it 96. (finds/looks/sees) to it that public officials do not make laws that keep people 97. (from/against/off) owning guns. The organization's public relations 98. (impression/influence/campaign) is polished and effective, and its executives are well-connected in Washington, D.C. Persons representing this organization often point out that criminals get access to guns through means outside of the law, 99. (even so/and yet/and therefore), laws would not do much to reduce access to handguns. It should be noted that 100. (despite/regardless/with) the efforts of the National Rifle Association, some recent handgun laws have actually been passed in the United States, but it is hard to say accurately if the laws are working to reduce access to handguns by criminals.

    81. turn on 82. in which 83. approach 84. opposed 85. compare

    86. far 87. ignore 88. highest 89. if 90. current

    91. challenged 92. lack 93. attach 94. in particular 95. powerful 96. sees 97. from 98. campaign 99. and therefore 100) despite

Part 2 Vocabulary and Structure

    Directions:Choose the best answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D.

    101. As a reward ________ passing the exams, she got a new bike from her parents.

    A. in B. on C. by D. for

    102. She felt like ________ frustration, but she was determined not to lose her self-control.

    A. to cry out of B. to cry for C. crying out of D. crying for

     4 44

    103. All animals communicate, but our special method of speech is __________ to human beings.

    A. aware B. unique C. absolute D. continual

    104. The method he used turned out to be _______ in improving the students' English.

    A. effective B. ability C. response D. explicit

    105. The boss refused to give any _______ on the fact that his workers were out of jobs.

    A. response B. comment C. answer D. reply

    106. The police searched the city in an effort to catch the man who ______ the murder last week.

    A. limited B. made C. did D. committed

    107. They had to examine the dead tiger before they were _______ as to who killed it.

    A. positive B. senior C. virtual D. vital

    108. He could be ________ about everything else in the world, but not about Manet, his loving child.

    A. visual B. critical C. favorite D. essential

    109. Measures had to be taken in face of the housing problem that ________ in the city.

    A. founded B. raised C. arose D. produced

    110. Some previous study of music or performance experience is desirable though not a formal ________ for students wishing to take the course.

    A. requirement B. commitment C. management D. assignment

    111. He has surely ________ his government to continuing down the path of economic reform.

    A. commented B. communicate C. guaranteed D. committed

    112. It was hard work but we all felt ________ at the end of the project.

    A. embarrassed B. frustrated C. rewarded D. challenged

    113. The combination of virtual and traditional learning will ________ the scope of every lesson and increase the students' interest.

    A. reflect B. instruct C. hinder D. expand

    114. It would be best to deal with these issues at once, before problems ________.

    A. arise B. reflect C. expand D. challenge

    115. There is talk of raising the admission ________ to restrict the number of students on campus.

    A. assignments B. requirements C. commitments D. minimum

    116. The reality is, as it has always been, that teaching is a rewarding, but at times ________ profession.

    A. instructing B. benefiting C. well-paying D. frustrating

    117. Dennison was known to pay his men handsomely, but in return he expected complete loyalty, total ________, and absolute respect.

    A. judgment B. statement C. commitment D. assignment

    118. The Government is ________ to health service in order to make sure that everyone in need of treatment receives it.

    A. expanded B. committed C. commented D. communicated

     5 44

    119. During the interview I was the first to ask him ________ questions that put the

    Bonn government in an awkward position.

    A. instructing B. intimidating C. rewarding D. embarrassing

    120. I didn't realize the food problem was so ________ in this city; with winter

    coming, many people would starve to death without more help.

    A. essential B. critical C. explicit D. effective

    121. Some see themselves as the provider of ideas, ________ others view their role

    as essentially managerial.

    A. when B. therefore C. while D. otherwise

    122. Female socialization places importance on getting along with others, ________

    male socialization places importance on becoming independent.

    A. when B. while C. instead D. therefore

    123. By the side of the new teaching hall _________ a library built in the 1930s. A. collects B. stands C. creates D. belongs

    124. I thought that honesty _______ the best policy.

    A. does B. is C. were D. be

    125. Mr. Wilson asked me if these islands _______ to China.

    A. belong B. are belonging C. are belonged D. have been belonged 126. Up till now I _______ over 200 pages.

    A. covered B. am covering C. have covered D. will cover

    127. The commissioners (特派专员) assured the crowd that the problem _______

    care of as soon as possible.

    A. has been taken B. will take C. was taken D. would be taken

    128. "Did you telephone the Governor's office?"

    "Yes, he _______ to be back before tomorrow morning."

