UNIT 13 Problems andsolutions

By Eva Lewis,2014-07-08 19:38
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UNIT 13 Problems andsolutions

    UNIT 13 Problems and solutions

Luis: Hows the project going?

    Gladys: Well, weve hit a snag.

    Luis: What’s the problem?

    Gladys: The programmers havent been paid. They are in dire straits, financially. Without

    the software, well be up the creek.

    Luis: Whatll we do?

    Gladys: Well, I wish we could just wave a magic wand and get the money we need. Come

    to my office this afternoon, and bring John and Sarah. Well put our heads

    together, think outside the box, and try to come up with a solution.


    Hit a snag: to experience a difficulty

    A tough nut (to crack), / a hard nut (to crack): a difficult problem to solve A thorn in the side: something or someone that is continually causing problems

Difficult situations

    In a bind: forced to deal with a difficult situation In a tight spot: in a difficult situation

    In dire straits: in extreme danger or difficulty

    Up the creek: in an extremely difficult situation

    With your back against the wall: in a serious situation with few ways to react to it

    When the chips are down: when you are in a difficult or dangerous situation

Trying to solve problems:

    Put your heads together: to share ideas in trying to solve a problem Puzzle over something: to give a lot of attention and thought to something Think outside the box: to solve problems creatively

Solving problems

    Paper over something, / paper something over: to solve a problem temporarily Come up with something: to find, think of, or develop a solution Save the day: do something to solve a serious problem Wave a magic wand: solve a difficult problem with no effort Puzzle something out: to study something in order to understand it

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