Unit 14Relationships

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Unit 14Relationships

    Unit 14 Relationships

Mom: Today is grandma and Grandpas fiftieth wedding anniversary.

    Dave: Wow, they go back a long way.

    Mom: Yes, they do. They met in high school. But it wasnt exactly love at first sight. When they

    first met, they didnt hit it off at all. Grandma says she didnt think they had anything in common.

    She tried to keep Grandpa at arms length. Then, when she turned eighteen, he just swept her off

    her feet and she realized shed fallen in love.


    Go back a long way: to know someone for a long time

    Hit it off: to like each other immediately

    Have something in common (with someone): to have similar interests or characteristics Build bridges: to try to create relationships

    Mend (your) fences: to try to repair relationships

    Keep someone at arms length: to try to avoid becoming connected or friendly with someone Part company (with someone): to end a relationship with someone


    Fall in love (with someone), / lose your heart (to someone): to begin to love someone

    Love at first sight: an immediate attraction when you meet someone for the first time Sweep someone off his / her feet: to cause someone to love you suddenly and completely (be) head over heels (in love), / to have got it bad: to be very much in love

    hung up on someone: to be foolishly in love with that person

    on the rocks: likely to fail. Used in speaking about relationships

Whats your advice?

    1. Dear editor,

    Several years ago I got really mad at my sister. I stopped talking to her. She got my

    e-mail address and has started writing to me regularly. She apologized for everything. Should I

    reply to her e-mails or continue to keep her at arms length?

    2. Dear editor,

     An old friend of mine recently got in touch. I hadnt heard from him in years. He wants me to go into business with him. He has not had much luck. I have the money, and we do go back

    a long way. What do you think I should do?

    3. Dear editor:

     Im worried about my partner. He doesnt talk to me anymore. We dont seem to have

    any fun anymore. Should I try to build bridges?

    4. Dear editor,

     I met someone at a New Years Eve party. We really hit it off. Weve got a lot in

    common. I’m head over heels in love and I think she is, too, but I’m not sure. I’m nervous about

    telling her. Should I take a chance and tell her how I feel?

    Use the following idioms to complete the poem: 1. got it bad 2. hung up on 3. love at first sight

    4. head over heels 5. in common 6. swept off your feet

Do you know how it feels

    To be _____________?

    The first time you meet

    You are ________________ .

You spend years alone

    Think youre fine on your own.

    Then one magic night you admit

    Its _________________ .

Then youre _________________ someone

    Who youre hoping is fun.

    You dont know if youve got

    Things ______________ or not.

    But now youre not sad because youve _________________ . And youre wishing, my friend,

    That this love will not end.

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