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BIDDULPH parish, stretching from 2 to 6 miles S.E. of Congleton and from 4 to 8 miles N. of

    Burslem, is a hilly moorland district, in the northern angle of Pirehill Hundred, comprising 5530 acres of land, and 2314 inhabitants, whose dwellings are scattered among the hills, and on the banks of the rapid stream of the Trent, which rises at the north end of the parish, under the high rocky ridge, called Mow Cop, (see page 290,) near the boundary of Cheshire and Staffordshire. The soil, except an open common of 310 acres, is now in excellent cultivation, considering its elevated situation, and is divided into four hamlets and manors, viz. :- Over Biddulph, (commonly called Overton,) belonging to Lord Camoys ; Middle and Nether Biddulph, the property of Captain Rowland Mainwaring, R.N. ; and Knypersley, the property of John Bateman, Esq. The parish abounds in coal, and has five large colleries ; several quarries of hard and durable stone ; a scrap iron and spade and shovel manufactory ; and a silk mill. Here is also a bed of fine sand, of which great quantities are sent to the Potteries. Biddulph Hall, anciently the residence of the Biddulph family, was at the north end of the parish, and its site is now occupied by a neat house, in the Italian style. A little beyond it, on the borders of Cheshire, are the remains of a Druidical temple, called the Bridestones, and consisting of eight upright freestones, two of which stand within a semicircle formed by the other six. Near these stones are the remains of three curious caves, excavated in the solid rock. The parish Church (St. Lawrence) was an ancient edifice, but was rebuilt, except the tower, in 1833, at the cost of ?2000, towards which ?200 was granted by the Church Building Society, and the remainder was levied on the inhabitants, except the cost of the chancel, which was paid by John Bateman, Esq., who is the impropriator of the great tithes, and patron of the benefice, which is a vicarage valued at ?190, and has been held by the Rev. William Henry Holt, B.A., since 1831. The church has five bells and an organ. The latter was given by John Bateman, Esq., who, in 1850 and 1851, erected a handsome church and a parsonage house and school at Knypersley, in the southern part of the parish, at the cost of about ?10,000, and has conferred the incumbency on the Rev. Philip Dowe, B.A. Water, shed near the parsonage, may be turned either into the Trent or the Mersey. The Weslyan Chapel, at Biddulph Moor, has been purchased by the Pastoral Aid Society, and licensed for divine service. They have made a yearly grant for a curate, and are about to erect a parsonage and schools. The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have chapels in the parish. At Bradley Green is an Odd Fellows’ Hall, built in 1841. The parish is in Congleton Union. The school, at Crabtree Green, where 12 free scholars are taught, was built about the year 1785, on 1rood 34 perches of land, granted by Edward Mainwaring, Esq., (lord of the manor,) on a lease for 99 years, at 1s. rent. The school was rebuilt in 1834, and made freehold in 1841. It is endowed with the three following benefactions, viz., ?4 a year, left by Lady Bellot, out of Apedale and Podmore estates ; ?4 10s. yearly, from ?100, left in 1797, by Samuel Moulton ; and the interest of ?100, bequeathed in 1824, by Thomas Rowley. The yearly doles to the poor parishioners are, 28s. as interest of ?30 left by various donors ; 28s. from ?35, left in 1732, by John Stonier ; and ?4. 10s. from ?100, left in 1812 by William Carter.

Marked 1 are at Biddulph moor, 2 Bradley green, 3 Gillow heath,

    4 Marsh green, 5 Red cross, 6 Underwood, 7 White moor,

    8 Overton, and 9 Knypersley.

Bateman, John, Esq., Knypersley Hall

    Bateman James, Esq.. M.A., F.R.S., Biddulph Grange

    2 Bailey Emanuel, ground bailiff

    3 Bentley William, joiner & wheelwright

    2 Bradbury Henry and William, agents

    Crompton Joseph, tailor, and Joseph junior, butcher

    Dowe Rev. Philip, B.A., Knypersley

    Espley James, toll collector & hatter

    3 Gater William, tailor

    Gosling Samuel F. , surgeon, Lee House

    Gosling Samuel F., spade, shovel, ironarm and scrap bar iron manufacturer, Lee Mill Harrison Mr. Thomas, Wardens Lodge

    Harthan Judith, silk throwster,

     Hurst mill

    Heathcote Hannah, victualler, Church House Heathcote Stephen, butcher

    Holt Rev. William Henry, B.A., vicar,


    Hulme William, gentleman, Bradley green 2 Lawton Thomas, coal agent

    Lowe Ralph, victualler, Talbot Partington James, schoolmaster & parish clerk

    Plant James, corn miller, Mill bank 3 Pointon James, wheelwright Rider Thomas, blacksmith, Church farm Stanway Francis, Esq., Villa Stringer Charles, miller Steam mill 5 Taylor Thomas, blacksmith

    Trees Rev. Enoch, curate

    2 Walley John, butcher


    Bateman, John Esq., Childerplay Bradbury, John, Bradley Green Gosling Samuel F., Dee House Lancaster Charles, Gillow Heath Yates, Chadwick, & Walley, Newfield


    Armitt, Thomas

    1 Bailey John

    1 Baddeley Joseph

    2 Durber Thomas &

    joiner, &c

    Hackney Ralph

    3 Lancaster William

    2 Willshaw William


    Ash Richard Woodhouse

    Bailey Isaac

    Bailey Thomas

    7 Birks George

    Brassington Enoch, Childerplay 8 Brocklehurst J

    3 Burgess Joseph

    Colclough John

    5 Cottrell John

    7 Cottrell Jonathan

    Cottrell Thomas

    Durber John

    Gibson A. Hurst

    Gibson James

    Hall James Fall

    Harrison Samuel, Shepherd’s Cross

    4 Lancaster Charles

    4 Lockett Hannah

    4 Lockett Richard

    Myatt J. and S., Biddulph Hall 8 Myatt Richard

    Partington James

    Plant J., Firwood

    Plant Thomas

    Rider Samuel

    Rider Thomas Church farm

Rider Thomas, junior, Knypersely Park

    Rowley Jane

    2 Rowley William

    9 Sharratt Charles

    4 Shaw Solomon

    Stanyer Thomas

    Stanaway Joseph

    Stonier William ( & colllier) Up Hurst

    Tellwright John

    Tellwright William, Bacon House

    Vickerstaff John

    2 Walley Simeon

    3 Whitehurst Charles 6 Whitehurst John

    Willshaw Thomas

    9 Yardley Enoch


    2 Branson James

    1 Lawton Thomas

    1 Nixon Jonathan

    5 Wood John


    9 Armitt William

    Bailey Isaac, Pool head 2 Booth Thomas, Odd Fellows’ Hall

    1 Green Lydia

    1 Hulme Richard

    1 Hulme Thomas

    2 Leigh John

    2 Okes Samuel

    3 Pass Simeon

    Plant Thomas Nettle beds 3 Skelland Samuel

    2 Stringer Charles

    2 Whitehurst Margaret 2 Willshaw William


    from Congleton daily

     TRAINS from Congleton station

    10 times a day.

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