    A. expecting B. is expected C. has expected D. is to expect

    129. I'd rather _______ those important papers with you.

    A. that you shouldn't take B. not taking C. please don't take D. you didn't take 130. The headmaster was strict. He requested that we _______ television on week


    A. not watch B. must not watch C. not be watching D. haven't watched 131. Without electronic computers, much of today's advanced technology _______. A. haven't been achieved B. wouldn't be achieved C. hadn't been achieved D. wouldn't have been achieved

    132. Having eaten a hasty and simple lunch, _______.

    A. the judge has been ready to seriously consider the circumstances B. the circumstances were considered seriously by the judge

    C. the circumstances were seriously considered by the judge

    D. the judge was ready to consider the circumstances seriously

    133. Do you remember _______ to Professor Smith during your last visit? A. to be introduced B. being introduced C. having introduced D. to have introduced 134. He can't afford the ordinary comforts of life, _______ luxuries. A. not speak of B. let alone C. to say nothing D. let it alone

    135. The dog was nowhere __________.

    A. to find B. to be found C. to finding D. found

     6 44

    136. He has to decide within a ________ while he is still young and can make choices.

    A. given period B. giving period C. period giving D. periods gives

    137. Jane said to her husband, "Don't worry. There is no cause for ________ about our daughter's ability to manage herself."

    A. care B. concern C. attention D. love

    138. The tap won't ________, and there is water all over the floor.

    A. turn off B. turn down C. turn on D. turn up

    139. "Would you like some more to eat?"

    "No, thanks. If I have any more I'll ________!"

    A. break B. cut C. burst D. tear

    140. One day while he was swimming in a river, he reached ________ an overhanging branch.

    A. into B. out C. down for D. up for

    141. Wearing the right shoes and clothes ________ being fit can make all the difference.

    A. in addition B. as well as C. also D. too

    142. She had not seen her father all ________, because he mostly worked on the ships.

    A. too much B. very much C. that much D. so much

    143. Please go away and let me get on with my work ________.

    A. in peace and quiet B. at peace C. for silence D. in quietly

    144. The idea ________ to him so much that he took it without hesitation.

    A. appealed B. interested C. drew D. attracted

    145. She didn't try to do anything for her daughter, and ________ it's too late now.

    A. in case B. in any case C. at this case D. in case of

    146. The girl said she hated ________ he smiled at her.

    A. that way B. this way C. the way D. all the way

    147. All this shows that tax () on food has become a real ________.

    A. possibility B. chance C. approach D. way

    148. If two beliefs, ideas, or interests are in ________, they are very different and are against one another.

    A. struggle B. fight C. conflict D. trouble

    149. None of the people in the purchasing (购买) department office will ________

    that they have made the wrong decision in buying that stuff at such a high price; they want to continue telling people they are perfect.

    A. accept B. adopt C. neglect D. admit

    150. The teacher evaluated the performance of each of his students who ________ evaluated his performance.

    A. by turn B. in turn C. at turn D. on turn

    151. It should of course be given back. There is no ________ about that.

    A. argument B. reason C. view D. point

    152. Students will be evaluated by class performance as ________ to class attendance (出席).

    A. against B. opposed C. opposite D. opposing

     7 44

    153. They didn't know what exactly happened; they only heard what ________ a

    huge blast.

    A. looked like B. felt like C. seemed like D. sounded like

    154. The advice my father gave me is "work hard and you'll ________." A. get across B. get ahead C. get around D. get about

    155. He is not my close friend and not one who I can ________ when I'm in trouble. A. look forward to B. look up to C. look to D. look on

    156. I'll call the hotel. I'll tell them we'll ________ tomorrow morning and stay there

    for two nights.

    A. check in B. check out C. check off D. check over

    157. What a ________ smell! Open the window and air out the room. A. disgusting B. pleasing C. wonderful D. disturbed

    158. The story he is telling is so ________ that some of the listeners begin to ask

    him to stop.

    A. pleasant B. horrible C. healthy D. exciting

    159. That Sandy wears ________ makeup annoys her mother.

    A. many B. very C. that much D. so

    160. She was putting on her jeans ________ me to hand her the sweater. A. while asked B. asked C. asking D. while asking

    161. No matter what you say, I'm coming ________.

    A. anyway B. any way C. in a way D. in the way

    162. The changes you have made to the rules are too ________. The rest of the

    members will never accept them.

    A. fine B. excited C. radical D. tuneless

    163. I got a little ________ when I learned that the appointment with the general

    manager was changed to another time.

    A. concerning B. horrible C. upset D. awful

    164. Mother dropped the glass ________ she was standing up from her seat. A. for B. but C. so D. as

    165. He believed that the army _______.

    A. needed strengthening B. needed to strengthen C. needed to be strengthening D. need be strengthened

    166. George told Mary that he _______ what he was doing during the vacation. A. had just been asked B. might asked C. had asking D. had just asking 167. My father didn't go to New York; the doctor suggested that he _______ there. A. not to go B. won't C. not go D. not to go to

    168. It is advised that the announcement _______ made known to everyone. A. would be B. is C. will be D. should be

    169. I lost your telephone number. _______ I would have rung you up long before. A. And B. But C. Otherwise D. Unless

    170. "Why was Fred so upset?"

    "He isn't used _______ criticized."

    A. be B. to be C. to being D. having been

    171. We have many problems to _______ at the meeting.

    A. discussed B. will discuss C. discuss D. discussing

    172. I am agreeable _______ what you suggest.

     8 44

A. for me to do B. I do C. of me to do D. to doing

    173. ________ left before the deadline, it doesn't seem likely that John will finish the job.

    A. Although such a short time B. With time so short C. It is such a short time D. With such a short time

    174. There are four factories in our institute, ____________. A. while each having over 100 workers B. each having over 100 workers C. which there are over 100 workers D. with each that has over 100 workers 175. Jim rode along ____________.

    A. his dog is running and barking after him

    B. with his dog's running and barking after him

    C. with his dog running and barking after him

    D. his dog being running and barking after him

    176. Jack was astonished. He just sat there ____________.

    A. with a wide open mouth B. with a mouth wide and open

    C. with a open wide mouth D. with his mouth wide open

    177. In her last days the poet expressed ________ for her father; she finally had to admit that she was worried about him.

    A. concern B. distrust C. anger D. humor

    178. According to him, greedy businesspeople often ________ the government for help in maintaining their position.

    A. looked after B. looked to C. looked up D. looked for

    179. The tax system favors the very rich ________ ordinary working people. A. in against B. as opposed to C. opposite to D. opposing to

    180. This has tended to foster (养成) a very negative ________ toward this company

    and its staff.

    A. sense B. belief C. attitude D. reason

    181. Have ________, my dear. Some things take time.

    A. credibility B. perfection C. guidance D. patience

    182. The report said that general ________ of the policy was still slow in coming. A. argument B. acceptance C. response D. curiosity

    183. I'm sure this delightful book will ________ to children of all ages. A. appeal B. attract C. interest D. draw

    184. Some came to obtain new power, some to laugh, and others to satisfy their ________.

    A. humor B. confidence C. conflict D. curiosity

    185. Even if they survive such a serious accident, they will be badly hurt or ________ for life.

    A. cured B. crippled C. cared D. contracted

    186. Disease _________ during the journey and many passengers had to be rushed to hospital for treatment.

    A. broke out B. broke down C. started off D. started out

    187. A good swimmer should learn to __________ the movements of his arms and legs.

    A. combine B. connect C. cooperate D. coordinate

    188. _________ what others say, I think he's a very kind and friendly young man.

     9 44

A. Although B. Though C. Despite D. In spite

    189. It is considered inappropriate for a former president to _________ in commerce. A. occupy B. adjust C. conduct D. engage

    190. The small town became a tourist attraction and its only restaurant became so crowded that the ______________ had to eat at home every night.

    A. locals B. citizens C. migrants D. emigrants

    191. The students and their parents have repeatedly __________ to the school board about heavy work assignments.

    A. told B. complained C. said D. explained

    192. The products have been __________ to strict tests before leaving the factory. A. subjected B. adjusted C. objected D. constricted

    193. Our television set is out of order. Could you come and __________ it for us? A. see through B. see out C. see to D. see over

    194. __________ they have taken matters into their hands, the pace of events has quickened.

    A. As that B. So that C. Now that D. For that

    195. Our neighbor said if we made more noise he would _________ us to the police. A. inform of B. complain about C. report to D. care for

    196. She _________ him to find answers to her problems.

    A. learned from B. came into C. leaned on D. subjected to

    197. Nobody knows ___________ how many people are to be blamed for the coalmine accident, so the government is trying to find out the whole truth. A. inwardly B. before C. cleverly D. precisely

    198. People working in the government should not ___________ business affairs that might affect their political decisions.

    A. engage in B. hope for C. choose between D. pick on

    199. The large wings of that bird ___________ it to fly high and fast. A. make B. enable C. force D. realize

    200. Twenty years ago it was common to see people ____________ from hunger on the streets in that poor nation, but clearly the situation has improved greatly since then. A. calling B. preventing C. resulting D. collapsing

    201. After a long period of regular exercise, I now ____________ much less than I used to.

    A. weigh B. like C. grow D. increase

    202. She had to ____________ several times a night when her baby was ill. A. call out B. get ahead C. wake up D. come to

    203. It is recommended that the project _______ until all the preparations have been made.

    A. will not be stated B. was not started C. is not started D. not be started 204. It is unthinkable that you _______ the wedding uninvited.

    A. went in B. should go to C. should go D. go before

    205. ____________ at the price list, he'd have known what would happen in the end. A. Had Mr. Robinson looked B. For Mr. Robinson looked

    C. Have Mr. Robinson looked D. Before Mr. Robinson looked

    206. If he _______ the policeman honestly, he would not have been arrested. A. would answer B. answer C. should answer D. had answered

     10 44

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